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Should You Buy a Tesla? | Tesla Model 3 + Model Y

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You should not buy a tesla seriously this just might not be the best car for you and look i’m saying this as someone who has owned multiple teslas i currently drive a tesla model y i’ve even helped hundreds of people buy their very own teslas and i’m not looking to stir up tesla hate in this video i’m not looking to cause drama but i do think many who are looking

To buy an eevee for the first time or even just buy a new car are considering buying one tesla model and there are a lot of reasons that you just shouldn’t do it so let’s jump into some of those reasons the drama behind those reasons and help you decide if a tesla is right for you this video let’s break down the top five or so reasons you shouldn’t buy a tesla and

Go with something else again there are pros and cons to all this but if you’re looking to buy a tesla you need to watch this video because i’m here to tell you the truth and a huge thanks to birch living for sponsoring this video now one of the first big reasons you should not consider buying a tesla is if the minimal tesla interior is just too minimal for you look

I like this interior a lot it looks great in photos it looks fantastic in videos but some can find the transition from a traditional car interior like a bmw to something like a tesla extremely jarring especially if you’re used to the tactile functional nature of those buttons even if you don’t have some crazy cockpit like interior like this even something a little

Bit more traditional the tesla interior is something on a whole different level and really pushes you to uh use and get really comfortable with that massive touchscreen inside of a tesla almost everything for better or worse is controlled on that large touchscreen again granted it is a large touchscreen there is a lot of room to navigate with but it means only

To get real comfortable real fast with all the different controls and settings even while you’re driving you’re going to learn how to multitask and safely drive but also adjust things that you need to do and you can only do on that screen a little bit down below this can be especially annoying for things you want to do while driving like adjusting media playback

Or the climate control for example adjusting the fan vent isn’t as simple as like taking your hand out and moving like a knob you’ve got to jump into the screen you’ve got to use a touch screen even just controlling the temperature the fan speed up and down isn’t as simple as used to be in previous software updates so you’ve really got to learn to really love and

Get comfortable with that screen and doing everything just by touch of course the system certainly has its perks but for some the level of minimalism inside of a tesla and lacking these physical controls can be a big deal breaker so if you don’t like relying on technology and screens for everything especially if you don’t like tech because teslas are packed with

Tech if you’re into something a little bit more traditional then this just might not be the car for you speaking of that screen another big one definitely worth knowing about and talking about before you buy a tesla is really the major lack of carplay or android auto support now i’ve gotten blasted for this in the past but i do think it’s a really big deal we’re

Talking about and to tesla’s credit they do have their own software that has a lot of its own pros and cons but one of the big cons of that software is that you cannot use apple or google’s car solution inside of your tesla in any official form that means you have no access to third-party apps no way to easily stream music outside of spotify or title there’s no

Waze there’s no google maps there’s no ride sharing apps there’s no youtube music no audible no third-party podcast apps you’re really just stuck to what tesla officially deems you’re worthy of which is like spotify title stitcher slacker tuning whatever they’re calling that these days um and that’s it you’ve got no third-party apps and no way to change what you

See on that screen you’re only limited to bluetooth which can be extremely limiting and unless you’re all in on spotify or title you’ll quickly notice that lack of this software support carplay indoor auto can be extremely frustrating especially with basic things like sending and receiving text messages while you’re driving the built-in messaging like service or

Feature inside of tesla software is quite frankly awful and to do simple things like that to interact with your phone in a meaningful way just is not nearly as good as google’s android auto or apple’s car play that’s where you really start to see sort of tesla’s software weakness and where you really wish you had that ability not having it definitely can be very

Frustrating some might like tesla’s approach to software definitely like i said has its pros but it also certainly has its cons too now before we continue with more tesla insights things you need to know before you buy tesla let’s take a quick break because i want to tell you guys about something i really love something i use every single day and that is my mattress

