Shake down on the 3.3L H6 Subaru WRX STI

Well, everything is back in, and we’re ready to roll, Wanted to get the STI out for a shakedown drive today. We seem to have a small AFR issue. But I am attributing that to the new fuel rails that are in the car causing afrs to jump a little. Aside from that everything seems okay. It always seems like every time I go to dyno prep this car it always gives me another little issue here and there.

Oh gee willikers jim bob we’re gonna have a super fantastic day today aren’t we yeah we are so strap on your trousers grab your spandex and let’s let’s have a fantastic day yeah hey little super nerds i’m ready to have a fun fast fun fasting fantastic day i don’t like doing his voice it’s a little weird but we’re doing it so in this box here i got a i got a

Big thing there’s a big thing in that but i can’t keep doing this uh back in that box over there some of you guys all right for those who have been around the channel for quite a while you guys probably know what’s in the swing because i used to have this on the car this is an apr gtc 300 67 inch big wang and this is for the sti now in my opinion i don’t think big

Wings belong on all cars okay i think a car has to earn the big wing i think your car must be ready and chosen fulfilled by the prophecy to accept a large wang like this it’s a very large wing it’s 67 inches okay do you know how large a 67 inch wang is 67 inches it’s a big wang so this is going on the sti i have missed the swing i love this wing it’s my favorite

Fantastic wing also once again huge shout out to her friends over rally sport direct for sending over this massive apr wang if you guys are looking at apr stuff uh our discount code does work on this stuff so if you’re looking for a big wang uh splitter canards any of that stuff use codes media save yourself some money so let’s get the sti pushed out pop off our

Old sti wing i just have it set in there right now as you guys saw in the last video i already took it off so i just got to pop it out we can start getting our big apr gtc 300 wang installed baby boy box out of the way i don’t even have the key why are you yelling out in the car why are you yelling at me why are you running let’s get the big wing opened up behind

The car so we can start getting it on the car hey guys so i’ve i have a full video showing you guys how to install this it has been a couple years since i’ve made an install video on this but it’s pretty self-explanatory so for the most part these stanchions are going to take the place of the stock wing right there uh they use all of the existing bolt holes but you

Will have to drill one new hole for these new stanchions um so we’ll start this off by getting the stanchions in we’ll get the rubber plates on hey you want to do race car things with me i’m eating a cookie what kind i don’t know it’s like when i was like off the shelf wannabe oreo mother flowers is it the value pack yeah oh you want to put a big wing on with me

Yeah dope grab that what i got this side out huh we just put this in this box man look dude it’s like there’s already some holes on this bad guy i know so it lines up with the stock holes i know that much then i think it’s that hill hole that we have to drill there’s one hole that we gotta drill let me set up this camera on a tripod let’s do some stuff i feel

Like i should watch my install video on this from last time actually i am because there were definitely some mistakes i made last time so hold up some dude on youtube names media’s installed and the hardware also i think there’s a limit of how much bubble wrap you actually need okay because i think this is going to make a once you mount this up it doesn’t come

Off these backwards what did we learn last time with apr hardware they are permanent one-time use permanent l permanente okay so now that we we know the width of the wing is this now so now we know where we can mark and drill our holes and that one the gasket doesn’t line up all that well that’s what i said why don’t you say something sooner so this gasket lines up

Like why do you say something stupid man i said something like 10 minutes ago so the easiest way that we found to do this so far honestly it’s been pretty straight forward we drilled the holes we mounted them up it uses like three or four three out of four of the stock mounting holes for the sti wing uh this wing is different if you have a wrx or an sti because

Of the the mounting locations the actual base plates themselves the sti ones like i said stock mounting position wrx one’s gonna be on the very edge of the wing we’re gonna get the air foil on first then we’ll fully tighten them down so that way we can adjust it as needed otherwise we’re gonna run into an issue where the stanchions don’t want to actually line

