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Rolls Royce Cullinan Crazy Interoir

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This is the Rolls Royce Cullinan The first Rolls Royce SUV, Like other Rolls Royces It is super luxurious.

And we are back with another video ladies and gentlemen this is one of the most expensive cars in the entire world one of the most luxurious suvs in the entire world ladies and gentlemen this is the rolls-royce calendar and it cost about just 400 000 and today i’m about to show you why this is not even the fully equipped one and that’s what drive me crazy one of

The first thing i want to talk about and draw my attention and i don’t think a lot of people know about is this line right here you can option that on your rolls royce if you want to but again if you did not option that in the factory there’s only one person who does this one person in the entire world so you gotta call this person and who go wherever the car is

To draw that line this is crazy very special the headlights is outstanding it has a double r inside and it’s fully led the chrome in the grille is amazing that’s one of the most important things about rolls royce that makes it stand out and the side design of this car is amazing outstanding it looks so elegant so classy so rich i would say it looks amazing with

This outside door it’s just different i’m going to talk about the door later on in this video but look at this wheels ladies and gentlemen it’s so nice and so different and that double r never moves when the car is moving i’m pretty sure that you guys have seen the interior of the rolls royce millions of times in videos but let me tell you what when i opened that

Door i was shocked i didn’t even know how to talk because it’s 15 times maybe 20 times better than a video when you see the rolls royce in real life it hits you different ladies and gentlemen you got white leather and light blue colors in the inside the inside is as luxurious as it can be you got the digital dash kept it classic the double r doesn’t move in these

Knobs as well and you have the rolls-royce steering wheel with this wood and chrome designs around it and of course you have touch screen you got more wood design with piano black as well the rolls-royce touchscreen it says welcome to your calendar it’s just a different vibe inside you have the stars in the back you got moon roof this car is loaded but rolls

Royce is not about the front although everything you saw in the front is amazing outstanding but the main focus of the rolls royce is gonna be in the back and i’m about to show you the back and it’s gonna shock you so let’s go ahead and check it out and here where the magic happens i mean the suicide door come on guys it’s just different it’s amazing and you got

Curtains in the back you don’t need to uh tent the car you got to do is press that button and it will close and nobody can see you you don’t want to see nobody because you’re too important look at this one touch of a button you can open the curtains and close it and of course let’s not forget the rolls-royce umbrella this thing is heavy you got the double r right

There the starting price is between 700 to up to 2 000 and the interior is loaded ladies and gentlemen look at this thing right here we got the fridge right there we’re gonna get into that in a little bit but it’s just presidential kind of feeling it looks like a personal jet to be honest again more of that white leather more of that blue interior and one touch

Of a button right here you’re gonna have a table coming out that’s gonna be your dining table of course and you got a screen in front of you the car is not on unfortunately otherwise the screen will come out a little bit and you want that table to disappear touch the same button again and you guys you have air vents under the seats for your legs this is crazy the

Carpet is super thick you don’t even feel like you’re inside of a car you feel like inside your house and look at this another touch you can control the other curtains on the other side if you want to this is amazing and this is the control where you can control your screen if the car was on and so much more this is crazy look at this i mean the quality is amazing

Everything is chrome and here’s going to be your seat controls of each side and of course you’re bawling you’re driving around you want to celebrate this is what the fridge is for you got crystal made glass rr logo the champagne bottle as well is inside to keep your champagne cool and it’s made from crystal and you have the double r logo as well this is insane me

I would personally put tea i don’t know i don’t drink so yeah you have air vents in the back as well it’s so elegant with the wood design and the knobs just feels really good easy to move it around this car is incredible ladies and gentlemen i got no other words to say the car the stores were up here if the car was on it’s going to be full of stars you even have

Shooting stars if you want to moonroof what else can you ask for ladies and gentlemen this is not even the fully equipped rose words you can customize it however you want guys i am super super excited super grateful that i actually have been inside the ultimate dream cars of mine yes the rolls-royce is my ultimate dream car this is was to this video if you like

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Rolls Royce Cullinan Crazy Interoir ! ! ! By A.m.Speeds