SDC @Tuner Evolution event in Houston Texas. All the cars

Quick update on the Acty truck, the Skyline R32, and our drive from Austin to Houston for Tuner Evo. Check it out!

I love all the water towers hey everybody so it’s tuesday uh wait no that’s way wrong it’s thursday this is what i get for trying to like do some that’s like semi-official right so it’s thursday uh we have desert yard this is also the second time i’m shooting this video uh because i tried to do this earlier in the week and i feel like i look like so this is

The i feel better than i did earlier this week video um but in any case this last weekend was tuner evo we went to houston uh we hung out at neo meets premium um met a lot of cool people saw a lot of cool cars um so that’s gonna be later throughout this video um let’s see what else i got the engine out of the acti and i got the new engine under the acti and it

Looks like everything’s gonna bolt up so that’s just about ready to go um as far as plugging everything in i mean so much of it looks like one to one like it’s really close having the engines side by side um so actually let me go ahead and show you what that looks like now let’s see so there’s the newer engine under there hopefully you can see that should edit

It but yeah so there’s that that’s going on um wearing my babyless shirt that they just sent me for those don’t know i work for baby list um and i won’t work for baby it was much longer but that’s another story um so yeah so that’s what’s going on with the truck skylines running great for those who kind of pay attention to the instagram had a tire blow out got

New tires could not get the toyos that i wanted in time so i got two continentals for the rear they’re like the equivalent um but that’s that uh i got a cool toyo tires reflective sticker at the event this weekend so i put that on the car um what else i don’t know but i’m just feeling really good the car made it way all the way to houston and back we filled the

Thing up full of model kits for the show and so that looked really amazing so i’ll probably put pictures into you guys can see what that looks like um but i’m just heading out to houston was was really cool there was some stuff i wanted to do we didn’t get to do but for the most part i mean the event was a success for us i think it was successful for everyone

Else dan mcfarlane from houston skateboards was super cool to talk to we chatted a lot um he was really awesome um i believe the guy’s name was pacho paco from toyota tires was their driver and he came over to the booth and gave me a bunch of tips on like building model kits to kind of help people build their kits and stuff that we can do better so i’m excited

About that so orange scent glue we don’t want anybody sniffing glue so they made a special orange scent one making sure we’re using toothpicks for paintings small details that was another really big one and then also getting display cases for the model kits so that when you put the model kits away you don’t have to worry about them getting dusty you just dust the

Case and that makes it a lot easier because destiny model kits is a pain in the ass you don’t want to break anything so i thought those were all really valid and so i wrote those down and now i’m sharing them with you all and maybe we’ll do some videos on that later but i’m almost done with my gtr build i’ll put some pictures of that here uh when i see gtr build i

Mean like r32 gtr but a 124 scale model i don’t have an actual gtr not yet um because i gotta get one um but yeah so that’s everything that’s been going on but this is going to be a longer video than normal uh because i spent a lot of time using the insta 360 camera to try to get some cool shots um and then we’re also you know driving around with anthony um from

Austin to houston uh he drove with us and so yeah i hope everybody enjoys the video and uh be sure to like us and subscribe and shop on our website if you live in the austin area if you live in central texas and you don’t mind driving we have a shop up north where you can buy model kits and come out and hang with us we’ve usually got some anime or some dragon ball

Z plane if we’re there and then you can also get your car worked on downstairs from custom auto atx so yeah all right well that’s the end of the vlog for now after this will be a whole bunch of video hope everybody enjoys it and uh yeah have a good day i love foreign foreign so we’re here in houston we’re at the preemie for tuner evo tomorrow just taking

A look at all the really ratchet these guys look at this truck happy to be here this is so awesome i love your truck this is great this is great my name is gerald i uh i do student driver club oh really nice nice yeah all right nice to meet you this is freaking rad i love this i love it in the truck oh thank you so much i really appreciate that no serious egg we

Have a we have a little acti right now i’m doing an engine swap on it yeah it had the uh the so what is it the 5 30 cc and so i’m putting in the six sixties a little bit more yeah uh people don’t understand everything counts every little bit counts yeah and it’s coming out of advance and now it’s going in the truck but dude this is so sick i love your setup it’s

Super nice to meet you man yeah you too y’all got baked goods i’m gonna have to thank you the freaking s14 so nice this is sick foreign thank you yo is there any way we can move foreign foreign foreign

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SDC @Tuner Evolution event in Houston Texas. All the cars! By Student Driver Club X