Rover Land Newest HotWheels Land Rover Defender 110 Hard Top Review

Rover Land The review of HotWheels

How the hulk are you welcome to roverland this is your friend dano and have i got something for you today a happy wednesday hump day uh yeah this is uh awesome i love it i love it i love it um yeah uh this came from facebook yeah i um i do a lot of uh looking at hunting so that came from facebook uh the dude is from katie caddy tx texas caddy texas and uh

So i’ve been waiting for one of these happy hump day to you let’s get this open and see what we’ve got today huh all right all right i love it i love it i love it hope you guys are having a great mid week already see what we’ve got here today oh yeah oh oh yeah all right well we got uh more than just one so let’s see more than one and a one on wednesday hey

Can’t beat that all right so this is a story this guy had these listed on uh marketplace on facebook and um uh i i just had to have them and i’ve been looking for these they’re supposed to be out as you know wisconsin is notorious for being late for the show uh and getting stuff so these will probably be in the next in in the next month i will probably find

These in the store but right now i had to get these with shipping so he had him for sale like one or two and i’m like dude i’ll take all of them let’s work on a price uh kind of include the shipping on the price so these came out to like seven bucks a piece i think if i remember right no more than eight uh they retail like uh 550 in the store i wanted them this

Is probably this will be enough for me to hold me over until i find them in the store uh if if i find them in the store uh we’ll talk a little bit more about that later but right now what do we got bam yeah buddy there it is oh wow they changed the packaging and everything that is awesome oh i might have to show you uh one of the other trucks wow so here it

Is the hot wheels premiere bilstein that’s a shock company bilstein metal on metal land rover defender 110 hard top with the real riders from mattel yeah this is awesome this is awesome so let me i can’t quite get down there so uh for the hot wheels collector yeah there you go uh three ages and plus you can collect them all there they all are the mbx mbk van

That has uh hks it’s kind of funny that they use the mbk with the kbs you know whatever that’s kind of neat so then number two so i’m assuming that’s number one because number two as we see on this two to five so hopefully these kind of go in order number two is the land rover defender one uh 110 hard top the custom 77 dodge van is number three the volkswagen

T1 panel van and then the custom gmc van is the uh the last one so there’s all the uh jargon for you uh land rover look at there got the land rover thing here’s the upc code if you want to see that so there we go this is awesome these are hot on the market right now uh like i say i don’t get to see these all that often so this is uh i i got them like i said a

Pretty fair price uh with the shipping included uh so i’m pretty happy so here is and i didn’t i didn’t check these i should be checking these for like errors uh just just in case you know you never know what you might find out um yeah that is awesome uh i’m just gonna show you the packaging here real quick uh because we are because i uh went out here and uh

Went out and uh bought how many did i buy here i got uh four so far five six seven eight eight of them that’s what i bought eight of them that’s right eight now i remember i bought eight and it cost me like 46 bucks so uh yeah so figure that out that’s like seven bucks a piece so um yeah so we’re going to open one of these now before i open one of these uh we

Notice um you know what i’m just gonna i have to grab one of the other ones and show you this just real quick all right i’m back here’s uh here’s the first one now look at the but look at the packaging here here’s the square packaging uh the first one that we’re uh where they came out was the fast and furious that also had the square packaging uh here’s the

Latest one um that was i got from walmart this is the one latest to it so they they changed the packaging really kind of cool i don’t i’m not really sure why does it save money but i mean it didn’t move around or anything it was a pretty snug fit but this is form fitting really really cool uh i’m kind of looking at these right here kind of quick to see if

There was uh a damaged card so i could open the damaged card because uh if i go to uh to sell these i want a pristine card to sell and it looks like they’re all pretty pristine this one’s kind of a little bent there i mean if you can really call that but this is you know what and and this one looks like it’s not an error everything looks uh cool and cope aesthetic

There so we are going to open that can you see how that is form fitted in there that is pretty cool that is pretty cool all right let’s get right to it uh hopefully my blade is is sharp i gotta bring it over here because i’m gonna open it funny wise but oh yeah that’s good yeah we’re doing good you know me and my funny wise we’re gonna make it so we can put

The car back in there so i’m kind of hanging it off my my hand hanging it off the edge of the counter here all right here we go ladies and gentlemen oh i hooked up oh man oh man i almost dropped the thing wow oh yeah there she is ladies and gentlemen feast your eyes on it let me get it in focus come on mr camera here it is in all its glory and glamour huh

All right can we stay in focus please all right so it looks like if can you see that that blue on the side is not it’s like 3d printed it’s not a solid blue color it it’s grainy really grainy um but boy i tell you they went all out here um this is probably two piece this up here is one one decal yep you can kind of see it as i turn it here and flash get the

Reflection so the top bilstein is uh one decal and then the bottom here is one decal as well uh per se decal so it has the turn signal it has the air vent it has the handle and i would even say that that gas the gas filler is also gray i like the fact it’s got these white mud flaps hanging down that’s kind of cool i’ll have we’ll we’ll be comparing the other

Ones you can see inside that it does have a light white um interior uh front is basically the same detailed there all right i’ve got this piece of tape that’s bothering me uh gray wheels the uh now these are the same wheels as before uh all the others but gray and with the black royal riders blue top the paint the white paint is just a white enamel and then

It has the two um decals kind of painted on the sides but you can see how just how grainy that is it’s just grainy wow i like the white eyebrows too it’s uh that’s another piece that’s part actually of the the um mud flaps but uh okay here’s the back come on buddy you can do it we can do this all right it’s got the uh land rover badger on the right with the

Defender uh nice tail lights that really shows up on that white really nice turn signals and stuff like that so there you go ladies and gentlemen this is a very um very sharp car very sharp i really like this this is really really cool i’m not sure i would hope that match or that hot wheels um did this on purpose look at the grain look at the grain on that that

Is not solid blue i i’m i do hope that that that is not the lack of you know 3d printing or you know you know what do they call it dot printing or whatever oh my god it’ll eb that is just i it’s ferocious i think it’s supposed to be solid blue like this like this a solid blue color that’s what i really think it’s supposed to be and it is not wow beautiful

Model otherwise all right all right let’s uh let’s uh back out here so there it is one up wednesday this is the one and only bilstein um compared to your others let’s uh let’s kind of crank down here and see the brothers so there’s the one before there’s the latest the one before that was uh green with the white top black wheels then we had the yellow one with

The yellow wheels black top and uh yellow and then we had the fast and the furious which was the murdered out and black on black on black now these all had black interiors and black eyebrows and this one’s got white eyebrows and that’s the interior piece there so um yeah so they maybe a little bit will open uh crack one of these open but uh so there you go

Ladies and gentlemen this is the newest and latest from the um hot wheels premium set there it is wow all right we got to get out of here over 12 minutes thanks again oh i forgot give me a thumbs up that’s my thumb okay uh come over to facebook if roverland sign up as a member over there all right whoa that’s cool we got eight of these buggers awesome i’m so

Happy all right i’m out of here thank you for joining me one up wednesday on roverland i’m your friend dano and remember slow traffic keep right and have a great rover day

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Rover Land Newest HotWheels Land Rover Defender 110 Hard Top Review!! By Rover Land