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Head to rosenfeld to get 400 off your mattress plus two free pillows for example as much as i love the sleek minimal tesla software and as much as going for it one of the big downsides is that you are at the total mercy of tesla for any major changes to functionality and also more importantly design specifically what i mean by that is that if tesla

One day decides to overhaul the entire look and feel and controls of their software which they are known for doing often you might wake up one morning and everything looks totally different things have changed settings have been removed features disappear you’re at the mercy of tesla software updates it’s not like android auto or apple carplay where it’s sort of

Running on a separate thing and you can sort of choose when to update your phone tesla will after a while force you to do their updates and sometimes yes software updates can bring a lot of great features and new uh components and stuff like that but also sometimes like with the version 11 debacle um there can just be bad software updates that remove features and

Make things more complicated and if you like sort of having the traditional i know where my buttons are i know how to do things then being at the mercy of tesla for your software might not be the right decision for you another reason some people might not want to buy tesla is the actual buying experience now i find it nice you don’t have to deal with the dealership

And haggling and negotiating and this or that it’s super easy to buy a tesla but for some people it’s not so easy and you’ll be unhappy knowing that you can’t do everything the same day you can’t walk into a tesla dealership and drive out with a car at least in 99 of the time there are inventory cards and stuff like that but for the vast majority of people the

Ordering process is just not that simple and there’s going to be quite a bit of time between order and delivery and some people will not like the fact that everything that tesla does including their ordering process is all done online now there are tesla showrooms but they don’t work like traditional dealerships there are tesla employees there to sort of answer

Your questions but if you’re ready to order they’re just going to refer you to the online process i have heard of some instances where they will sit down with you and help you sort of order it but these days there are so many people ordering teslas they don’t have time the service centers and stuff might be understaffed they’re just gonna say go online and order

That way which a lot of people just don’t like doing everything online in that regard and even when you go through that entire process again like i mentioned there is oftentimes a pretty big weight between when you place the order and then when you take delivery the estimates on tesla’s website oftentimes are more liberal than they should be so oftentimes you’re

Waiting weeks if not months over that specified range um so you’re gonna have to wait just a bit in order to actually take delivery of your car and oftentimes even when you see an estimated delivery window there are delays and delays and delays i actually did a full video on my model y purchase and delivery experience where i walk through the entire process from

Literally clicking the order button on the tesla website to taking delivery i’ll leave that video linked up here and down below you’ll hear all about the drama and all the delays i faced just trying to take delivery of my model y and when the day comes that you do take delivery many are often unimpressed by tesla’s build quality and overall quality assurance issues

And i will say to tesla’s credit build quality has gotten substantially better than it was a few months ago and even a few years ago but tesla cars are known these days for having some flaws and imperfections that you can see bright at the time of delivery it could be a squeak it could be a rattle or something like a misaligned panel or some issues with the paint

You may not get a perfect car and you might get one with issues that you’re going to have to either work with the service center to fix and then come back and take delivery off another time you could reject delivery you might have to take delivery then bring it back there’s a lot of different scenarios you can go with but uh quality assurance has definitely not been

Tesla’s strong suit and more often than not uh there’s a reason why people bring multi-page checklists when they take delivery because often times there just are issues that uh tesla will not tell you about and but you gotta find yourself which i guess nicely segues me to the next issue and one of the big reasons that many people should not buy a tesla and that is

The service experience this has been a really big pain point for tesla for years and honestly your experience with tesla service can wildly vary and be very much hit or miss though oftentimes these days it’s much more miss than it is hit service centers are often known for not having the parts needed for repair they’re often not good about giving loaner vehicles

Communication can be very spotty and oftentimes very hit or miss communication is one of the biggest issues they have and honestly one of the other big issues is that service centers aren’t so plentiful in different places around the world some places like southern california there are a bunch of service centers because there they’re a bunch of teslas on the road

