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Selkcomm 2008 Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab 4X4 5 4 liter 67K miles

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Selkcomm 2008 Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab 4X4 5.4 Liter 67K miles. Homeland Security truck. Rust free. Government owned and maintained. Selkcomm Motors, 5720 Ethel Road, El Paso, Texas 79932. Call Tom at 915-244-2871 if you need more information. $12988.

Hi this is thomas elcom this is a 2008 ford f-350 super duty super crew c four-wheel drive it has the 5.4 liter v8 gas motor this vehicle was owned and operated by the us department the moment security here in el paso and as such it’s lived its life out here in the desert so there’s no no rust issues and it’s been government owned and maintained tires are in good

Shape we checked the vehicle out from end to end or any obvious defects and found on breaks or fresh bodies a nice sheet let’s get a couple of little scratches and dings here and there but other than that you know it’s it’s in great shape this vehicle had a camper in it they use the vehicles to go on a patrol and if they find somebody out in the desert they’ll pick

Them up put them in the camper when they need commission the vehicles they did the campers off and that’s the receiver hardware for the for the campers and so that’s what that’s all about vehicle has classified receiver hitch trailer plug-in so it’s the factory towing package i took some still photos for the ebay listing and you could eat off the undercarriage

Of this truck it’s that clean so it’s very very nice i put carpeting in this one you hit a vinyl floor but it was just kind of scuzzy so it’s got fresh carpet in it and it’s really nice something you did a great job the interior is nice and clean you know no stains or cigarette burns or anything like that okay got the books so it’s a nice thing nice clean truck

I like it it’s fun to drive it’s got plenty of pap too so let’s go over to the driver’s side here power windows and door locks power side view mirrors that cruise control and torques flying nice mp3 stereo which sounds great so you can plug your phone in and do whatever you do with that 67 768 on the miles and got 2100 engine hours so the engine hours are good so

That’s always a good indicator of the health of a truck if those things are in line we fire it up sitting here run of course opening the the hood latch would be a real benefit oh anywho there it is this rounds like a swiss watch all fresh foods and filters you know the the government takes good care of these trucks but we go over them too and the reason is

Is that some of my customers you know they might flying in from out of town and then they’ll you know want to drive it a thousand miles home and i want to make sure that you have a safe and trouble-free trip home that’s really our goal so you can follow us on ebay under self calm and that’s sel k comm you can subscribe to my youtube channel under self calm and

That’s sel k comm and that way when we get inventory updates you’ll be notified and some of my customers find that really helpful so it’s under ebay under self calm sel ka comm and youtube also under self calm sel k comm or you can call me here in el paso my name is tom and my phone number is area code nine one five two four four 2871 so you know call me if you

Have any questions or concerns once again time with self calm here in el paso texas and i do appreciate looking thank you

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Selkcomm 2008 Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab 4X4 5 4 liter 67K miles By Tom Busch