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This is the front look and one more thing if you try to snatch this spirit of ecstasy it goes inside like this you got buttons here just press it and the door will close automatically like that 0-100 in 5.0 seconds you’re watching a car review this is called the rolls-royce ghost 2022 this is the second generation of the rolls-royce ghost first generation was

From 2010 to 2020 and finally this is second generation from 2021 to 2022 and three the present actually the ghost is named after the silver goes the car produced in 1906 and it shares the same platform from the phantom 8 and the rolls-royce cullinan so today we are going to explore this this because roses claimed that this is a bit longer bit wider and better

Than the old version so i have borrowed this beautiful amazing luxury car from candy cars here in sharjah they are big guest muscle car dealers in all gulfs if you need anything regarding the muscle cars or something like that jump to candy corn he can say my name and get a reasonable discount about the price of this new ghost 2022 it starts at 312 000 usd but the

Price differs with the options because short wheel based extended wheelbase and of course you got some of the options hidden options in your car so the price may jump up in uae the price starts at 1.1 million uae dirhams and it can jump up to 2.3 million dirhams i have seen some ads from dealers around 2.3 million so under the hood you got same v12 producing 563

Horsepower with 850 newton meters of torque with a 8-speed automatic transmission zero to 105.0 seconds so the front look of the new rolls-royce 2022 actually this is the second generation so the changes orbit like this one because in the older version this spirit of ecstasy was on the top of this grill and you have a panel over here but in this one it’s inside the

Hood actually so when you open the hood sometimes it’s coming in between and it’s going inside sometimes in some cases if you lock the car so this is the front look and you got new front bumper in the down here this is separate different design from the older versions got new lights because the older lights were all led around but this one is the led till here and

This led turns into the indicators whenever you turn left or right so you got beams inside here with the led very nice grill of the rolls-royce a musical grill actually so this is the front look and one more thing if you try to snatch this spirit of ecstasy it goes inside like this race as usual you can see it’s a similar to the older one but god this is a wheels

And weighted locos in the center because if the rolls-royce moves the logos still stay in the same place so it doesn’t rotate it the interesting thing is the seaside doors on the rolls-royce when you open the doors like this and like this so you don’t have to push them or slam them because you have button press the button it will close automatically even the back

Door it will close automatically but i want to show you something wait wait wait he got this umbrella from rolls-royce itself and have a look at the tiny detail because the interior color is black and red so you got an umbrella black and red so this is a nice tiny detail and close it automatically again also you got a extended wheelbase rolls-royce ghost that’s

More longer than this one so the back look of the rolls roy is not much changes only changes in the lights so when you unlock it the lights the light up like this and you have some tiny details in the lights this is the trunk that you can open like this with the button on the remote with a button here and you got plenty of space here and if you have fridge then

You have little less cargo area so this is the button to press and i notice something that you have exactly a rolls-royce ghost on the button itself so press it it will close like this some of the nice chrome work done here and you got dual exhaust for this beast v12 so getting into the rolls-royce ghost this is the beautiful new interior of the rolls-royce ghost

And guess what the door is too far in the older versions you got button over here but in the new one we’ve got buttons here just press it and the door will close automatically like that so it’s too hot here so let me start the car this is the key for the rolls-royce and you’ve got start stop button at the left side near your knee so press the brake start the car

And you got amazing dashboard very clean very nice looking very very high quality material you will not find any cheap material in rolls-royce any car so you got a very nice warning sounds got new gauge clusters screen in the center and this is the dashboard they try to give you a new ghost look with the star lights over here ghost written and of course you got a

Starlight headliner up starlight roof and if you keep watching the starlight you might be seeing a shooting star i don’t see right now but yes you have to keep watching not driving if you want to see the shooting star so this is all what you have in the rolls-royce ghost in the front so amazing quality of buttons amazing quality of leather amazing quality of wood

