Should You Buy an Audi A4 Allroad? (Test Drive & Review 2012 B8 2.0 TDI)

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Foreign guys how’s it going welcome back are you one of those people who really fancies an audi a4 estate but you need four-wheel drive and you need it to be jacked up six inches and you really like flared wheel arches well aren’t you in luck because today i mean just that it’s this 2012 audi a4 allroad it’s basically a regular a4 estate that’s rolled its

Sleeves up and wants to get stuck into some manual labor you’ll have probably heard the name of all road before audi launched the original a6 all road more than two decades ago but it’s probably best we forget about that car because it was a bit of a lemon i’ve had a few of those over the years and they have been nothing but trouble i had a green one once with

A green leather interior and green dash it was a bit like being sat inside kermit the frog and it was about as reliable as uk public transport i mean the idea was right but the reality just wasn’t having driven this a4 all road for a few days now i feel like they’ve got it just right you see the original a6 all road was just too complicated they gave it air

Suspension so you could adjust the ride height which in theory is great or at least it’s great whilst in cylinder warranty but as anyone with a used land rover will be able to tell you sometimes it just doesn’t want to play ball some mornings you walk out to your car and for no reason at all it’ll be sitting lower than a snake’s belly and then you’ll have to

Sell a kidney from your least favorite child to pay for it it all just gets very tiresome but you see the a4all road doesn’t have air suspension it runs on traditional coils so there’s far less to go wrong they’ve raised the ride out in the a4 all road about 18 centimeters and because it sits on traditional coil springs rather than air you just know that you’ll

Walk out to it every morning and it’ll still work you won’t have any times where it feels a bit french and refuses to do any work and because it has audi’s famous quattro four-wheel drive system you know in the winter it’ll take you all the way to the top of that steep hill in your village and back down again safely and to top it all off it has extended wheel

Arches just well to look cool basically like i said at the start it looks like a regular a4 that’s rolled up its sleeves and been to the gym i think it’s a good looking car it retains all that subtlety that audi buyers like but it just looks a bit more rugged a bit more go anywhere and in a good color like monsoon gray metallic i think it looks classy moving

Inside it’s all just standard audi there’s not an awful lot to say everything kind of just makes sense well that’s apart from the climate control which is needlessly fussy but everything else is fairly straightforward the controls for the stereo in this generation of audi are the easiest in all cars that i’ve found i love the audi thought of putting the little

Volume control down here which is the best place for it no other manufacturers do that just audi sitting behind the wheel you really can’t tell that they’ve raised up the car about seven inches it just feels like a regular a4 event the steering feels good the visibility is good rides quite nicely this one doesn’t have a leather interior so it’s perfect if you’re a

Veganist you get a nice comfortable armrest two cup holders plenty of storage compartments decent sized door bins a good sized glove compartment a nice panoramic sunroof like most audis it’s just a very pleasant place to be up front there’s plenty of space plenty of leg room plenty of headroom plenty of elbow room in the rear there’s just enough space it isn’t

Tight but it’s not exactly roomy unlike the boots which is roomy that is it offers 490 liters of space it’s also predictably safe scoring top marks at end cap you’ve got isofix points airbags everywhere you make a good family car this in fact i’ve got a mate that’s just bought an audi a6 events of a similar age for that exact reason they’re a great family car

Under the bonnet there are a few options to choose from but not that anybody really cared because most people went for this two liter turbo diesel like the one i meant today this isn’t one of those cars that whenever i drive i think wow that’s really quick but it’s adequate it does a really decent job in the real world there’s enough umph for overtaking but not

So much that you’re going to be crucified when you come to fuel it up or insure it this two liter turbo diesel is good for around 45 miles per gallon combined but it’ll still do not to 16 around 8 seconds personally i’d go for the three liter turbo diesel v6 but that’s just because i’m a bit greedy and i love a big engine that three liter diesel is a powerhouse

It’s smooth quick quiet it’s a really good all-rounder and it’ll still do about 40 miles per gallon combined if you want a petrol they do a 2-liter four-cylinder which was the same motor that they used in the golf gti and they’re okay until they reach a certain age and then they get such a thirst royal you’d think it were a getty you might be pleased to learn

That the a4 orroad can tow up to 1900 kilograms i did say might there was no guarantee it’s all just quite pleasant to use as most audis are i can tell you it feels most at home on the motorway though i did about an hour in it this morning sat on the motorway at the speed limit ish and i was doing about 2 000 revs it was quiet smooth refined you could do a

Lot of miles on this even out here on these country roads it doesn’t feel like you’re driving something on stilts feels very planted those extra injuries don’t really make much difference i could make a joke there but that would be quite predictable wouldn’t it a pure isle the model i’m in today is an automatic which is fine but if you don’t fancy an old so

They do a manual and that’s fine too however both are quite costly to fix when they start to go wrong the manual has a dual mass flywheel so when you replace the clutch you’ve got to replace that flywheel as well which means the whole job will set you back around a grand the automatic gearbox needs service in which hardly anybody ever does which causes it to

Break and then you’ll get a bill for about 1500 pounds for a rebuild and whilst my glass is half empty the two liter diesels have a camber which needs to replace every 100 000 miles the three liter turbo diesels have a timing chain which if it starts to rattle when you start it up we’ll need replacing and that’ll set you back around 2 000 pounds because it’s an

Engine out job it’s not uncommon to have turbo issues injector issues egr issues just standard car stuff really and on the whole audi parts are quite expensive i might just put a new window regulator on his a6 and it cost 140 quid but all in all they always feel like they’ve been screwed together well they feel like they’d make solid dependable workhorses the

A4 auro particularly because it just feels a bit more utilitarian this generation of all road was available from 2009 until 2015 and it’s obviously based on the b8 model in 2011 it had a facelift and in 2016 it was replaced altogether with the b9 here in the uk used prices started around 6 000 pounds but that’s going to get you an early high mileage example

You’ll have to spend around 10 000 pounds to get yourself a half decent example make sure it’s had its cam belt done and if you go for an automatic make sure it’s at its gearbox serviced i know i’m generalized but most owners of these kinds of cars do look after them quite well all road owners generally fall into my skoda yeti category also you need to make

Sure it’s had its haldex system serviced anything with four-wheel drive like this when you go around a corner or if you do a figure of eight in a car park you’ll be able to feel it kind of grabbing or snatching so that helix system needs servicing otherwise it’ll just get worse and then break well i think that’s about it there’s something very heavenly unturned

About the all road you won’t be surprised to hear that alex polizzi drives one so does davina mccall so does prince charles actually it’s a posh four-wheel drive car that you can drive comfortably now when the mentalist won’t key it or let all your tires down how clever is that right i’ll see you next time cheers guys make sure you give the video a thumbs up

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