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This is the Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge. With a 6.6 twin-turbo V12 with 632 hp and 846 Nm of torque, this is the most dynamic Rolls out of the range. And all of the Wraith’s power is being to the rear wheels. Can this Rolls Royce be called sporty and luxurious? Well, come with me to find out!

They say if you want to turn hats you get yourself a koopa so when rolls-royce multicast warsaw in poland have called me and offered me a car to drive i thought i’m gonna do just that and it’s going to be lovely ladies and gentlemen everyone welcome to rolls royce wright black batch without further ado i say let’s roll with the rules today forget the v6 today

Forget the v8 because today ladies and gentlemen we’re rolling with the rolls and that means we’ve got something very special under the bonnet of this machine a 6.6 liter v12 petrol engine that pumps 632 of your most glorious finest british horses and as we know the amount of torque is just as important as the amount of horsepower in daily life and we’ve got

Plenty 870 newton meters of torque to keep the momentum going now i feel very privileged to be able to give you these numbers because i don’t know if you know but back in a day or rolls-royce never declared any numbers and if you did to ask just how fast is the roles well their response was fast enough so rolls-ross is focusing on the dynamics of the wraith

And so am i yet today i can’t help myself because my vanity has resurfaced all the way to the top look at this cabin isn’t it magnificent talk about the strong selling point right it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but it’s definitely my cup of tea in this trim i absolutely love it this color mandarin so tropical aruba jamaica oh i wanna take here the quality

Of the woods the softness of the leather you just stroke it all day long so soft it is the fit the finish it doesn’t just look elegant but it also looks very very cool in this trim by the way did you know that rolls-royce is only using leather from balls not from female cattle because these get stretch marks during pregnancy so apparently when you’re a cow you

Get knocked up it’s over for your systems well actually somebody has to give birth to the balls so win-win now with the press of a single button we unveil this screen and what we unveil is the idrive infotainment system which is by far the best infotainment system available on the market very familiar very intuitive and i like it now here we don’t actually

Have the ref content but we have what we have is the power reserve very raw style i like it it just looks so it’s classy it’s classy and it’s cool now it’s the shooting star roof lining i mean on a miserable gray winter day when you sit in the sky it’s literally like you’re touching the sky it you literally are in heaven it feels so good it feels so cozy it

Feels so luxurious and i could be sitting there and talking about it all day long these seats are soft and just beautiful i mean yes now we have the foot mats made out of lamps all foot patches haven’t perhaps still not taking my shoes off to die now this guy is not just pretty but it’s also very very practical we’ve got two rear seats and they’re separated

So you know not together not it’s not a kind of seating for peasants it’s propped ones it’s not as big as the s-class for example of course not it’s still a cooper but it’s comfortable we also have a decent boot space 470 liters which is plenty to pack all your clutter to go to your chalet and alps or villain contact now we also have 360 degrees cameras very

Useful but i want to point out that actually it’s not too difficult to park this car yes it is massive yes it looks monstrous but it’s very quickly that you get used to to the size at least i’d like to think so and i’d like to think my neighbors think so but anyway the cabin what can i say sensation now listen to this nothing sublime just sublime there’s no

Tie noise there’s no wind noise there’s no suspension noise the ride in this machine is simply extraordinary as if somebody was driving directly in the front of you and paving the route with down pillows in silky pillow cases and let’s be honest we need quite a few of those in poland in the uk and well most of the world for that matter the most dynamic roles

In the range 0 to 100 is only 4.3 seconds and all of its power is being sent to the rear wheels oh yes which is what makes this car very very dynamic now to operate all these madness we’ve got a 9-speed automatic gearbox and if somebody ever asks you to give an example of a perfect automatic gearbox or you can tell them it’s the one in the write now this car is

Not exactly cut to be driven hard and fast at all points in time it’s not the kind of car for those street piggies that want to show you all their skills on the road no it’s a little bit more refined than that having said that when you put your foot down in this car well i tell you you better watch out because you’re gonna rise like a phoenix now when you talk

About the perfect blend of comfort and gentle sportiness this machine right here is simply a masterpiece so wave height it’s white really well that is until you hit a very sharp corner because only then you’ll find out just how heavy you are it is a bit like somebody asks you to be a ballerina and you say oh yes with pleasure and then they ask you to stand

On the scale and you stand and you say oopsy daisy 2 360 kilograms well no dancing after all perhaps it’s still better than ghost or phantom much better in fact but if you get carried away on a curvy road very curvy road you probably will lose this battle in physics as simple as that now the air suspension gives us two lovely gifts the first one being the

Magnificent right and the second that comes as a consequence is of course the gentle slight body roll now if you forget this fact or if you ignore it or perhaps you feel particularly brave on a day and you want to show us all your skills or the most fatal combination of all three well the chance of you wrapping your porcelain teeth around the next three outside

Is very high steering here is precise it’s not too sharp and stiff they’ll be tiring it’s not too light that’d be boring it is just right it is such an effortless cruiser this car a marvelous absolutely marvelous gran turismo look at me just wafting along in soothing silence knowing i’ve got an angry wolf under the bullet that can be woken up at any second

Just when i want to i want i get is it just me i enjoy it it is me when you give an opportunity to drive a car like this let alone own it let me tell you relish this feeling because this is one of the greatest pleasures in life it’s just love that’s what it is oh yes some say the direct competition of this machine is mercedes s-class coupe bentley continental

Gt yeah not quite because the wraith sits in a league of its own for starters it costs twice as much as the other two it is quite expensive in fact in every possible buy because the base price in the uk is 288 000 pounds but does it really matter of course not of course it doesn’t it’s the kind of car that nobody has asked for yet it’s the kind of car that

Everybody wants badly and if you tell me otherwise i simply will not believe you i mean how could you not want to have a car like this and if you say otherwise well you’re just being mean and jealous and this is very unattractive don’t do that please and as for me well i’ve tasted it and now i do have a problem thank you very much royce roy’s motor also the

Struggle is real as the kids say and that’s it for today thank you very much for watching i’ll see you next time bye you

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ROLLS-ROYCE | Wraith BLACK BADGE | yes, you want it By Anna on Roads