And it’s not too bad but if you live in a more rural or remote area you might be driving two three four hours to get to your local tesla service center which could be an issue if you have an issue with the glass on your car or tires you get in a fender bender whatever the case may be not having a service center nearby can be really bad and then the experience gets

Worse once you take your car to the service center oftentimes there can be more issues just dealing with tesla’s service center team elon has claimed and even sort of promised to fix the service issues and the experience with tesla owners but i will say my experience has been hit or miss with tesla service a lot of people have had major complaints and the tesla

Service experience in regards to the physical locations and the actual repair ability and service of the actual technicians um has been a big reason for many to not even consider buying a tesla at least as it stands today another reason a tesla might not be the right car for you is range now this might not really be tesla specific but the long range version of the

Model 3 model y even the s or the x might not have the range you need whether this forces you to consider a more expensive alternative in the ev space or you go with a you know traditional internal combustion engine car whatever the case may be the range in tesla’s long range is a lot for a lot of people but for some people you know there is a percentage of people

Out there where that range just isn’t enough especially if you don’t have a way to um you know what’s the word i’m looking for um reliably charge your car there we go took me a minute there if you can’t reliably charge your car the long range isn’t enough um just keep in mind that the range the tesla offers again might not be enough for some people out there so

Keep in mind that that range is going to be affected by temperature by the wheels you’ve got on the car by the ac you’re using um by the speed uh incline all that stuff is going to play a factor so i just keep in mind that for some of you out there very heavy drivers that range in some instances just might not be enough another more simple reason you might not want

To buy tesla right now is if you want to wait for the ev tax credit now that tesla should officially um be back in the eligibility bracket in 2023 you might want to wait until then to actually get your car though again as with many things uh there are a lot of gotchas and a lot of different um qualifiers with the ev tax credit we don’t know officially which models

Will qualify we don’t know what the prices are going to be all that stuff but i will say if you’re not in a rush on a car and you want to wait and see you might just want to wait a bit uh until 2023 in the new year to see what tesla models will qualify and then place your order there and then place your order obviously you’re going to have some delays there because

I’m sure there’s going to be a rush of people waiting for the eb tax credit uh but if you do want to take advantage of those new tax credits and you’re on the fence about it i might wait just a little bit longer to see uh what those qualifiers will be and if tesla will meet the requirements also obviously you can’t uh buy a long-range model three right now in the

Us and canada uh so you might just want to wait a little bit longer for that so you can actually officially order that car so with all that said let me be clear that there is absolutely a counterpoint for every one of these arguments you absolutely can despite all the odds buy a tesla get used to it and really enjoy it the vast majority of people really really love

The car i love the car my parents have a test so they love it too many people who think that a tesla is way out of scope way out of range they wouldn’t even consider it get it and really love it but i do want to say that for some people this just isn’t the right move whether it’s the service experience or the order experience or the software the lack of features or

Just the interior is too minimal teslas are amazing but they’re just not the right car for everyone and again i love tesla i’m not looking to cause drama but if these are areas of concern for you and you’re on the fence about buying a tesla you might just want to think a little bit more about whether this car is the right one for you because for many people you’re

Going to buy it you’re going to test drive it you’re going to love it but for some of you out there you might just buy and hate it so definitely think long and hard before you invest a lot of your time and a lot of your money into a brand new very futuristic uh tesla so i’m curious guys what are your thoughts on this i know obviously there are pros and cons to

This what would you uh offer as advice for someone to consider before they buy a tesla for you what was one of the biggest concerns you had when you got your tesla or if you didn’t buy a tesla what’s stopping you is it the price is it the service center experience is it something else is the software let me know down below the big things you think everyone should

Consider before they decide to buy a tesla and things you wish you knew before you bought yours and some big mistakes let me know down below as always i appreciate you guys watching thank you so much i appreciate your support i’m robert rosenfeld and i’ll see you all in the next one

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Should You Buy a Tesla? | Tesla Model 3 + Model Y By Robert Rosenfeld