Rolls-Royce phantom 2002-2012 how to remove the amp and head unit

Today we’re going to make a video about the rolls royce phantom on how to remove the amplifier and the head unit as you know these are cars are based on the e65 bmw 7 series chassis so therefore they have the same electronic pretty much identical so the amplifier goes bad on those and the standard symptoms include loss of the base readers not playing and crackling

And lots of other things notice if you don’t have audio at all most likely the problem is related to something written in the fiber optic network for example satellite tuning goes bad there’s a video module over there so everything on the fiber optic is pretty much here okay which is navigation amplifier telephone module um satellite tuner and uh video module as

Well so uh first thing first in order to get here you need to remove this two side panels this is just the pistons here and they simply it’s over there and over here so once you remove them you will be able to pick up the seat just like this it’s not convenient just get your fingers behind the seat like like like right now and just pull it up straight up and you

Will get access to the amplifier the amplifier is located right here we already fixed it and there is a metal stripes over here just like in e65 let me show it to you see that metal stripe you have to pull it straight up and then the amplifier will come out that’s it pretty simple the dealer will charge your arm and leg to do that just in case uh same thing about

The head unit okay in order to remove the head unit you need first to remove this um wooden panel okay the wooden pedal i would recommend you to open the glove box okay and push your finger slide your fingers right there and start wiggling and pull it straight up from this side on this side will come out it’s sitting pretty easily here it’s the pistons are not

Very strong outside they’re good but they’re not like in other cars we’re super strong okay it will come out and you can leave it resting like this it will not scratch anything don’t worry about that so you can of course just disconnect the whole thing but it’s holding the um cables so i prefer not to remove it and the same thing about the face plate faceplate

Is held by three bolts t20 you’ll see it and it’s located properly this is one bolt it’s another bolt so you disconnect it just like this don’t disconnect anything here and just let it rest okay um and of course there’s a connector in here uh that’s about it once you another thing is you have to lift this one lift it up and can leave it somewhere and then

You should be able to pull the head unit straight up with this already fixed it there’s a connector in the back you simply just like in any bmw there’s a lever just pushed where it will come off we installed the bluetooth module inside the additional dsp processor we also fixed the amplifier modules so everything is good so it’s working because this one controls

The front door speakers and the rear dac speakers also parking distance sensors and you tell when you talk on a telephone you can also this is where it comes from here the rest of the speakers can um powered by the amplifier and uh that’s that’s about it we fixed the head unit which is the amplifier car is back to normal needless to say it’s only 20 000 miles on

This car and the problem already happened that’s it everything’s working everything’s good and we’re done thank you for watching

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Rolls-Royce phantom 2002-2012 how to remove the amp and head unit By Logic7repair