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Henry Catchpole has a poke around the most potent road car that Rolls-Royce has ever made. Step this way for suicide doors and hidden umbrellas.

So sitting in the car park at evo was a rolls-royce wraith and we only had it for a couple of days and i wasn’t doing the driven on it but i thought we should do very quick video even if it’s just down the road back just so i can show you a few bits about it because well why not you know in rolls royces aren’t necessarily the most evo cars yeah i like kate rooms

And atoms and lightweight things and this weighs just done 2.4 tons but variety is the spice of life and and we like all things that are sort of car like so yeah why not it’s fun isn’t it look at it big old barge the first thing you notice because well why wouldn’t you is the fact it’s got suicide doors instantly it’s cool somehow i think you’ll agree the next

Thing you notice is just for the in quality of the interior when you come and sit in it you can also you can smell the leather as you get close to it and those doors do actually make access wonderfully easy wonderfully elegant somehow i don’t know why it just just makes it easier and yeah what a nice place to be it does feel a bit like piloting a boat to be honest

And finishes more it up rather than park it but nonetheless after a while usually we get used to the size and it’s actually surprisingly so precise into the confidence-inspiring to drive it is wonderfully i suppose the only way to describe the ride is pillowy and it’s everything you hope a rolls royce would be in terms of its ride comfort spine phalluses he comes

As standard on 20 inch wheels this is on the option of 20 ones and although you get an occasion you can use your thumb and like a sort of distance sort of distant have long shadows hearing it elsewhere in the mountains if you go report hole it is clatters over it but it is generally just a wonderfully serene experience and a bit like us beause of driving electric

Car and purely electric it’s an experience in itself just through the silence this has its own ania because of the sheer grandeur of it of those it is obviously meant to be the sports car the rolls-royce range it’s still very much gt at best but there is something lovely that that pillowy ride i was talking about you suspect it could turn to wallow when you start

Pushing it really hard but actually you come to corners and there’s some really well controlled damping and there’s something very nice about a car with a bit of roll a bit of ride quality that actually makes it very enjoyable to push down a road because providing it’s well controlled which this is you actually get a lovely sensation of how mass moves around

All those lot of scenes of sharp and a nice roof way at all it’s still it’s enjoyable i have to say it’s a much more enjoyable any of us thought it would be jethro dam by the throne as well at both came back very pleasantly surprised by one so time to drive it so the rest of time well use of this and majesty the huge bonnet with the wonderful spirit of ecstasy

Which obviously rises up out of the bonuses the car on mugs which is a nice touch the other thing i love is the fact that when your partner’s car are and you stop the wheels obviously the center caps are normally be pointing whichever direction they stopped in this they automatically reset so the rolls-royce badge is correctly orientated it’s nice light touch of

Time performance well from the 6.6 liter twin-turbo v12 we’ve got 624 brake horsepower and five hundred ninety pounds sort of talk one toe comes in in from just 1500 rpms while zit rigors waft effortlessly not sixty four point four seconds and doing static started in what the self-interest and instead of it is a bit like a boat because of the front rises up and

It starts of planing band road which is quite fatherly down these small lanes well it also still feels like a big car the steering is pretty accurate it it has i suppose the nice thing is that the rate of turn in the rate of feel and the range of the action is commensurate with the role in the suspension so it doesn’t try and some trick you is not overly sharp or

Anything like that and light things on effect you have power reserve rather than a rev counter here so it goes from 100% down to down to zero with any how much sort of fungals are actually using rayful by the way guess you’re wondering is docents factors race using canola setting but the race specifically is actually the name for a ghost of the living person which

Seems somehow even more spectrally shiva singh other things i like well you can probably tell just how quiet it is in here i speak fairly quietly it probably sounds like i’m shouting compared to the normal voice everybody top speed well that’s 155 miles an hour but limited as it’s the way with most bmw products this is rolls-royce feel how women control history

Through the high-speed sofia while it moves around and you can feel weight of two and a half tonnes it really is a beguiling driving experience something different i think if you had your big ultimate gosh then you’d want one of these in it just for the sort of the sheer sense of occasion i love the wheels as well they look like a sort of a modern version of the

Original sort of gassy wheels you find on time 35 and there we are back at the eva offices hopefully in time somebody to pick this up so afraid it’s only a very short introductions that rolls-royce wraith and perhaps will do a longer video if you like this then leave it in comments box below and we’ll get one back in and we’ll do a proper proper video take it to

A track or something suitably daft but for now i just thought you would like to see what a rolls-royce wraith it’s like because i had nothing to do the fact that i just wants to take a kind of driving avoid being in the office city and death writing copy i should be writing nothing at all i promise ii hello don’t turn this into the middle of wheels by half okay

Not by hand little dear boy yeah it doesn’t open time is up what said they stay upright when you drive away yeah oh yeah it was guilty are are always with us up when you’re driving off yeah that’s amazing i did yeah i did it on its own yeah good yeah it’s a lovely team it’s really cool so thank you very much cases fit the bike in the back summer find something

To park in it i’ve seen each other i’ll give it a go that is any other thing with something this big you do want to wear earth you’re gonna be able to park it one thing that does at least make parking this easier see you bird’s-eye view camera i think it’s the little touches in the interior that really sort of make the difference so although you’ve got sort of bits

And bobs that are obviously from bmw it’s all been disguised very very well it’s effectively a tarted-up i drive but it’s very nice nonetheless still works well not entirely sure about the clock though luminous hands look a little incongruous perhaps things openers shut with a sort of certain well-oiled smoothness and you get you find all sorts of just surprising

Little things in the car yeah there’s also things like spirit of ecstasy going up and down from the nose of the car which i mentioned before but you’ve got the umbrella in the as you’ve tapped into the sill of the car which is just a nice touch i know you can get on skoda superb these days but they nicked it from rolls first so yes they still do better than others

And all season it’s it’s a slightly nicer run brother i have to say you know i’m not a connoisseur of on brothers but i would definitely say there is more weight and heft and possibly even more water resistance who knows compared to a skater umbrella i might be wrong on that front then so don’t quote anyway that’s the rolls-royce wraith and what a very lovely

Thing it is to know price i forgot to mention price and well even if you have to ask really but since you did at two hundred and thirty seven thousand pounds i think it’s called 240-250 between friends once you’ve added and a few of those little luxuries that you decided you simply must have a particular type of mood or something like that perhaps like this would

Beautiful sort of satin finish lovely just like a sideboard

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