Should You Buy a VW PASSAT CC? (Test Drive & Review 2013 CC 2.0TDI)

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All right guys how’s it going welcome back today i’m in this 2013 vw passat cc like the mercedes cls and the audi a5 sportback it’s one of those weird four-door saloon coupe things the cc has been around since 2008. in fact i really need to stop calling it the passat cc because although early ones were called the passat cc these later versions were simply

Called the vwcc they dropped the passat name vw tell us that cc actually stands for comfort coupe rather than kupe convertible or qriket club now let’s be frank most vws are dull the passat on which this car is based it’s a very good car it’s quite handsome good looking stylish safe practical reliable economical but it’s a bit boring isn’t it this is the

Problem that vw have got pretty much across the whole range so i think the fact that made the cc more interesting and certainly more stylish can only be a good thing and it’s definitely more stylish it’s a great looking car this from every angle and i think the fact that you don’t see many of them on the road just helps to make it feel more special overall it’s

About an inch longer an inch wider and an inch lower than the standard passat which helps to make it look more more purposeful i think the best word to describe is svelte i thought that’s a good word svelte i borrowed this car from my colleague so below i’ll leave a link to his website so you can have a look for yourself but he took it in part exchange and i

Thought i’ve got to do a video with that you just don’t see that many of them this is the gt model which is something of a contradiction to its colour scheme because the colour scheme is a little bit like the living room of a retirement home it’s all very brown brown exterior brown interior brown carpets brown dash brown door handles very brown you know the

Funny thing is anyone else my age would just dismiss this car as a granddad mobile but the first time i saw it and got in it i thought this is a nice car all too often these days cars are trimmed with fake carbon fiber and brushed aluminium so it’s almost refreshing to get in this which is distinctly 20th century contrary to its older worldly interior the car

Is actually loaded with tech it comes full of extras you’ve got satellite navigation heated seats park assist cruise control i like the leather seats you get in the gt model they’re very similar to the seats in cirocco just feels quite sporty and they’re really nice and soft to sit in every single button switch and dial feels of the highest quality everything

Feels as though it lasts for many years the interior overall is lovely i like the design of the dash it’s all very stylish i like the analog clock i like the soft but chunky steering wheel it’s all very nice look at this area down here i’ve got twin cup holders and this storage compartment here where you can throw your odds and ends how thoughtful sat here at

The speed limit it’s all very relaxing which is kind of this car’s problem you see it looks as though it should be sporty and fun to drive and it isn’t it drives very well don’t get me wrong but it it’s not particularly engaging or sporty or you know fun to be in so i’m starting to think this car is just style over substance the fact that it’s not particularly

Sporty or engaging genuinely wouldn’t bother me but the styling certainly writing checks the car cannot cash the cc drives like and i don’t suppose this will come as any surprise but it drives like a normal passat or an audi a4 it’s all very pleasant but that’s it it’s all the car you’d ever need to do 25 000 miles a year in but nothing nothing more this model’s

Front wheel drive and there’s not much roll when you go into corners and it feels quite grippy but if you want even more grip you could have bought the all-wheel drive four-motion version it’s a nice comfortable car though this i’ve read some other reviews which say that the ride’s terrible it’s too firm and too stiff but i disagree even like just then when you

Go down a pothole it’s not too bad it’s certainly no no bmw 3 series anyway under the bonnet of this one is a two-liter four-cylinder turbo diesel engine which produces about 140 horsepower you could have also gone with 170 horsepower version of this engine you might think that that engine sounds familiar well that’s because it is you could buy this engine in

Every single sail skoda or audi there are other engines to choose from but i think in the real world this is probably the best all-rounder it’ll do zero to 16 around nine seconds and it’ll keep going until you get to 132. the impressive thing about this two-liter diesel is the fuel economy you’ll average 55 miles per gallon combined making this a very cheap

Car to run the road tax is also low at 155 pounds a year which for a luxurious automatic is cheap one negative though is that it’s only euro five rather than euro six so it isn’t euler’s compliant you could have bought this with a 1.4 or 1.8 liter petrol or in some markets you could have even bought it with a 3.6 vr6 which i imagine would be quite interesting

Most people here in europe weren’t interested in being interesting so they didn’t go for the vr6 the instead went for the tdi because of its sportier styling you’d assume that that comes at the expense of boot space wouldn’t you well it doesn’t it still has a very good sized boot at 452 liters although the actual access to the boot is a little bit restricted with

The the funny shaped hatch what’s handy is that you can fold down the rear seats in a 60 40 configuration and it’s also very easy to do either by pulling the tabs in the boot or the buttons in the back handy if you’re carrying large items unlike some other four-door saloon coupe things on the market this is actually a five-seater so you can sit five people well i

Say five people more like four and a half there’s not much headroom back there either so if for some strange reason it’s your job to transport members of the chicago bulls i think you can safely discount the cc in favor of something else rear visibility isn’t great either thanks to its chunky c-pillar and its sloping rear window but it’s got park assist and rear

Parking sensors so it isn’t the end of the world reliability wise it’s a vw so that will either mean that it runs forever and ever and ever and won’t cause you a moment’s trouble or it will be an absolute pain in the backside that’s been my experience with vw they’re either ultra reliable or ultra unreliable the cam belt needs to be replaced every five years or

60 000 miles that’ll set you back about 300 pounds if you’re up for an automatic with a dsg gearbox you need to service those every 40 000 miles that will cost you about 120 pounds most people don’t bother and then by 80 or 90 000 miles you’re looking at 2 000 pounds for a new gearbox whilst we’re on the subject of the dsg gearbox this is one thing about this

Car i don’t like yes they’re better than they used to be but i still don’t have much faith in them i would much rather have a standard lazy automatic gearbox with a torque converter over one of these fussy fiddly dual clutch jobs used prices here in the uk start at around 3000 pounds but that’s going to get you a low spec high miler for one like this a late

Automatic with lots of extras you’re looking around 10 000 pounds i still think it’s an interesting proposition because if you’re considering a mercedes cls or audi a7 or a5 sportback but can’t quite afford it then this might be the answer because it combines very ordinary running costs with extraordinary looks the cc wasn’t what you’d call a runaway success

For vw in fact in its final two years it was the least sold car in vw’s range i think that wasn’t helped by the fact that early ones were called passat ccs and then later cc’s it’s a little bit confusing in 2016 this model was given the chop all together in favor of the all-new artian with a brand new name i think that’s what they should have done back in 2008

Would have helped sales i’m sure well i think that sums up the passat cc it is a little bit style over substance but i would genuinely consider one over a standard passat or a mondeo or insignia so thank you once again for watching make sure you give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it make sure you subscribe if you haven’t done already you can follow me on

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Should You Buy a VW PASSAT CC? (Test Drive & Review 2013 CC 2.0TDI) By High Peak Autos