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RolaCase I Ford Transit High Roof Partition

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RSCGBFT130148MH20 Ford Transit Mid / High Roof Standard Setback

So we which we had a checklist and we aligned all the parts together we checked all the parts together now we’re going to start putting the partition first so we’ll put the partition in order so each or each part should be the right side the center and the left side should be on on the same on the same flat platform we’ll open up the bag of nuts and bolts which

Comes in here and it comes in a little sandwich bag as you can see and this i’m not too sure if you can see from here but this bag is labeled completely so you will have transit mnh mid and high roof and inside this big bag we’ll have all the little bags and every nut and bolt is labeled for what each piece is so as you can see this says door so all the bolts you

Need for the door is here for the left hand side panel the lower brace mid-roof header panel and so forth speaking of door that’s where we’re going to start there you go so this bag is labeled door so i’m going to take the nuts and bolts out of this bag and this is just basically going to have all the nuts and bolts to secure the door to the side panels now as

I said before we will be installing a swing hinge and door kit on this but for ease of assembly it’s always good to put two bolts down the bottom two bolts at the top not so tight because to bring it in it’s actually easier to bring it in without the ball swinging around and you can take the bolts out later this has been designed with a clever idea if you

Are looking for a standard setback you will bolt it to the inside spots right if you’re looking for a deep setback you will bolt it to the outside slot so that two and a half inch width here is the difference between standard setback and deep setback allowing you to recline your seat back or if you’re a larger person or a taller person you might need that extra

Leg room that’s where this design is really really good for you because all you would need is to change these so the whole partition remains the same you bolt this to the different spot and you purchase deep setbacks and you’re good to go to put it into a much deeper position you can put your your bolt this way the nut on the inside but i think it’s just nicer

And easier to access the phillips head screw mind you that’s also a philips head p3 that’s a phillips 3 size number 3. the majority of the partition is built using the metric system however some nuts and bolts that secure it to the body of the van depending on the make and model may be imperial so be careful not to mix your nuts and bolts together we’ve given

You everything you need to fit it in the correct position with the correct thread type now remember folks this is you leave a lot of wiggle room for one reason as anthony said when you put it in you don’t know how we have the exact bolts and holes that you need to really put it in so that way you’ll have little rooms if you keep just whatever back to the side

So if you have enough room to center or zero in on the holes and flip you know and tighten it by the end of the differences i was going on a mid-roof version i would pop this onto it if i was going on a high-rise version like land behind me now the high roof version goes on to it so there’s nine bolts here three six nine and they match up to the holes i’m not

Too sure if you can see from this angle but they go like so this control piece here there’s two circles here there’s two slots here all right the slots are so when the partition is bolted together it comes in but because we need to fit a hinge we need those extra few millimeters so that needs to go to the outer extremity so everything finger tight first

Once you’ve got everything finger tight then you can go through and tighten everything up with the drill okay see that’s finger tight on this side where i have the slots i’ll be using the washers so it doesn’t pull through the slots so as you can see slots two washers we only give you two washers naked on the slotted side put that like that as so swing

It around and bring him in very easy same thing two nuts finger tight and here you have some holes this is to accommodate for when you have flooring so when you have a flooring this partition will slide up it’ll slide up on these holes and these hots but these will stay into the body of the vehicle so this partition is designed to absorb height differences

Depending on what kind of flooring you have you may have a four five six seven twelve half inch one inch flooring there’s enough movement in there to accommodate these sorts of flaws which is important start with the middle one there’s no need to go crazy and pull these tight it’s just going to put in there and just you’ll feel it they crush very easily

You can see that when that threads pulled up in there the difference between not being pulled up and pulled up see how the thread’s deep see how the thread’s shallow that’s the difference don’t over pull it strip the rivet nut and you’ll have to drill it out and find out i need to remove these corner pieces those holes line up it’s perfect that’s what we need so

That is why when we assemble it pre-assemble it at the table we did not tighten the screen we left a lot of rooms wiggle room and that’s why we left now when we put it together on the wall tighten it everything will be solid solid top driven nut slightly out of alignment not by much so i’m finding a drill bit just this fraction bigger than the bolt going through

Henry’s going to put that in with me and he’s going to just i’ve got all three of them finger tight but not these two so we’re going to make it a little bigger just make a little bit bigger that’s it obviously for pork sitting very high the reason i put a torque setting because if you put it in drill setting or something if it grabs it’ll kick up it’ll move

Into a ceiling with a torque setting won’t do that so we previously marked five holes one two three four five and that matches the header panel from experience it’s always better to drill a small pilot hole which is why i’ve got a tiny little drill bit and i’ll be drilling i’ll be drilling the pilot hole first because it’s just a lot easier to drill a pole

Hole than using a large hole so going through there put the drill in drill mode usually helps please remember when you’re drilling these try to draw 90 degrees so the panel don’t drill that way or this way or that way try and get it directly 90 to the piece it should fit in there or if i hammer it or just tap it it should fall in that’s that’s just about to

Fall in i want to show you how to do it simple tap of a hammer i could easily just push that in there you should have two locks one with the spindle one with them without a lock there the key the cam and all the nuts and bolts associated with that you should also have a set of instructions all right and the hinges that go along with it and the pop roots

To install those hinges just to put hinges on so you’ve got to fold the hinges you don’t understand that the hinges only fold completely one way not the other way so that’s the way they go on so you will see on the door pre-punched holes so those holes coincide with them so we have three hinges one two and three there we are nipples are now on that’ll

Prevent the dog from wrapping and slamming in transit the door should be functioning freely so it shouldn’t be squeezed or something like that the reason why they tighten everything by the end is because of this aligning making sure every every inch of it is in the right place as you can see we’ve got two different positionings here all you have to do

Normally if this isn’t here you feel you you want to drill your rivet nut on the high not on the low all right so just feel and i can see i can feel there is a rib there’s a rib right here in line with that hole so it’s there that’s that’s a low spot as you can see my thumb is sinking and that’s a high spot so it’s it’s there same with this side that’s low

That’s high so that one there that’s low that’s high so whether i’ve marked the marker that’s where i’ll be putting my riven up they’re gonna have the two rivet nuts that i’m going to install the two spring washers and the two bolts that are going to go through to secure this to the floor but i will be drilling a pilot hole because i like doing pilot holes so

Pre-drilling and marking this is actually very good you will avoid a lot of mistakes yes so i know where i’ve put my little a little black mark before you may not be able to see but i can see it now we’re drilling with the exactly that those uh we need to put the rivets in so it’s very important all right there’s a little hole yeah so we pre-drilled all four

Holes to secure the whole partition in the ground and make it solid solid not to move i have a river not with me i’ve got one all right do right when you can swing that freely that doesn’t that doesn’t wiggle you know you’ve got a job done right there so there you have a non-wrestling locked partition again there keys on the inside done you

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RolaCase I Ford Transit High Roof Partition By RolaCase RolaShelf