Short review of a Hyundai Ioniq 5

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Foreign having shaken up the market with its very first ionic hyundai does so again with this far more sophisticated ionic 5. this time around the ioniq is only an ev and it’s quite an arresting one aimed at premium compact hatch and crossover models typified by cars like volkswagen’s id4 ford’s mustang mac e apollstar 2 and this high indies close cuts in the kia

Ev6 you have to offer something interesting and different in that kind of company the ionic 5 very definitely does as usual in this class of ev the ionic 5 spears away from rest although nothing quite so pointlessly frantic amana as some of its rivals we have a mid-range rear driven model here with a 217 ps electric motor and the larger 73 kilowatt-hour battery

That’s good for up to 298 miles of range the same battery power is the top 305 ps all-wheel drive variant with electric motors both front and rear that’s good for 285 miles or you can choose a rear driven variant with a smaller 58 kilowatt hour battery which is restricted to 238 miles whichever version you choose on the move you’ll find this car set up primarily

For comfort although it does clatter a bit over the nastier tarmac tears things are smooth out on the highway though where you’ll find yourself more inclined to appreciate the ride and handling benefits that are supposedly inherent in this car’s market first adoption of integrated drive axle technology energy which combines drive shafts and wheel bearings supposedly

To the benefit of ride comfort and handling stability another first for this segment anyway is the adoption of the 800 volt charging infrastructure made possible by this car’s sophisticated egmp electrified platform this will allow this car to use the new generation of super rapid battery stations which can charge it up to 350 kilowatts many rivals are currently

Limited to charging out 125 kilowatts use the 50 kilowatt public charger that you’re more likely to find and you’ll be able to charge the 73 kilowatt hour battery from 10 to 80 in 56 minutes and 30 seconds no harm in being exact there it would take 10 hours and 53 minutes to charge the 73 kilowatt hour battery from naught to 100 at home using a 10.5 kilowatt

Three-phase garage war box preserving charge will be much easier to do if you use uh frequently the car’s ipedal feature that’s the most extreme of the various brake regeneration settings that you can select using these steering wheel paddles this wheel mounted mode button here also gives you settings eco normal and comfort which taylor steering feel and throttle

Response where do we even start here the ionic 5 looks like nothing else well almost nothing else uh designer x lamborghini stylist luke donkovolka it says it’s inspired by a 1970 hyundai pony a model remembered as the brand’s very first production car but more representative you’d think of an aesthetic area that company might prefer to forget approach it and

You realize the smoke and mirrors effect of all this dramatic detail disguising a profile perspective that might look golf sized in the pictures but turns out to be closer to the size of something like a bmw x3 suv and it’s 4.6 meter length curious quirks of course as you can see are very much a feature here this diagonal zorro like slash that falls across the

Flank with origami-like precision the forward-leaning c pillar the flush door handles this unusually inverted lines lower panel and the weird rifling on the wheel arch cladding of the front the theater continues this angry clamshell bonnet hyundai’s first with this oversized badge and flat profile is set above these fabulous graph paper style 8-bit led matrix

Headlights detailed with 256 cubic pixels and folk you’ve passed will be squinting at the rear end of this car as it vanishes into the distance on a wave of electrified torque this neat roof spoiler here is actually a wing with slots which enable air to flow through it and the squirical rear lamp signature illuminates through these narrow pixel-like led clusters

Right enough with all that time to take a seat inside now as you approach uh the flush fitting door handles spring out and these intricately sculpted doors open wide to admit you to the kind of futuristic cabin that a car looking like this ought to have now hyundai doesn’t call this a cabin what we have instead here is a living space however you brand it this is

Quite different from anything that you’ll have ever tried elsewhere it’s light airy spacious and rather like the exterior it’s rather self-consciously avant-garde there are though a few elements of design which might feel dimly familiar this walk through footwell here is a throwback to old minis and beetles there’s the same kind of weirdly shaped two-spoke wheel

As you’ll find on the honda e and what you’ll notice first and foremost is a similar kind of widescreen twin monitored dash layout as is used by larger mercedes models with a couple of joined together 12.3 inch displays here the driver’s supervision instrument cluster that’s in front of me here that complements this central touch screen satellite navigation and

Media center you sit quite high an suv like and unusual design flourishes are almost everywhere you look there are no door handles for example you just pull instead on this backlit rail gear selection is taken care of by this a chunky and rather phallic looking lower right hand wheel stalk the pedals get plus and minus designations and a huge glove box is actually

A slide out tray stretch up to this top variant and this unusual universal island central storage console slides back and forth and you can pay extra for these glorious relaxation premium front seats which extend right back and feature power retractable calf rests so you can comfortably nod off for 40 wings while you’re powering up at your local charging station

Okay let’s take a look in the rear uh the door for which opens so wide that you might struggle to put it right back in a really confined space and once in the back well if you thought the front of the cabin was spacious and airy then this is on a different level it’s truly comparable to a much larger car the underpinning is a flat too so no central tunnel to

Impede a center-seated passenger there really is room to stretch right out here even before you start sliding the bench it moves over a range of 135 millimeters or exploring the way that you can recline the backrest right the way rearwards even with a six footer up front it’ll still feel limo like uh here though is something that isn’t conventional there’s this

Little lower 250 volt 60 amp three pin v2l or vehicle to load port it’s only usable when the ignition is on and it’s great not only for a laptop or a phone but also something even bigger that you might be carrying like say an electric scooter or a drone now using this extra cost adapter you can also activate a second v2l port here within the powered driver’s side

Charging flap where you’ll find the usual conventional socket here embellished with 10 illuminating pixel squares designating the battery charge status right enough with that let’s finish with a look at the boot which providing you avoid bass trim will be electrically powered and you can operate it with a swipe of your foot beneath the bumper if you happen to be

Approaching the ionic 5 all laden down with bags the tailgate rises to reveal a predictably high load platform those huge battery packs just have to sit somewhere but a pretty reasonable 527 liter cargo capacity if you push forward the rear seat backs up to 1587 liters of total space can be revealed foreign not all evs in this segment give you some extra storage

Space the charging leads beneath the bonnet the id4 doesn’t for example but you do get that here if you go for the top all-wheel drive model with its extra front mounted motor this front space will end up to be suffer to the point where you really won’t be able to fit anything much more substantial than a slim laptop bag in here but with more common rear driven

Variants like the one we have here as you can see it’s really quite a usefully sized space if the ionic 5 isn’t enough to position hyundai toe to toe with the most advanced offerings from european brand automotive design it’s hard to imagine what would be it looks arresting and it lacks nothing in terms of the latest ev technology going forward this car will sign

A whole range of evs not only from hyundai but also from its group partner marks care and genesis but it’s even greater importance lies to the way that it redefines what people can expect from this brand it’s a confident statement of intent

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