Seat 9 Passengers & Tow A Trailer 2015 GMC Savana 2500 Conversion Van | Sherry Review

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Hello everybody lucas purdon here from paul sherry conversion vans in beautiful pickwell ohio today i’m highlighting a new arrival it’s a 2015 gmc savannah explorer limited sc van 9 passenger van silver and collar stock number on it is cp one six six five one t got nice led fault clamps down low 17 inch or actually 20 inch chrome wheels with new bf good wrench

Rubber painted ground effects it also has the power running board so you open the door and your running boards deploy out if you can see them down there in the shadow and they’ll go back up you got nice vista glass up top give you some nice ambient lighting privacy glass all around rear sensors in your bumper class four towing hitch with wiring harness rear back

Up camera let’s take a look on the inside here plenty of storage room here does have the three three-piece power folding sofa so this thing will recline or fold flat into a about a full-size bed this is a cool feature that uh the previous owner left for you it’s actually a partition that you can put up in the front just underneath the tv and partition uh the back

Off so you have complete privacy while you’re back here if you’re you know camping sleeping whatever you’re doing back here um you can get you some full privacy you also have the privacy shades all around so you can legitimately have 360 degrees of total privacy in here and let’s walk around take a look on the inside this is the uh part that sells the van here

You know everybody wants conversion van for what’s back here again you got your power boards that deployed out four captains chairs that swivel uh recline side forwards and backwards are also on a nice quick release pedestal you pull that lever right there and you pull the seat right out track lighting flat screen tv you also have your panasonic blu-ray player

Usb charging ports 12 volt outlets hdmi if you want to hook up your kids playstation xbox whatever your wall outlet 12 volt outlet wireless headphones that way your rear passengers can listen to the tv or whatever they want to do back here while you have your radio on up there and you can uh still do your own thing up there as well as you see somebody has the seat

Swiveled around here they do swivel track lighting skylights storage area up here it’s lighted in there take a look here from the rear beautiful van in here nice lighting overhead lighting power moon roof beautiful sky out today here this winter day here in beautiful pickwell ohio up front you’ve got uh your middle console here push button and you can pull it

Up and you got an ice chest down here for your road pops keep them cold you got full power and heated seats here’s the control for your heated seats um touch screen radio with navigation sierra satellite xm radio onstar bluetooth with your hands-free uh controls on your steering wheel for phone calls and radio cruise control power mirrors windows and locks rear

Hvac system again we’re looking at stock number cp 16651t i’m lucas purden come visit me at paul sherry conversion vans in pickle ohio where you visit us online at or give me a call at 937-778-0830 my extensions one one two nine

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