SHOCKING Fisker Ocean ATTACK Against Tesla Model Y

SHOCKING Fisker Ocean ATTACK Against Tesla Model Y

The tesla model y has been successfully dominating all other electric crossover suvs and it is by far the best-selling vehicle in the segment but at the same time there is a plethora of new crossover evs that aim to topple the model y from its throne this includes the first ever fisker ocean which might be the first automaker to dethrone tesla but how will they do

This find out by watching this video tesla is a relatively new automaking company and with the roadster along with the new model s first arriving on the scene in around 2008 and 2012. also as soon as the focus shifted towards suvs and crossovers they became aware of how lucrative a share of the market would be in this sector and so the x and the y were born and

Since then there have been many automakers and other new startups have climbed into the ring to offer their interpretation of the electric suv and pickup including fisker but fisker is not a new startup it is essentially a new company formed from the ashes of an older one a company responsible for the semi-legendary karma fisker which was already betting on electric

Tech back in 2011. the fisker ocean is a new all-electric luxury suv for the masses with a price tag of thirty thousand dollars as the starting price after tax credits and packed with tech the fisker ocean is the latest effort from automative designer henrik fisher and it’s shaping up to be his most innovative yet unveiled at ces the fisker ocean is scheduled for its

First deliveries in 2022. on the outside it hardly resembles a futuristic version of a honda crv and the most distinctive aspects are its squinty tail lights and headlights as well as its massive wheels and front grille the all-electric dynamic driver centric that’s the line used by fisker on the first page of its ocean landing page on the carmaker’s website it sure

Is enjoyable either way with the design aesthetic and features hoping to make it stand out in a crowded ev market outside of the fisker ocean the sleek looking crossover manages to look agile and futuristic thanks in part to the stance and the various touches on the exterior the proud automaker badge up front gets accompanied by thin led lights and the silhouette

Is reminiscent of the range rover evoc and the lamborghini urus from some angles which is arguably much crisper looking than the tesla y electric crossover now moving towards the up back the rear is similarly well sculpted with thin rear light clusters as well as the rear window even drops however the surprise is up top and now with an integrated solar panel the

Fisker ocean can charge up to between 1500 to 2000 extra miles per year from the sunshine alone that’s 31 miles a week or 125 a month a common concern for evs is range anxiety or the fear of an electric car running out of battery power before you can return home or reach a charging station moreover the fisker ocean addresses this with a driving range of up to 350

Miles and in comparison the tesla model y has a driving range of up to 326 miles the dual motor system in the fisker ocean will generate an output of 550 horsepower compared to 384 horsepower for the model y as for acceleration the ocean and model y have similar 0-60 mile per hour times with it as low as 3.6 seconds for the ocean and 3.5 seconds for the tesla y

So when you factor in the considerably lower price of the ocean this high level performance makes it a bargain moreover there’s no gasoline or diesel engine in the ocean and there never will be the company’s compact crossover will be here to embrace the new automotive age marketed as a relatively cheap and accessible suv the ocean will also be available in base

Trim with one electric motor and front wheel drive the range starts at around 250 miles and this configuration makes 275 horsepower that is enough for a roughly 7 second zero to 60 mile per hour time above the base sport configuration the ocean can come specified as an ultra or extreme model with a dual motor all-wheel drive drivetrain that offers 550 horsepower

And 350 miles of range from the battery pack this is enough for a three to four second dash to 60 miles per hour in contrast the tesla model y has a long range and performance trim and the former offers 330 miles and the latter around 300 miles due to its powerful setup and both will use a dual motor awd setup too the tesla wise long-range version manages 0-60

Miles per hour and in just over 4.5 seconds and the performance is around a second less the fisker has a few things up its sleeve to hopefully distinguish it from competitors not all of them are novel ideas but its focus on relative affordability is many evs are prohibitively expensive still and a truly affordable suv crossover could be the answer but fisker is

Not only hedging their bets on prices which could still change by the time the ocean crossover comes to market a claimed forty thousand dollar entry level price would undoubtedly undercut the tesla wise sixty thousand dollar to seventy thousand dollar price either way the fisker ocean’s interior even gets decked out in various fabrics and trims some of which are

Either recycled or sustainable so generally it’s a simplistic and functional yet attractive design compared to the bland cabin of the model y fisker has stated that ingenious configuring maxes out the interior with an impressively spacious cabin seating for five adults as well as flexible storage for surfboards camping gear and much more there is of course the

Now ubiquitous big infotainment screen still this 17.1 inch panel can swivel between vertical and horizontal positions adding appeal and flexibility to the main feature up front another reason why the ocean could be a model y killer is the emphasis that fisker has on environmental sustainability many of the buyers of electric vehicles are people that are passionate

About protecting the environment and fister makes this a bigger element of its brand than tesla the automaker gave the ocean its name because of its aim to protect the ocean and the ocean features recycled fishing nets and other plastics in recent years the luster of tesla waned in the eyes of many environmentalists part of this is musk’s callous attitude towards

Lithium which is used for electric vehicle car batteries unfortunately lithium mining causes air pollution and contaminates the soil and water also lithium is predominantly mined from developing countries such as bolivia where lithium miners live in poverty billionaire elon musk was accused of trying to destabilize the bolivian government to secure its huge lithium

Reserves after he tweeted we will see a coup wherever we want now all things come down to cost and range within the ev segment however with so many models offering similar battery autonomies and performance the image and design aspects become defining qualities the ocean stands out in a sizable demographic should be keen to seize the opportunity to access their

First affordable electric vehicle especially a quirky alternative to the usual tesla suspects to win against the tesla model y the fisker ocean will need personality and image and it seems to offer both but the price is always one of the principal factors in purchasing a vehicle as it has already been stated by the automaker the entry-level model should start at

Around forty thousand dollars and rise to fifty thousand dollars and seventy thousand dollars for the ultra and extreme trim levels tesla’s model y costs from 65 to 70 000 depending on from where you source its price which is around the same as the top level ocean in the end the fisker ocean could be just the ticket and a crossover that makes enough of an effort

To stand out with a low entry price sustainability in mind and let’s not forget the roof integrated solar panel what are your thoughts on this let us know in the comment section down below if you enjoyed today’s video and found it interesting then make sure to leave us a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and click on the bell icon to be up to

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SHOCKING Fisker Ocean ATTACK Against Tesla Model Y By Tech Electric