It’s not at all cheap even the small levers for the air vents you can see the metal it’s very heavy and hard so really nice this is the infotainment screen you got not much options on the gauge cluster but you have buttons on the uh steering box over here steering wheel actually here and and the side and the doors you got buttons for your side mirrors even the

Lever is similar to this quality so you can move your side mirrors while pressing it it’s so nice it’s so nice so you got buttons metal buttons some of the seat buttons over here with the memory and also you got a seat massage in it so press this button you got different types of seat massages you can go on the infotainment screen and you can select the massage

You want so you got plenty of options in rolls-royce actually you can spend hours in this interior of this amazing rolls-royce the buttons you see here when you press the button even you don’t press you slide your fingers you can see the options over here so you know the button is aligned for which station so no need to press it just slide your finger you will

Know all the stations and you know which button is assigned for which station this is the climate control buttons and even they are finished with the leather so this is amazing tiny touch to detail and this button for the temperature is a little bit of old kind classic but this is amazing material over here got a cup holders over here and this is the mouse that

You can rotate and control your screen so you got to three ways to control your screen one is from the buttons over here one is with the touch on the screen one is with the mouse in here in the center console so you got parking assist button when you press it you can see different angles of the camera on the screen so i’ll show you different kind of angles i have

Never seen in any car when you press this one have a look this is the front this is the side this is the back this is the left side so you can see your car in a 3d itself and you can see the surroundings it will show you exactly the same even you got a camera view here when you press it you got a front view and also you got hydraulic systems that you can adjust

The height of your rolls-royce ghost so the camera views you can press it and enjoy different kind of views you got plenty of views actually so this is the this is the one that you can select from uh like a bird eye view so it will give you this circle around the car and i have seen in i think two three cores this kind of a camera view and camera setting so you

Got one two three four five six seven eight eight different views from different angles it’s a circle around the car so it will show you like this you can select different cameras you can select different angles and you can see your card in a 3d 3d and surrounding is exactly the same on the roof you got buttons for the lights the amazing touch and the starlight

Roofs so you got buttons for starlights to switch on and off and at the right side you got buttons for the brightness of the star lights so you can select the brightness and if you keep watching you can see the shooting stars in it let’s go on the infotainment screen so you have different options like you have a spirit of ecstasy in the vehicle itself the first

Option i’m showing you the spirit of ecstasy so when you go in the spirit of ecstasy click on it you can raise your spirit of ecstasy and you can lower your spirit of ecstasy when you lower it you can see it’s going down so you can lower and raise it with the screen itself or you can keep it on the automatic so whenever you lock the car or switch off the car so it

Will go down even if someone tried to snatch it it will just lower the spirit of ecstasy so this is very nice option and you can go on the settings you can see different settings in the honors manual like i’m going on the honors manual and you can if you don’t know about the car you can search it by the picture so when you’re going quick reference search by picture

So it’s showing you like one two three and whichever number you click on so it will show you details about that number specifically so you can go on it and you can check so you can go on the navigation this whole screen turns into a navigation enter your address and can connect your phones different settings even you got settings for the lighting so when you go on

The lighting i’m i’m not really impressed with the lighting of the rolls-royce ghost because the interior lighting rose royce is giving you only two options when you click on the color it’s warm white and cool white so if you are paying three hundred and twelve thousand dollars it’s not fair that you have only two colors of the choice of rolls-royce itself so yeah

I’m not really uh i’m disappointed actually so you should got plenty of colors in rolls-royce according to your mode so these are all the settings you can you can just go on the infotainment screen and you can just add this according to yourself this is the rolls-royce analog clock here it’s so expensive exactly i don’t know the amount but yeah it’s there and

It looks amazing so this is the glove box compartment have a look at the seats they are impressive the quality when you press it you feel the quality and the stitching on the color the stitching according to the the theme actually so it’s red black and a purple stitching on it so it gives you a very nice look you got storage compartment over here some storage

