Rolls-Royce Dawn Magma Red 2020

Today we explore the wonderful Rolls-Royce Dawn

So so something rolls royce always does beautifully is proportions now this car is 208 inches long so it’s absolutely enormous you take a normal family sedan around 180 190 inches this is two feet longer than that so really absolutely incredible what’s fun is the wheelbase 122 inches so the wheelbase is over 10 feet the spirit of ecstasy of course she

Stood up on the nose here so the wheels on a rolls royce are always a special feature this is diamond cuts you have a polished edge with the sort of graphite background always with the rolls-royce since 2004 you’ve had that overlapped our logo that rotates so when you’re doing 100 miles an hour that thing is sitting totally still and the people in the next

Lane can see the overlapped our logo just sitting there which is lovely further inside we have our big damper back in there look at the size of that thing and of course suspension on the suspension really an incredible car let me pop this open here just to take a look at this big monster a 6.6 liter v12 engine again i mentioned it before but producing

563 horsepower 575 pounds of torque driving the rear wheels through a zf 8-speed transmission that is satellite monitored so very very impressive technology in the car because the car is so large the top itself needs to have several what’s called bows these street bars supporting it inside a normal convertible top on a car would have two or three bows across

It as far as supports inside we have one two three four five six and then the window support for seven unbelievable that’s what gives it such a nice smooth look when it’s up there just to keep it very elegant and rather nice all right so moving around the back we do have underneath you have it on the key as well but you have a little release for the trunk

Under there so push the button in and up she goes a very large size again i’ll put my hand in there to a very large sized trunk and there’s underneath here there’s a little flap i’m gonna pull that down now that flap is down it effectively opens up a bag look for the convertible top to rest in so let’s put the convertible top down so now the top is down and

Really incredible how it operates it’s so smooth this magma red is what this color is called and it’s rather special we have an arctic white leather inside which is very rare they’re normally a color you know seashell and different colors this is arctic white a very pure white then with this dark red accents a very similar color to the car you can see that

It’s kind of a close color it really looks nice gosh what a machine it’s amazing how sleek and beautifully finished it is back here i love the red accent on the steering wheel that’s very rare too rolls royce just like the steering wheel to be black always an impressive machine i love the overlapped cars in that headrest i mean it’s like gosh what a machine of

Course now the roof is down let’s open that trunk again and it’s still the same what i like about that that’s really cool because normally let’s say with these convertible hard tops they look cool but you lose all the storage space as always that beautiful carpeting is everywhere and to close it back down you still have a picture of a rolls royce that’s just

Super cool touch it once and down she goes it’s really windy here today so i apologize if it’s catching that on the microphone but two thicknesses of glass in all the rolls-royce windows even this little tiny one are two sheets of glass up the front on the spirit of ecstasy we have this uh lovely leds too we have this new thing this came about in 2015 where

They think that the spirit of ecstasy’s wings are dragging up the body and i think that’s a lovely touch that separates it from the earlier cars this is a 2020 example we’re looking at here she’s done about a thousand miles it’s come in here at uh rolls-royce motorcars of tampa bay that’s the dimmitt automotive group and really uh a lovely machine rolls royce

Paint is second to none if you look at the reflection of that wheel that’s in the door or my own reflection here it’s just incredible how much paint is on the car so driver’s eye view in the car really very impressive everything you look at there is leather every single thing you’re looking at is metal or leather so it’s really impressive this big screen is

Kind of fun it’s actually a display screen here i can change the information i’m given on the end of this one stalk over here just by pushing it in which is rather fun and it’ll give us different information total miles on the vehicle temperature and shows that we’re in drive the gear selector is here pulling it towards you and down his drive pulling it towards

You up is reverse and then pushing the little button on the end puts us into park so this is a fun rolls royce royce-ism if i was imagine these are walls here either side of me as i pull forward if that was a solid wall i wouldn’t be able to see what was coming around the corner so what’s fun is if i just put the nose out about a foot so i’m just about past

The the nose here then i got a button it has a picture of a camera on it right there so i’m going to push on that and on my nav screen look it’s now showing me left and right a full view of what’s coming that way in a full view of what’s coming that way just because my head back here is so far away from the spirit of ecstasy it’s got to be i’m guessing seven

Or eight feet so if you think about if i was doing this now and trying to see what’s coming still can’t see now i can see i’ve got like eight for the car out in the middle of the road so it’s a bit crazy and pull this back and down then we’re into gear i take my foot off the brake and just gently touch the gas and it’s a weird sensation because the car starts to

Move but there’s not already any sensation of the vehicle lifting you know as most cars as they take off you get a little lift this thing just stays flat because of the weight 570 pounds of weight here you feel every ounce of that it really is an incredible feeling on the road i have a nice heads up display in front of me uh showing the speed limit and so on not

That i would ever break the speed limit of course but if i uh experiment with this right pedal down by my foot i’m just gonna hit it and see what happens here okay then the nose came up oh well it is a glorious sensation in the car it’s very much a feeling of um i think i’ll buy your life and burn it in front of you it’s a feeling of quality and style that’s

Just not available in other cars it simply isn’t there’s nothing quite like a rose also people’s reaction to this car a lot of thumbs up uh a lot of um photos being sort of sneakily taken sideways off the car it is a big vehicle on the road would say with that 280 in such a big long length 208 inches it it’s imposing on the road the whole the hood of the car

The bonnet of the car is really high also so it doesn’t look like a normal car on the road it’s much bigger and it makes it just fun it does um straight bit of road here let’s uh let’s wake her up again boy it’s powerful all right we’re going to slow it down a bit let’s try these great big brakes 16 inches up front oh better than you think much more bite than

You would think with that great big rotor it really scrubbed the speed just like a normal car even though it weighs twice as much all right so let’s go down into old batman’s corner here not expecting this to be like a track car but okay it’s powerful man you’re just not expecting that 4.3 to 60 in this amazing car through the corner gauge is a slight tilt in

The body but better than you think all right here we go she’s very very powerful very impressive 9.9 to 100 in a 5 700 pound car roof down and the world’s pretty good but she’s more designed for this just a nice medium speed cruise where you’re feeling the road just a little bit but incredibly isolated inside because the windows up to keep some of the wind

Noise down for you guys but the enjoyment that you feel and the satisfaction of driving a rolls royce is difficult to describe to somebody it’s a weight the controls i mean the steering’s super light i could literally drive it with one finger um so not to say nothing that’s the type of road feedback but what i mean is the how satisfying it is how controlled

And elegant it is to drive really a a fabulous thing so thanks for watching please subscribe to channel if you don’t mind i’d love to have you be a part of this we’re uh messing around with cars like this every day it’s really a lot of fun i’m going to put down here a video uh showing the bentley bentayga has just been refreshed for 2021 so i’m going to show a

21 against like a 2019 and you can see the differences of how they’ve refreshed that car please subscribe i’ll see you again thanks very much

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