Should You Buy A Porsche Boxster 981 S? Review | Test Drive

Basheer Zaheer reviews the Porsche Boxster 981 S and why it maybe the perfect all rounder with its beautiful soft top.

Hello and welcome to invictus polish we’ve got with us a porsche boxster 981 this is the 981s with a 3.4 liter engine and i’ll tell you everything you need to know about it and perhaps why you should consider one of these because they’re an absolute dream of a car to own and essentially offers you everything you want from a porsche experience at a good price

Essentially for good value and something that won’t lose you a lot of money either thank you the 981 boxster s especially the 3.4 liter engine has essentially everything one would look for in a car a soft top meaning it’s a convertible mid-engine so essentially you’ve got the best handling on the road of a car you could desire practicality wise you’ve got a

Front boot and a rear boot so essentially you’ve got storage space ticked off and all in all it’s a dream to own because it offers everything you would want both in a winter and in the summer because they’ve got phenomenal handling and at the same time in the summer they are an absolute joy to own or perhaps in the very limited good weather that we get through

The winter it’s better to be in one of these coming out of coming out of your drop day in the office than in a cool pay now what is this like from a specification point of view and should you perhaps consider buying this or one of these spec wise they are pretty well specced out because you got these beautifully elegant really curved sculpted led ray lights this

Whole end of it essentially this whole car is just so much better design this is essentially the third generation of the porsche boxster the first being in 1998 which was a 986 boxster the second being in 2004 which was the 987 boxster and the third being in 2011 which is this the 981. it’s elegant it’s up to date it’s modern and it essentially has everything you

Could look for from an aesthetic point of view spec wise this is finished in this super gorgeous attic gray metallic color complemented with the 20 inch techno sports alloys on the inside you’ve got the sport steering wheel with paddle shifts they’re brilliant to have the rest of the spec includes the fact that this has got the um boza the climate control with front

Heated seats you’ve got the sport seats the guards red seat belts essentially you’ve got the sports button this engine is complemented now in this car with the the seven speed pdk gearbox otherwise known as double coupling the dual clutch transmission to really know what something like this offers you gotta drive it and hear that awesome sound that is produced by

The 3.4 liter flat 6 boxer engine that raw and that grunt and essentially this is why i started off the review with a classic right next to it and then with a soft top you can actually really feel and have this visceral experience of what it’s like being really in tune and together with your car as opposed to the coupe where you almost feel slightly shelled so to

Really experience the porsche i guess something like this not only does it offer the benefit of both of the experience the soft top is really good to have because you get to enjoy and hear the car and be together with a car let’s get behind the wheel drive it and tell you a little bit more now let’s get behind the wheel drive it and tell you what it’s all about

To truly experience these cars you’ve got to drive it and there’s no better way to know one of these is to actually have a good test drive and essentially discover everything that you need to discover how about these cars right from the get-go having the sport steering wheel it is extremely involving because it just feels superb in your hands and you know it

It gives you that sports-like feel to it and what i most love about the porsche brand is obviously the practicality and it’s essentially a car that can be daily every single day it’s not going to break your back and um it’s comfortable but at the same time it’s a sporty sports car that handles essentially like no other car this has this little wind deflector

At the back as well which can be changed to like a perplex or a glass wind deflector so it will essentially make it transparent and the helps with the visibility but the wind deflector also helped to keep the wind at the minimum here in the center of the vehicle now in terms of this being the mid-engine 3.4 liter the the s engine what does it offer performance

Wise i mean what are we essentially getting from this beautiful porsche direct fuel injected boxer 6 3.4 liter engine bhp you’re looking at 315 brake horsepower 360 newton meters of pool the top speed is 177 miles per hour and the reason they’re not to 60 miles per hour is possible in five seconds that is because this weighs 1 395 kilograms let’s drop it down now

Press that sports button and hear the exhaust this is me changing the gears with the paddle shifts with a bit of manual input and essentially if i was to take my foot of the accelerator and gently press it back in the car automatically recognizes to go back into sports gearing this from an owner’s point of view has four or has five owners from new it’s got a very

Very good service history it was traded into us against the porsche 911 and the service history is a mixture of porsche and uh porsche mandela and um specialists this is in very good condition very well spec and essentially drives like a dream and um just having one of these whether it’s every day or for the weekend going through these events at the speed i am

The performance and the handling of the mid-engine box store that came in is is just phenomenal i mean it makes my hair on my hands stand up my just think you know if there’s if there’s one car i had to pick because i have a boring job in an office doesn’t exactly have to be a boring job but if there’s one car one porsche that i had to pick in my showroom to

Take home you know it will be something like this because let’s take it out of sports mode in the natural gearing and experience what it likes at four and a half thousand rpm and essentially this is still when you compare it to the newer porsches this is still a very nimble petite small car essentially um it has a phenomenal size you know from the smallness of

It in comparison to some of the bigger wider sports cars and essentially this is uh a true testament to bullsha being able to design something that has got to be comfortable that has got to be slightly bigger but at the same time you know to keep the the nimble teeth shape and size of the box turtle and this is something that i have to commend porsche for uh and

Essentially creating a brand that and a brand and a model of a car that is essentially so so well like now what are they like values wise because that’s something that i did say i was going to cover i mean the the 981s is did bottom out in terms of values approximately two years ago maybe two to three years ago i mean since then they’ve only actually just gone

Up in value and at the moment these cars are sitting price wise in the high 20s oh the low to mid 30 000 pounds and essentially you’re not going to lose much in something like this you know you buy one of these put five to ten thousand miles on it and get the pleasure of owning a porsche or get the pleasure of the happiness and everything that it has to offer

But at the same time when it comes to selling it back you know there isn’t much you lose in it but at the same time you live once got their especially when you are looking to buy something like this go there by put a smile on your face and you and then essentially live your life and this is why i absolutely adore having to review this having to drive these

Cars and every time i look at one of these doesn’t matter whether it’s a box store or came in or a 911 i think they’re fascinating to look at fascinating to drive fascinating to review and essentially it is such a classic car despite the fact that this is you know 10 years old you know you wouldn’t think something like this could be classic so soon and one of the

Key reason for that is especially the boxster uh 981s or the cayman 981s is because this is essentially the last time these cars were naturally aspirated six cylinder because the recent ones are four cylinder twin turbo charge and one can argue that it has lost some true inherent characteristics of um uh you know what it means to drive a porsche up but you know

That’s that’s a subject for a different video to discuss and to talk about and i appreciate you guys tagging along for this review and watching us uh and and and thank you for supporting us and don’t forget to subscribe and comment and give this a thumbs up and see you in the next video bye

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