Compartment over here just just put your phone and play with it you got two buttons actually for the door closing one is for the driver’s side door when you open it you can press this button and you can close it like this and one is for the passenger side so time to move on to the back seats and let me you’re at the back of this rolls-royce ghost and let me tell

You one thing how to open the door most of the people that don’t know how to open the door automatically people think that that you can only close the door automatically but not in this case you got a door this is the door handle just pull it so there is this motor that will push the door little bit outside so just to look at the back if you’re safe there is no

Traffic coming on pull the lever again this door handle so the door will open automatically so this is most of the people that don’t know and this is the way that you can open automatically the back door of the rolls-royce so there’s the button that you can close press this button and you can close the door automatically so there you go with the amazing luxury sedan

Over here you got a nice interior at the back this is to grab your door if you want to pull it this is the handle speakers over here you got nice material for the buttons over here and you got this button to scroll and increase the volume actually for the stereo radio or something like that there you go in the center you got air vents and some climate controls but

Don’t forget god this thing in the center so press it for your cups press it for small compartment and even in some of the trim levels you got fridge over here which is not in this rolls-royce so also you got one button that that can open this console and you got a mouse for your screens over here so these are the seats that you have buttons on the side so press

It the screen will come on and you can go to the settings swipe to different settings what the passenger and front driver came and you can choose your own like radio you can go into vehicle settings but with the touch you don’t have a mouse option here over here so you can scroll all the settings that a passenger front passenger and a driver can scroll on in the

Infotainment screen even you can go on the navigation enter the address and send it to the front of the driver and he can take it to you that address so this is how you can close it again and enjoy it so this is the starlight roof look look and find out the shooting star over here so time to drive the new ghost to 2022 2023 the new latest series and actually there

Is no there’s nothing that you can complain about so when you’re driving a rolls-royce any of the rolls-royce ghost phantom raid anything and let me show you one thing so this is i remove the seat belt and you can hear a very soft warning sound that you should wear a seat belt so this is rolls royce you pay three hundred and eleven thousand dollars for this thing

Actually a very nice interior as i explained you everything there is nothing to complain except a gear lever and the liver for the indicators actually so this is a kind of it it doesn’t look it doesn’t seem that this is a cheap quality but it it feels that they kept this thing for a classical look so they they of course if you build such a luxury car so you can

Also change the gear levers and to a modern style or something but i think rolls-royce they want to keep it to a classy touch for this thing actually so this is amazing you got everything on your hands with all the settings leather seats no cheap material and of course when you see a star light headliner with the shooting star so the spirit of ecstasy it’s very

Nice thing when you’re driving have a look here so this is spirit of ecstasy with the wings on it so whenever you’re driving you feel nice when you’re looking at it but if you want to lower it you have options as i showed you in the screen so you can lower and raise it or you can just keep it automatic so whenever you close the car or lock the car it will lower

Itself so i will never lower it this is a rolls royce so this is a very heavy car and they installed like 100 kgs of weight just for the soundproofing i don’t hear anything from outside amazing pure luxury and silent quite luxury car but the thing is it’s very heavy car so people might be thinking it’s heavy it’s not fast but it is not the case he got a v12

To twin turbo short so it’s on a go if you want this car to just fly it will and i’m enjoying the massage as well on the seats so while you’re driving you can just keep doing massage for yourself so it’s very fast actually so whenever you want to pull the car actually it’s giving you quick response so talking about the safety features you got plenty of safety

Features in this rolls-royce ghost and amazing things are you got cameras all over i showed you the cameras and i showed you the safety features with the parking sensors and all that even you got sensors that can detect the road conditions and that can prepare the suspensions according to that situation so this is really awesome you got sensors cameras and all the

Things that you can probably think of a safety in any car so this is rolls-royce so this was the new rolls-royce ghost 2022 hope you enjoyed the video if by mistake i have given you any wrong information my apologies for that if you’d like to see videos in urdu language you can subscribe to my channel that’s corkid asia if you have something interesting you can

Mail me at this email id do take care of yourself and my channel as well till the next video peace out wait

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