Second generation Lexus IS250 VS IS350: The difference between the best car series for young people

The Lexus IS series is one of the most widely accepted compact sedans for young people worldwide and especially in Nigeria. Since it’s debut in 1998, three generations have been released and in different trim levels. In this video, we’ll focus on the second generation of the Lexus IS series, the XE20.

Two of the same exact cars in different skin tones but people tend to think that just like the mercedes-benz video i make they’re the same in this video i’m going to explain the differences between this is and this is and you see that they are extremely different cars of all of the sedans in the lexus lineup the is said to be the sportiest of all now this car comes

In three different generations we’re talking about the xc10 the xc20 and then the xc30 these being in the middle the xc20 are what we’re going to be talking about today now this particular generation runs from the year 2006 and ends in the year 2013 and of course just as usual there’s a facelifted version so beside me i have the is 250 and then i have the is 350

But of different years so i’m going to be telling you why exactly very different so this being the is-250 of the xc20 generation this is a 2007 car so it falls within the pre-facelift area so the first difference you’d notice is right here in the headlamp so of course you have full xenon lights and then you notice the absence of daylight running lamps so you have

Two blinkers right here instead of that the next difference of course is in the bumper so you notice here that it has four clamps but these are different from what i’ll be showing you in the facelift generation so now this being the if350 unfortunately falls within the facelift so the difference you’ve noticed here is this comes with full they literally lamps

Right here and of course you have led bulbs and xenon light now the bumpers so like in the other one i showed you the fact that the fog lamps are different so you notice here that they are circular and you also have headlamp pushers underneath buffer so while in the preface lift era you do not have side indicators in the facelift area you do have side indicators

So of course in the back here you also notice that the taillights are different because you do have orange indicators and right here on the back you do not have orange indicators you do have white of course you have the elfiness and you do have a red spoiler lexus s250 is powered by a 2.5 liter naturally aspirated v6 which is lexus 4g rfc engine now this engine is

Mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission i put out 204 horsepower 251 newton meters or so with a top speed of 260 kilometers per hour but this has been electronically limited to 231 horsepower 231 kilometers but uh of course this particular car runs from zero to 100 like let’s say from this point to say that white building over there in 8.1 seconds 8.1 seconds

High but of course lexus’s is 350 is powered by a 3.5 liter naturally aspirated v6 lexus is 2 gr fsc and this also is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission this particular car is all-wheel drive and so what was i going 306 horsepower 375 newton meters on top and it does zero to 100 kilometers which is the same distance as i showed before in 5.3 seconds did you

Start this difference between these two 8.1 so the is-10c comes in two drivetrains rebel drive and all-wheel drive but this car here is a rear wheel drive car so you have wider tires in the rear when it comes to the braking system of course right here you have two brake pistols right in the front and one’s at the back of course you have ventilated discs for both

Of them and when it comes to the suspensions you have trouble which ones in front and motor links in the rear so of course because this is the is350 you do have similar suspension similar drive trains but when it comes to the braking this does come four pistols in the front and choose in the rear unlike the is-250 so because this is lexus’s is series it’s lexus

Sedan with the shortest wheelbase meaning it is the most compact from sedan series now you can tell that obviously but the interior of this car is not so bad so i’m sitting on a 10-way power adjustable driver’s seat and that also comes with the passenger seat which is really cool then of course in the roof right here i have a beautiful move sitting right there

For me and then there is this entire cluster this entire center console comes with a digital screen which comes with bluetooth compatibility sat nav and the rest of them which is super super amazing but because i’ve seen that in the is350 of course you can tell that the facelift of course is different it has a bit of silver touches right here on the steering wheel

And you have paddle shifters so while these cars do come as like with standard features they also do come with a few optional extras which would include the sat nav that i mentioned earlier then of course your pre-collision warning but the sound system though is up for debate so tell me if you own an is of this generation is your mark levinson system standard or

Is it optional there are questions about these two cards that you’re probably asking right now i mean a lot of you already didn’t even know that these were very different cars especially because people who own this driving test though they are driving this but in truth while they sit on the same chassis and everything about them is similar except when it comes to

Performance they are two very different parts for example this does have the vehicle stability system or program but it has an inadequate braking system which affects its handling so people who drive this car tend to drive it as though they are driving this but this comes with the vdi and which is the vehicle dynamics integrated management system distinguishing

Just too much god have mercy open us but this reacts quicker and handles a lot better and of course he also has a bigger engine and better stopping power so people who own iso 50s especially in nigeria i don’t understand but this is different from this so if you want to drive this like this you might as well spend the money to get this inside of this i stopped

Grabbing this like this are we on the same page nonetheless if you still want your is-250 to beat this you can actually go as far as upgrading your braking systems you have to spend the money of course to keep you safe you get so instead of doing the whole cosmetic changing of grills changing your headlamps and slamming new grims and all of that stuff put all of

That money together and get yourself some ice 350 brake pistons and put them right here also you can change your brake fluid so instead of using the ones recommended you can go a step further say maybe dot three to the four you get so your brakes don’t boil which is a very common thing toyota lexus brakes you get so that is actually something you can do we thought

Of coming out shiny and dance please please do all of this so that we don’t start shouting justice motion or justice for peter because that one there was a violation personally i wouldn’t have it anyway guys this is the part where we have to part thank you so much for watching this video if you do have any questions any suggestions if you have any experience

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Second generation Lexus IS250 VS IS350: The difference between the best car series for young people By Ride with Miee