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Short review of a Polestar 1

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This is a short review of a Polestar 1. In this video it will go through different aspects of the vehicle from the interior and exterior to the range of the vehicle on a full charge with it being electric. If you wold like anymore information on one of these or anything leasing in general then please see the about section for all of our details, we look forward to hearing from you! Also please subscribe

The polstar one is a premium gt coupe for the bentley continental gt and aston db11 set that instead of throaty v8 or v12 power delivers the ultimate in plug-in hybrid technology it can go further and faster than any phev has gone before plus it’s astonishingly fast very exclusive exquisitely finished and extremely rare did you ever think a volvo derived design

Could be this exotic talk about drive train complexity there’s an awful lot going on here and you might be disappointed to pay aston martin money and get a four cylinder two liter engine fitted here but this one is both turbocharged and supercharged and so that there’s independent drive for the rear wheels as well as those at the front this power plant is aided by

A pair of active torque vectoring 85 kilowatt electric motors fitted to the rear axle one for each wheel yet another motor acting as a starter generator sits between the engine and the car’s eight speed auto gearbox and powering the three electric motors are two large batteries one over the rear axle and the other in the transmission tunnel all of which helps to

Explain this model’s substantial 2 350 kilo curb weight you’d want plenty of power to haul all that bulk about so how does 609 horsepower and a thousand newton meters of torque sound that’s good enough to get you to 62 miles an hour in just 4.2 seconds on route to 155 miles an hour so you’ll need the huge steel akerbono brakes as used by the mclaren p1 there’s a

Choice of five powertrain settings the default one being hybrid which prioritizes electric propulsion unless you really do need all-out acceleration in which case the car switches into the alternative power mode the other options are pure full electric and all-wheel drive plus there’s an individual screen to allow you to set your preferred drive setup you can’t

Adjust damping as part of that not from inside the cabin anyway this car has race style manually adjustable dual flow valve o lens dampers that are formatted with a choice of 22 options to deliver suspension feel to suit your exact preference get it all right and you’ll enjoy a simply astonishing level of twisty b-road agility with rapid direction changes you

Simply wouldn’t expect from a car of this size and weight all of which here in blighty helps compensate for the fact that pole star production limitations mean that you’re seated on the wrong side of the car something else you certainly wouldn’t expect from a phev is a 77 mile all electric driving range but that’s what the polestar one’s large 34 kilowatt hour

Battery gives you the flip side of having that big battery output is longer charging time than would normally be required for a plug-in hybrid though around five hours from a typical garage wall box should cover most of the daily battery replenishment you’d need it’s less than an hour using a 50 kilowatt public charger the car’s quoted co2 return is 15 grams per

Kilometer which is why it sits in a tax busting 3 percent benefiting kind tax band and the wltp rated combined consumption figure is 403.6 mpg yes you heard those figures right you might be less tempted to dismiss this as merely a very expensive volvo once you view one in the metal or more accurately in the cfrp or carbon fiber reinforced polymer because that’s

What this sleek body shell is fashioned from a specialist composite that gives the structure its rigidity and lightness and what a structure the volvo concept coupe show car this model was based upon they date back to 2013 but the shape hasn’t aged much to the satisfaction of thomas ingenloth now pole star ceo who created it with current brand design director max

Missoni we’re not sure that it looks its best from this profile perspective but it grows on you particularly the lovely line of the glass coupe roof the aston martin style c-pillar and the sleek frameless door mirrors then there are these rather dashing rear wings which apparently reference the classic volvo p1800 and are tightly sculpt in a way only possible

Because of the hand-layered cfrp panel work unnecessarily referenced by this rather cheap looking sticker behind the front wheel arch the wheels with their striking gold valve caps are of course huge 21 inches in size an inch wider at the back than at the front and shod with grippy 30 profile bespoke pirelli tyres that fill the big arches which on closer inspection

You realize aren’t that far apart this car may ride on the spa platform of bigger volvos but a big chunk has been taken out of it in this case and the polestar one is only four and a half meters long so there you have it in polstar’s words the embodiment of an avant-garde gt complete with pop-out door handles and unlocking if you wish activated via the digital

Key provided on the polestar one connect app that feels far more suited to the futuristic theme here rather than using the rather disappointing volvo key fob it’s rather a different feel inside though where in an unfortunate start you’re positioned on the wrong side of the cabin in this left-hand drive only design predictably but a touch disappointingly just

About everything here has been borrowed from polstar’s parent swedish brand primarily the 12.3 inch digital instrument panel and the 9-inch central portrait format touchscreen it’s left to special leather finishing bespoke trimming mostly faux carbon fiber and little touches like the translucent gear selector to try and create the required six figure ambience

You also get gold seat belts color coordinated with the brake calipers the damper controllers and the tyre valve caps and in a nod to the brand’s guiding star vision its logo is reflected onto the panoramic roof from the overhead console that carbon fiber trimming features on the doors which like the fascia top are beautifully stitched in soft leather build

Quality is difficult to fault the wide cockpit and this panoramic glass roof give a light airy feel and the large enveloping leather seats are superbly supportive plus you get silver pedals a head-up display and a superb 16 speaker 1400 watt bowers and wilkins audio system time to take a look in the rear stepping back across door sills that reprise the sticker

Message on the front wings cfrp body optimized carbon fiber layout and once inside well customers in this class don’t tend to be too bothered if the rear seats are cramped these ones certainly are as you’d expect from a gt performance coupe described by its maker as a two plus two if there was a six footer up front you’d have virtually no leg room at all back

Here at a severe premium too even if you’re not particularly tall we’ll finish with the boot revealing an area theoretically 143 liters in capacity but which in reality is just 126 in size if you take off the space occupied by this charging lead bag unfortunately given this area’s diminutive size there’s no split folding rear seat feature so you can’t push longer

Items into the cabin and here’s why behind this scratch resistant plexiglas window at the back of the trunk area is this rather unique electrical panel with its bright orange high voltage wiring via which power is provided to the pair of rear axle motors an unusual touch in an unusual car we live in this unusual hinterland period between the combustion engine

And the electric motor and there are times when neither seems quite fit for purpose in today’s motoring world even when combined by a typical plug-in hybrid but the polstar one isn’t a typical plug-in hybrid it’s a car that pushes boundaries and an automobile that will fascinate historians when they reflect on the beginnings of motoring’s electric age yes for

The money it possibly ought to be faster it certainly should sound better and it should surely be more luxurious inside but those priorities belong to a different age this car sets its own agenda and it’ll be loved by individualists of the same mindset even if you’re not particularly enamored by the end result here and don’t like the borrowed volvo bits the tiny

Rear seats or the restricted boot you can’t deny that this car delivers a stinging rebuke to anyone championing the notion that electrified cars are all the same and for that we like it very much indeed you

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