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Reviews Episode 11 – Rolls Royce Dawn Review

What’s up everybody my name is robert rushing with mph club and we’re back with another review today we have something really really special this vehicle today blurs the lines between super high-end luxury and sports car we have the rolls-royce dawn super similar to the wraith except with an awesome convertible roof whatever the weather is this car is perfect

Whether you’re in miami florida like us and you want to enjoy the beach weather or if it randomly decides to rain out of nowhere like it does in florida it also comes with a rolls-royce umbrella we’re gonna show you all the super super special features that only rolls-royce cars come with we’re gonna give you some of the stats on the engine tell you what it’s

Like to drive or give you a full review get ready jumping straight into the review all rolls-royce models have this really special feature the original idea when the brand first originated was about a driver chauffeuring you around town if the weather wasn’t great you’d have your own umbrella built into the car so your driver would be ready for any kind of

Weather whether you’re enjoying the drop top four-seater convertible or you have to deal with florida torrential downpour all of a sudden this vehicle is perfect for any situation it’s a blast to drive and we’re gonna get into a little more detailing next so let’s go over some of the exterior styling the rolls-royce dawn at first you might think it looks

Super similar to a race that’s because it’s built on the same platform unlike the rolls-royce phantom and cullinan different platforms way bigger vehicles this is something really special the rolls-royce dawn msrp starts right around 350 000 but as you know rolls-royce models can be so customized and so optioned so bespoke basically the sky is the limit our

Model here is in a gorgeous charcoal gray paint job and you’ll see this mandarin orange pen stripe on both sides of the vehicle and when the tops down you can see the stunning mandarin colored leather so we’ll check out some of the other features like the rolls-royce spirit of ecstasy the famous grille these headlights you might recognize from other rolls-royce

Models and of course the crazy famous reverse hinge doors or as popularly known as suicide doors i don’t think rolls-royce is a company is really appreciative of that title they like to use reverse indoors regardless it’s a stunning feature and it really helps the curbside appeal of this vehicle all rolls royce models actually come with a v12 engine this twin

Turbo monster we’re going to show you now that’s it v12 twin turbo putting out 563 horsepower producing 605 pound-feet of torque this vehicle is just as much hyper luxury as it is sports car you can feel all the power distributed perfectly throughout the air suspension system when you drive this car it feels like you’re on a cloud but a cloud with power so we’re

Gonna do next is get behind the wheel and show you what it’s like to drive so another really really cool feature about the rolls-royce dawn is its transmission system it’s an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission system that uses gps tracking to see when you’re about to approach a hairpin turn or a straightaway and it actually adjusts your gear shifts based on

Your ride so it’s smart in anticipating how much fun you’re about to have in this car so i came back here to kind of figure out if the materials are just as nice in the back as they are in the front and i can confirm that they are you actually have a button back here that actually has seat warming you have this right here that controls your little shark vent of

A window the sound system is as close as it could be and you’ve got a lot right here two different size cup holders everything has weight everything i push and touch all the materials are incredible but you have cup holders an extra cigarette lighter and extra back console for any kind of storage and all the materials are just as nice back here i’m going to

Take rolls royce dawn on the street i’m going to tell you what it’s like to drive and how it’s slightly different from the other rolls-royce models straight off the bat the steering wheel is a little bit thinner comparatively to the phantom and the cullinan but i think that’s similar to how the vehicle actually feels it’s a smaller lighter vehicle compared to

Those other massive bodies not to say that this car isn’t massive it actually feels like a like a yacht it’s so big it really feels like you’re on a boat and you’re just cruising along the air suspension system is amazing exactly what you’d expect from any rolls-royce model super smooth and the power is there i mean it is a sports car it’s a luxury premium

Sports car it’s kind of weird to picture a rolls royce as a sports car but this and the wraith really are that at least in the lineup of that brand and what vehicles they offer so if you ever wanted to try this out or any of the other rolls-royce models mph club actually offers every single rolls-royce model so if you had a favorite or just really wanted to

Try out the dawn what’s awesome about this car even when you have the top up it’s sound suppressant glass so you can actually enjoy serenity in traffic which is crazy when the top’s down you really get to embrace the environment you’re driving through enjoy the florida sunshine this is a really special driving experience i feel lucky to be able to do these

Reviews if you like this type of content please give mph club a thumbs up it really helps the growth of our channel and allow me to do more of this content and if you want to see a specific car comment down below which car you want to see us review next there’s a fun fact out there that most rolls-royce owners if you’re someone who purchases a don or a raid

That person on average has more than 9 million dollars of liquid assets so this is not just a car you save up for and buy this is after you’ve done something in life you’ve become successful and this is a reward for doing something really incredible in the world if you want to try this out that’s where a company like mph club really comes into play we let you

Get behind the wheel and experience what it’s like to drive these cars all right okay guys this completes our review of the rolls-royce dawn this vehicle is gorgeous and if you get the opportunity to get behind the wheel and try it out for yourself i definitely recommend you do make sure to reach out to mph club for all of your luxury and exotic car rentals

And if you like this type of concept please give us a thumbs up it really does help the growth of our channel comment down below which car you’d like to see us review next and thanks for watching see you next video choice models actually have this one incredible feature we’re gonna jump straight into it the original idea was when a rolls-royce driver was taking

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