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Welcome back to a new video guys and welcome back to my oh so familiar driveway now you’re probably asking where’s the bentley where’s the bentley project what’s going on with that well it is literally right there just there but we have made some progress on it so i didn’t want to show you in this video so i’ve sort of hid it out the way but in this video we’ve

Got the audi q5 which we’ve sort of slowed down a bit on but we’re going to make some progress today so if you’ve not watched all the previous videos on the audi q5 i suggest you go watch it now it’s in the top right hand corner but this is hannah’s audi q5 now you may have noticed after that little montage the alloys are really bland and i just don’t think they

Go with the color of the car and sort of the the theme we’re going for on this got 20-inch audi alloys on which are silver and i did have the option of refurbing these probably making them a different color with alloy fix but we chose to get some new alloys so before we get these on i think we should get hannah out here because like in a previous video i think

She should be doing the modifications to her own car so we’re going to work together on this let’s get her out and let’s get these new wheels on the transition all right so first step hannah come on look how bright that bit of hair you know how is check this thing off we need to get it jacked up and then we’ll show everyone the um the wheels the neutral wheels

Yeah do before we put the wheels on which over there hannah is going to get the hammer right out and clean up this rusty looking discs and calipers so what color are you going for on the calipers red red yep so we’re gonna go for red caliper paint black on the hubs yeah so first off why brush i’m gonna leave hannah to it whilst uh hannah’s doing that i’m gonna

Go and do a modification inside the car so what’s hannah’s cracking on with that we’re going to do some modifications using the kali adapter now if you don’t know about these let me explain so this is the new universal kali device everybody go oh so koli is an obd device which literally connects straight into the obd port which is essentially the entry into the

Car’s brain allows you to diagnose problems on your car it allows you to reset service lights you can customize the car you can unlock loads of different things with it you can check mileage discrepancy as well there’s a bunch of other things you can do in it but let me show you what i’m going to do to the q5 at the minute so you want to have the ignition on but

Not the car on i’m connected to my phone now and i will mention as well this can be done on ios or iphone as well i said ios and iphone i meant android and iphone so look we’ve got fault probability high mileage fraud seat belt warning and a bunch of other features before we even start this i’m going to go into seat belt warning and i’ll tell you why so sometimes

My little friend kevin likes to sit in the front seat like this problem is when he’s in the front seat my seatbelt warning light comes on when i’m driving along the road so we have to put the seatbelt on which is highly uncomfortable for kevin so let’s go straight into the coding and we’re going to deactivate the seat belt warning light now what we’ll mention

Is as well um before you do anything like diagnose the car or code the car carly stores the original file on here so if if at any point you want to go back to standard or back to how it was before you can just revert back to standard right so here we go we’ve got central lock-in confirmation sound it already does that in a minute there’s loads of other things

On here that you can do mirror folding obviously only free if you have folding mirrors so something really cool that it can do that will help you guys out and also me as well you can actually do this used car check thing on it so if you’re going to buy a used car and you maybe suspect that the guy’s a little bit dodgy or a little bit shady then bring your card

Device with you plug it in do the used car check but that’s a pretty handy thing to have when checking a used car and also can help a lot with negotiating the price but all we want to do today on the q5 is get rid of that seat belt line so here it is seat belt reminder we want that off and then we click code card code it’s under stored click ok now it’s coding

It so now kevin won’t have to have his seatbelt on that’s done kev mate you don’t have to have your seatbelt on what do you think to that thanks carly so you can reset all the service stuff so if you’ve got a service light on your dash and if you’ve just serviced your car maybe you service cars at home like myself and you need to reset the dashboard because it’s

So annoying every time you start the car you can simply do it with the car device there is literally a bunch of other stuff on here as well if if i was to go through every single feature on this kali device then we will be here all week i think i’ve done enough talking now so if you do want to grab yourself a card device click the link in the description i highly

Advise you do get one because ever since i’ve had my one from the audi tt i’ve used it so many times and let’s go check back with hannah so it looks as if hannah has completed the brakes all done yeah looking good i think we just got the um the clip to put back on the calipers but yeah it’s looking good all done with a bit of hammer right i mean it’s not a

Professional job but it’s definitely good enough in it it’s an easy one yeah also i noticed my track rod end is wobbling the truck rolling’s wobbling yes well that’s a good job because i’ve got one so yeah so this truck rod end we noticed that it is wobbling so guys as you know this was the side that the car had the accident on it’s not surprisingly that the

Track rod end has got some play in it so just picked up a new one obviously you guys know the track rod end is on the end of the steering rack and it can affect the steering and everything like that so probably best we get it changed so let’s get it changed so track rod end i’ll probably bore you with bloody fitting trap rod ends but this is the old one knocking

To hell this is the new one not knocking to hell let’s uh put some grease on the threads get this one fitted and then we can finally fit the wheels can you believe this they’ve given me the wrong side track rod end yes i asked for the near side and i’ve got the driver’s side looks like we’re putting the uh the knackered one back on fantastic never fear

Matt from the past we have the right track rod end or should i say left track rod end right let’s put this on and then we’ll probably click back to uh me moaning about how i’ve got the wrong track rod end so the absolutely clapped out track rod end is back on it i feel like this happens way too often for me like i i ordered the right parts i’m sure and then i

Got the wrong ones and i don’t notice it until i literally get the parts off let’s just get these new wheels on and show you guys the new wheels here we have the new alloys reveal the 21 inch tyres are 295 35 21 thumbs up if you like the new alloys and if you don’t like the new alloys then hit the thumbs up anyway right let’s get them fitted look how close the

Clearance is here to the top arm it’s a good job i didn’t get 40 profile tires now on the sq5 they do have 40 profile tires and 21 inch wheels so i don’t know how that clears that but that is mega mega coast but it doesn’t catch it so we should all be good moment of truth hannah’s gonna lower down the jack i’ve got a feeling that is gonna need lowering after this

Because it’s kind of like a monster truck but i like it get it down it looks so high right before i show you let me just go drive around the block to let the spring set in after it’s been jacked up two seconds has made to the q5 i think it looks 10 times different or 10 times better i should say i know a lot of people aren’t a fan of black alloys but these are

Sort of mixed with the diamond cut as well i think it sets it off really nice with the black and the sort of silver touches as well and then also with the red calipers behind the wheels that was a good choice from hannah so thumbs up for hannah for choosing red because i was gonna do silver but i do think it’s sitting way too high so maybe we’ll get some lowering

Springs on this but we just won’t tell hannah she doesn’t want me to lower it but i think it definitely needs lower end i’m may or may not have just bought another project car so that’s going to be coming to the channel very very soon and it’s going to run alongside the bentley as well i’m thinking what the hell what life’s so short you know what we’re nearly

Halfway through the year already and it only felt like it only felt like christmas five minutes ago so for what the hell let’s just get another project car and run that on the channel as well i’m really enjoying these videos and i hope you guys are enjoying them as well so if you are make sure you click subscribe if you already click subscribe hit the thumbs up

Button and for clues on the new card don’t forget to follow me on instagram because i’ll be posting up a few clues about that and hopefully that video will go live in a couple of weeks so as for me and the q5 you’ll be seeing the bentley very soon we’ll see you in the next video peace out you

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