Up the airfoil it’s the same problem i ran into on the o5 sti when i installed one of these um let’s keep that in mind keep all these loose now i can grab this and slide it there another something that’s important to note you guys don’t use power tools on this yeah like you’ll destroy the hardware and you’ll probably crack the carbon we’ve got these stanchions on

This side bolted fully up so this is the hole that you do have to drill be a little cautious this may get a little bit close to the actual trunk if so i will just come in here and trim this bolt down a little bit most of these bolts are pretty much a one-time use especially these guys we found that out last time with some of matt’s apr splitter stuff so make sure

You have everything where you want it before you lock it all down that’s why i was saying we’ll get the stanchions on here i get the airfoil kind of bolted up to the stanchion so that way the stanchions are happy with where they want to be they’re not pulling they’re not stretching on anything and everything feels kind of natural for where the wing wants to sit so

Dude this thing is wide dude it’s wider than the car i love it i missed a big wing man i can see the tip of your head with a big wang it’s me tipping my head it’s me i feel like mittens would be deserving of a big wing do you remember when i don’t remember if it was this swing or if it was one of eric’s it might have been cameron’s what on the freeway no they had a

Giant wing and i put it on chewy no i never saw that chewy is certainly deserving of the large wing i haven’t slammed it really hard to see if these hit i’m gonna do a soft oh no we’re clearing all right shall we moment of truth i like it you shake the whole car with it look at my hood look at the dingle dangle dangle one yeah this look good so we’re not really

Gonna get the full effect of the wing until after the car is pulled out so we’re going to see that here in a little bit because i just got my dash 8an fuel fittings so that way i can finish these last two fuel lines get the intake manifold get everything put back together we can get this thing started go do a shakedown drive on it to make sure that everything is

Solid then we’re going to set this sti aside until a couple days when we go trailer to the dyno so last little bit of stuff we got to do let’s get these dash 8am fuel lines made let’s get them put in let’s get this sti driving and i don’t know we’ll do the stuff there’s a stuff in the thing is hi gentlemen and ladies we have our new fuel rails fuel line

Spark plugs everything put back together everything put back in uh for this fuel rail over here i did have to use a 180 i’m gonna go to the store tonight grab a p clip to just kind of secure that down uh that goes down to our y fitting under the intake manifold same with this side uh this side i was actually able to get away with using a 90 off the rail we have

Our returns all good we have no fuel leaks vacuum lines are hooked back up so let’s give this thing a first start after doing all this love we’ll let it i’ll pull it out of the garage we can let it idle for a little bit to get comfortable with all the new stuff and we can take a look at that big wang outside of just the garage all right so i pulled the car back

In for now for some reason it’s running exceptionally rich not normal it’s idling at like 11 11 00 ish it shouldn’t be it wasn’t before all we did was swap spark plugs i shouldn’t throw off the tune uh the fuel rails maybe but i wouldn’t imagine fuel whales would throw off a tune that much to wear idols from 14 before down to 11 now the fuel pulse damper moving

Those shouldn’t have really affected the tune either because they’re the same pulse dampers just mounted in a different spot so the only thing i can think of mechanically would be that maybe i didn’t plug in the coil packs to the right spots or maybe the spark plug wires aren’t plugged in all the way but i’m not getting any misfire codes either which is weird so

I don’t know i’ma pop the intake manifold off one more time real quick double check to make sure that everything’s plugged into the right spot put it back together and i guess we’ll try to start it again and see if it keeps doing it i mean hopefully not i guess if anything it could be the fuel rails shouldn’t be mechanically i’ve gone through this thing and

Everything’s hooked up everything’s plugged in everything is solid it’s just i don’t know if it’s running super rich again but regardless i need to pull the sti out and just kind of park it out here for now because i need to get some stuff done on the wrx um so i’m gonna get an idle log for josh also just to be able to confirm that it is indeed the tune with the

