Rolls Royce Wraith Chrome Delete Wrap …. No Chrome Please

Rolls Royce Wraith Chrome Delete Wrap …. No Chrome Please!

What’s up guys william agnew here at jekyll and hyde and what we got behind us is what we call a rolls-royce rate and as you guys know we always say less is more especially on high-end vehicles such as this one we don’t typically do a lot but what we do makes a huge difference and what we did on this is you guys know we did a chrome delete what your chrome deletes

Do they make your car look a little more aggressive a little more sleek right because what it does is that contrast of the blue with the black just makes it pop and stand out and so what we’re going to be doing is showing you guys exactly what we did on this rolls royce grade to get rid of that chrome and add that black and give it that sleek aggressive look all

Right guys so on this roseworks rave this beautiful blue i’ve never seen a blue that i did not like blues just look very good whether it’s light blue dark blue navy blue whatever blue is always a good choice but what you guys will see here is on the front we did a chrome delete on the grill so if you look at this right this grill was completely chrome what we

Did is we blacked it out and painted the grill again we told you there’s two ways to actually chrome the leaf you can paint it or you can vinyl it in this case we painted both the grill and we also did the i think this is called the ecstasy emblem which i’m not mistaken but we did the emblem also which can be a little dangerous because that emblem the emblem’s

Worth about eight grand that’s right eight grand so you gotta be very careful when disassembling and reassembling and painting something like this it’s a lot of risk to it so if you got a high-end car bring it to jacqueline high we’re used to taking those risks uh also if you guys uh take a look at the side right here we got a little emblem on the side right

Right here that you guys can see we left a little accent of a chrome still looks good uh we didn’t get rid of all the chrome we left a little bit now these door handles i gotta say the wraith of the rolls royce has some of the biggest handles i’ve ever seen on a vehicle and that’s cool when it comes to chrome delete because all of this was chrome and so when

We blacked that out obviously there’s a significant difference in the look and feel which looks good on this vehicle so the next thing we did was the window trim and as you guys can see this window trim uh was very thick so it had a lot of chrome that chrome was very distinct and this car as nice as it looked it had three different colors and sometimes when you

Have three different colors they can clash especially when you have chrome and a blue and a black there was a little bit of clashing that was going on so what we did again is we blacked this out right and as you guys can see that looks a lot more sleek a lot more aggressive and contrast right looks really good especially with it being consistently blue and black

All over right moving on to the back the next thing we did was the uh tail lights right so we outlined the tail lights and you guys can see right here uh the trim around the tail lights and you can see we blacked that out that was chrome before and last but not least we did the little trunk right here you guys can see right here on the trunk this was chrome so

We blacked that out and we left the emblem chrome right as you guys can see so uh the final result let’s see what the customer thinks man watch me hard i show love

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Rolls Royce Wraith Chrome Delete Wrap …. No Chrome Please! By Jekyll and Hydes Custom Car Wraps