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SE Gatlinburg 22 EP.1 – the ascent

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Welcome to episode one of the 2022 Slammedenuff Gatlinburg vlog series. Over the course of a six hour trip we managed to have minimal stops and arrive safely in Pigeon Forge, a neighboring town to Gatlinburg, early Thursday evening. You get a small walk around of the house followed by dinner at J.T Hannah’s. We then went to the impromptu meet which was amazing, all things considered, but it doesn’t compare to the meets that are still to come. To end off the night we slapped the bag for a good two hours. Do you wish you went to Gatlinburg yet? Stay tuned for the following episode which will premier LIVE next Monday October 10th at 8:00 PM EST and you won’t be able to miss it next year!

What is going on everybody it is fitzmiller back here with another video welcome to episode one of galenberg i’m going to be doing daily vlogs all of gatlinburg so keep an eye out for the one after this without further ado let’s get right into today’s video we’re at stockton’s house we’re all meeting up and we are getting ready to roll out from here we’re going

To be driving about an hour and a half to winston to pick up kazden we have all been waiting for this trip for months and months and months basically you know what since last year we’ve all been waiting for this trip i got the skyline back it’s been aligned and it is all good let’s go take a look at it and everybody else so so happy to have this thing back on the

Road just in time i bent my arm but melvin came in clutch yesterday with the alignment and mike kim and clutch repaying the arm about a week ago this thing is looking so good and i’m so happy i finally got to bring my car to gatlinburg it’s been probably three years since the car’s last been in gatlinburg whole lot different that’s that’s like my marketing tool

You know that’s what that’s what everybody knows to look for needless to say i’m very happy that i’m taking it to get this year you go morning let’s go dude ryan’s bringing the laurel as always i don’t think he had to do anything really to get it ready but this thing is a tank everybody’s going three deep in the laurel they got ac they got heat they got radio they

Are going to be absolutely set in this thing at least car if you guys have not seen this before many on some futuras gas we got the lexus couple felipe’s ct and we got danny’s ux second to last we have stockton e46 m3 on the tandems with mutant very nice got cece’s car her wheels her wheels are in their car all right they got built last night hour and a half away

Went and picked them up they needed to be machined drilled out and then new hardware put back in the guy got it done so shout out to that shop i think they’re gonna put them on when they get to gatlinburg we’re at our first stop it’s time to get some gas i never got a piss because i slammed the coffee this morning we are picking up one more person you guys know

Him probably very well we’re picking up kazoo all right man you excited for the weekend yeah man just can’t wait just really excited to get up there and just drive around car doing well yeah yeah you know good as it will do still leaking and stuff what’d you do out there on track on the road this afternoon on the road this afternoon you know lap times are looking

Good uh you have made a few passes and we’re up before you didn’t make any changes moving forward in today’s round no race no we’re just gonna keep rocking the two-tone exterior colorway and uh just keep rolling that’s perfect man thank you yes sir for those of you that do not know kazem this is his sylvia s13 man guys this car looks so good it’s so aggressive

He recently just got the front wheels rebuilt so we are stepping for gatlinburg i’m at about a half tank but would rather get it now compared to later where you at hour and a half in snack time i’m mobile come hit me up i got beer battered onion rings yo how y’all doing oh my gosh we got like four hours left not a bad drive not really half our legends in the car

Together i’m jealous it’s some crazy tandems danny check-in how’s it drive pretty good dude man danny in the new car is hauling ass bro i’m only going 70 to us feels like 125 windy car he’s got it easy man he’s got it made get in there oh wow foreign that right now and we are getting back on the road i think we have like an hour and a half left we’re

Stopping and getting some food as soon as we get there we are all starving foreign ly made it to the house i think that took like six and a half hours we did stop three or four times kazen and i are going to be staying at a hotel but we’re gonna be chilling with the rest of the group basically until it’s time to go to sleep so a change of plans i’m staying

At the house i ended up just paying after the fact so i sent felipe the the money for the house and then she sent that to everybody else so it’s just like had i paid before we got the house let’s go and get a walk around in this thing welcome to mtv cribs we got the living room we got the kitchen nice little kitchen we got the barracks back here now going to the

Backyard oh we have a beautiful backyard we even have a hot tub so this is going to hit like a mo we’ve got a nice seating area out here walking around the side of the house this is my room this couldn’t have worked out literally any clutcher than it did because now i have a whole pad down here by myself it’s chilly the wi-fi works and we are good so that’s the

House tour i don’t know if y’all saw this yet but i got a gimbal i went with a ronin sc2 it’s the smaller sc and it’s going to be perfect for my camera now i’m not going to use that this video but keep an eye out in the next couple videos for the cinematic stuff which is gonna be made 10 billion times easier with the gimbal i’m so excited we’re currently cleaning

Cars right now we’re getting ready to go to dinner i’m starving we didn’t really eat lunch today we kind of just ate this morning and that was it kazen’s car looking gas over here we got the laurel fresh and clean the skyline fresh and clean we got cece’s car and you guys will notice she got her wheels on so are actually a miracle that they’re here and that they’re

On the cars but they look sick they look great we posted up at dinner carson are you hungry right now man rather out of 10 what you feeling 9.6 oh my god everybody else t hannah’s yo who got the recommendation for this well we’re trying it out oh appreciate it yeah with fries i’m beyond strawberry danny what’d you get um half rack of ribs oh yeah uh baked sweet