Car so that way if there is some type of god forbid mechanical problem i get it sorted now and take care of all this it’s like every time like right before the dyno it’s like everything goes awry that there’s always some different little problem okay guys so i’m get this thing pulled out um if it’s still running rich like i said i’m gonna grab like a quick idle

Log for josh um it’s just it’s so rich that i don’t want to just let it idle cause we’re gonna wash the cylinder walls wash the oil and just let me get this thing pulled out real quick it’s definitely getting a little bit better i have one fuel pump disconnected right now we’re still a little rich i think the computer’s trying to make adjustments uh like i

Said i’m getting an idling log for josh so i think once i see oil pressure get down to where it normally settles what happens if i do this i mean i feel like it’s getting there maybe it’s just adjusting i don’t know maybe it’s just trying to adjust i’m gonna let oil pressure get down to about 20 psi that’s normal idle uh plug in the second fuel pump turn it back

On see what happens all right let’s plug in this other fuel pump back here i just disconnect the relay make it easy try to make it easy on myself all right i’ve got the second fuel plot fuel plump fuel pump plugged in let’s start and see what happens let me log this one off alright we are logging started right up seems to have corrected itself a little bit i’m

Just going to let it idle for a couple minutes and see if it’ll solve correct enough seems to be doing better cold start was just like so freaking rich dude i’m just gonna let it idle for a couple minutes uh get these logs i’ll email them to josh have them review them and at that point hopefully everything’s done already at that point i don’t have to go back in

Here change or fix anything else i know i have to at some point i just don’t want to do it before the dyno i will say it looks way better with the big wing though i love this dude that thing looks oh my god i love it i have a sneaky suspicion that the wrx might be on its last leg i just went to pull it in the garage and didn’t want to start it’s not blown

Up now if it wasn’t blown up before it might be now joking it’s not it’s just been acting a little weird and i’ve been hearing some knocks on cold start i’m glad i have that motor at out front i’m actually gonna message jeremy and see if i have an update on that so i think the engine and the wx is about to die on us fun stuff use wrx’s let me tell you such

A blast such a blast it’s bad it’s like it’s not bad bad on cold starts but you can hear you can definitely hear it on cold starts and i don’t think it’s gonna get any better anyways i have some stuff i do the wrx in the next couple of videos i don’t actually know if i’m gonna take this car to the dyno with the way that it’s acting we might just take the blue

One regardless though let’s go drive the blue one a little bit and get some let’s i just want to do like a quick shake down drive with it just a little bit of boost make sure everything’s solid wrx doesn’t smell right it smells burnt matt i think my wrx is on its way out you’re revving it to the moon i was making sure was all right i think it’s fine dude don’t

Blow up yet oh afr still look good in boost that’s a good sign we want the boost gotta have the boost singing thank you we got the moose it’s running a hair rich but nothing crazy oh that’s a weird noise so i wonder if you guys can see this in the camera of me just like taking all these fun pictures oh i like that i gotta turn the steering wheel beautiful

Beautiful gym bob so all right you guys at this point the car is ready for the dyno uh we have one small oil leak off of the driver’s side valve cover it’s not even a leak i’d call it like a the slowest drip in the world i’ll fix that after the dyno is not something that’ll inhibit or stop us from going right now uh very happy with the wing once again huge shout

Out to rally sport for direct for coming in clutch on this wing dude it looks so good i like me some big wings so uh next up i gotta start cracking on the wrx i’m gonna start doing that stuff tomorrow so that’s all i got for you guys on this one if you’re excited for the dyno if you’re excited for the sti if you’re excited for the stuff and the things go and hit

That like button turn it black blue grenade purple silver sign whatever color turns view and if you’re not already subscribed to the channel you want to be one of these corners naughty which one i’ll put in quite yet actually it’s gonna be in that one right there so with that i will catch you guys in the next one peace out homies you

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Shake down on the 3.3L H6 Subaru WRX STI By Smeedia