Potato you come here every year though um i think yeah i think it’s my third year coming here so i slowly come here for the ribs we figured it out danny was a recommendation fire danny we are swagged up over here dinner was fire and we’re getting ready to go to a meet it’s just like a pop-up again it’s only thursday night but the fact that there’s a meat is awesome

And this strip a little bit a little bit ago is packed so i’m hyped the car made it we made it and we are at the meet as you guys can see this is packed already for a thursday night there’s so many people dude every year that i’ve came people have started getting here earlier and earlier and earlier so we’re gonna go walk around take a look at what we can find

And wrap it up get back to the house after that car number one purple super this thing’s gas and then the color on this 240 bro color on this 240 is yummy dude it’s 33 gtr unbelievably gorgeous m4 gas the first gen right here yo what are you doing we’re gonna have it like this 14 extremely clean dude i don’t know what wheels it’s on bro this thing’s crazy like i’m

Not a huge fan of it but as far as a show car goes this thing’s nuts yo reed i know you’re hurting watching this right now heat after heat after heat all right man oh all the logo boys are out this evening they came from ohio this year instead of washington so i know they enjoyed that that was much easier for them you know i could be tripping but i don’t remember

If this is jake’s car or not maybe he wrapped it chrome red and then we got some jw0 on the 370. this thing’s gas and over here bro oh my god look at this dude chrome tint tri-spokes whatever color this is ganondors and an sti wing come on bro no fitted up here as well yeah black laurel on xoles i think it’s kitted man or at least has a lip kit on it very clean

Chino cortez.exe oh my goodness all right ryan what’s what’s going on with your car man making some transmission noise or some yeah i don’t really know what it is to get yet because it just started happening like as we got here yeah every time i let the clutch out it seems to be more like low speeds like if i’m starting first okay it just makes like a really bad

Almost like it’s slipping it’s like a grinding noise i’m thinking what i mean me and stockton were thinking maybe like without bearing yeah without actually diagnosing it yeah no i know that it is leaking a little bit of fluid through front plate and cover on the input shaft i think maybe the fluid is getting on the input shaft and then the throwout barrel and

It’s causing it to like slip on the clutch or something it could be bad hopefully it’s just fine if it gets enough oil on it if that’s even the problem it could be pretty bad absolute slab over here certified oh two-tone corolla hatch dude on some fat spoke wheels i don’t know what those are talking about you got a piss he’s got a piss i gotta i gotta fish i got a

I don’t know if i’ve seen this car in person before but homeboy is tucking like half of the goddamn wheel which is insane e36 god’s back and so is this one dude personally i’m gonna take the sedan on the model sixes and our 33 rep wheels very nice you’re not taking the sedan what are you doing if this pulls up to your local meet man that’s sick that is sick i i

Wish it was on some nicer wheels but it’s a cool little car dude i would be given the happiest of top five love you drive safe all right 32 dude with the bass boat flake all over it serves up front and see our cracks i think they’re real you can see our guys in the rear this thing’s hard as dude the z on some lxzs big spec too dude really nice apparently they’re

Towing people for hard parking i don’t know if that’s true or not yet but but it’s really not that hard to park in the spot but on the other hand it’s like why are you going to tow people for parking weed you know y’all rocking with the heart wheels this is like the third car i’ve seen with a damn squishmallow on it i like the pink though it’s either a crown or

A cedric but it’s fitted i thought it was dan from the last video but it was not we got a couple of hitters over here heavy hitters we got the s15 white on white we got the chaser on some blitzes i think it’s either blitzes or like heritage wheels and then you know cortez exe fire and a nice little eight six and bass boat flake purple and then we got this corolla

Hatch on like xt7s i believe but both of these are cool as i really like the white on blue euros man there’s just something about them that gets to another level of clean compared to other cars like look at this dude i think it might be the wheels the wheels and the body styling of euro cars are just unmatched we got a mark seven tees i think sls hard as well then

This jetta wagon actually insane these are some wide spec wheels we’re talking probably 12 wides 10 wides 12 wides that’s got to be a 12. but this thing is insane it looks even crazier rolling we watched it pull in and last we have the little skyline over here we’re getting ready to head back to the house here in just a little bit i think we’re just hanging out

At the house for the rest of the night i don’t want to film too much of the meat i have to give you guys a little tease for the rest of the week again this is only thursday we got friday saturday sunday cruise back home on monday so i will see you guys when we get back to the house dude this subaru themed mazda hatch right there hard as so i just got pulled over

Uh for rolling a stop sign i thought i stopped but he was very nice didn’t say about the tin and all my shit’s up to date so he just said be careful the cops are chilled this year i mean obviously that’s on me for rolling it but very true last year too man yeah yeah so anyways it’s a reminder stay safe and drive safe yo this super right here i think mark one on

Some little wheels on some ssrs this thing’s hard but carson’s geeking we just saw just saw chino cortez that shit’s hard all right little public saw we are trying oktoberfest beers have not tried them but we go into some nutri grains and some offering pop-tarts what’d you get though what did you get what’s your haul oh my god oh my gosh yo can i can i you want

To get a swing bro well i was gonna slap it okay yeah bro i don’t want to bust it bro honestly i’m terrified yeah oh that’s scary dude let’s take this outside oh lord we done figured out the hot tub yo fruity after two beer allegations are you gonna pass colin i’m very fruity before the alligator there’s no there’s no beer i need oh my god that was good oh my

God okay yeah you ran last time oh my god i’m just the only one with a white hand bro you need to smack that holy get in there

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