SILENT 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xE Review

2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xE review by The Straight Pipes. The Jeep Wrangler 4xE is pumping out 375hp and 470 lb-ft torque from a hybrid 2L Turbo 4 cylinder. Sitting at $74,585 CAD, would this be your pick over Ford Bronco?

I’m jacob i’m yuri and we’re going for a drive 2021 jeep wrangler unlimited rubicon 4 by e without launch control full electric only lots of crazy sounds have not kicked into the gas yet don’t press too hard because you’ll kick in the gas horsepower and torque a combined 375 horsepower 470 pound-feet of torque from a turbo two-liter four-cylinder

With two electric motors so obviously on that launch we were not getting those power figures yeah we’re in full electric mode but if i’m in full electric mode cruising about 15 i floor it gas engine kicks in and there’s quite a bit of lag there we go but considering this is like the first electrical jeep i kind of don’t expect too much out of it i

Pretty much expect a direct conversion of pacifica hybrid minivan yeah so this is a plug-in hybrid it’s not a full electric so you can plug it in and go about 35 kilometers or 21 miles on pure electricity which is really nice this would be really cool if you were just like cruising at wasega no doors no roof fully electric quiet so you can hear the

Music at full blast and for those not from ontario or the gta wasaga just means the beach that’s like ontario’s jersey shore sort of yeah that doesn’t exist anymore because it burned down yes well the fun part burnt down yeah the good part of what sega is done i remember going to the arcades and stuff yeah well i was kind of a kid it’s lock cars too

Yeah yeah and if this isn’t your first jeep review that you’ve watched from us it’s probably time to subscribe to our channel it’s definitely time because we’re gonna have the va one soon hopefully and you’re gonna watch that anyways you’re definitely gonna watch it but we’ll get it so what do we get looks wise that makes this different than a regular

Jeep blue badges yuri and blue toy hooks yo blue means electric yeah oh jeep ready ready for jeep wait wait wait yeah we got this uh freedom top which is the one touch one which is called the freedom top it’s called i honestly forget what it’s called it’s the one that you can cross sunroof which is the best one with the automatic button yeah so now

I’ll throw it into e-save to store some battery for when you drive okay so we have three different drive modes yuri what are the other two hybrid and electric this is very self-explanatory and i feel like toyota can take a page out of fc or sorry stolancis book because those are the easiest electric drive modes ever and then what’s this electricity

Button here we got so it’s a battery button which is your max regen so if you press it it’s like having like a paddle shifter that just gives you max regen so you don’t have to use the brakes as much it’s pretty much brake regen when if you have it off there’s no brake regen yeah it’s like one pedal driving but not quite as harsh as one pedal driving

And since it’s electric what does it sound like from the outside and then in the infotainment if we click on our hybrid electric pages we can then go to esave and then within esa we can pick battery save or battery charge very simple electric car stuff but there’s no fun gimmicks like that ford that had the butterflies and the e-golf that had the

Really good brake monitoring thing or whatever no this is just function which is realistically what a jeep is yeah but it does add a lot to the price tag of the jeep yeah it does but we got a little off track let’s get back to the looks okay we have the 4xe badge at the very back or by e yuri and and on the hood which actually looks kind of cool and

I do you like it it’s kind of cool i’m wondering what they’re gonna do when it’s like a full electric is there gonna be four by e uh they’re gonna retire this i don’t know and then we’ve got the trail rated badge in blue as well yes so it’s all electric blue that’s the color code is it actually yeah yeah i mean it’s cool that the tow hooks like that’s

What you should look for if you’re looking for electric jeeps on the road yeah just look at the tow hooks and then our headlights and everything else is pretty much exactly the same as every other jeep i feel like these headlights aren’t as circle brightness as the other ones we’ve driven yeah they still do have the outlines but they don’t seem to be

As bright maybe it’s just in our heads but okay and most importantly is there orange wires under the hood oh you know it next to the charging port because yeah we got a charging port up front that’ll charge in about two hours and it is all waterproof it’s all as capable as a regular jeep because this is a rubicon at the end of the day and they did not

Put the battery pack underneath the car they actually put it behind these seats so if you lift the seats which they had to re-engineer you can actually see the whole battery pack yeah i guess that’s kind of interesting because most people put the battery at the bottom for better handling and all that stuff and lower center of gravity but they can’t do

With this in the jeep because you need to be able to crawl over stuff and you really don’t want to puncture that yeah but as a passenger i don’t know how comfortable i feel sitting on a large battery pack but like in a normal car if your battery pack goes on the floor you’re going to get roasted anyways if you don’t get out quick yeah i guess it doesn’t

Matter i think i don’t really know how batteries on fire works but i know it’s not good no so these wheels do they look electric key to you or do they just look electrically to me yeah i think just to you i think they just look like pretty decent looking rubicon wheels and what would be the continental recommended tire for an electric jeep the terrain

Contact 80. okay so i’m going to end this off with a little bit hybrid full sand into cliche corner okay in hybrid you get a lot more kick out of it yeah you do and the handling is pretty wobbly because it’s a rubicon it just feels like a jeep and the bump took that very well quite soft transmission did not like that what did the transmission do i

Floored and didn’t really do anything okay so the power cut on the traction control i don’t know if it’s traction control or hybrid plus electric working together there’s a lot of stuff going on but maybe if i had traction off it would have gone better but it’s pretty much just normal jeep through cliche corner yeah i did notice some weird stuff with

The powertrain which i’ll get to when i drive right now full hybrid launch without traction control brake boost there there it is 68 kilometers an hour this thing starts pulling hard yeah wow okay so there’s nothing down low but then all of a sudden it really boosts you so on highway driving it’s actually a very rewarding hybrid system yeah because i

Find this engine and overall powertrain to be kind of coarse this is our first experience with this two liter four cylinder and the transition between the gas and the battery is kind of like it’s not the smoothest thing ever so if i floor it right now while driving and yes i’m in hybrid mode i’m going to floor and see what happens there’s like a bunch

Of stuff happening in the middle there so let’s use this oddly feeling power train to send into cliche corner and yeah this steering is so vague it’s it’s still a jeep but jeeps are fast through cliche oddly enough they kind of are and i do have the traction off so let’s see if it does that transmission thing you were complaining about oh no it just

Understeers that’s good that’s better than uh bogging down i guess so not maybe not for safety but for wanting to do what you want to do it definitely understeers like crazy and this is a rubicon so we do have the big 33-inch tires kind of makes sense but okay i remember ripping that other wrangler what was it it was the uh the long ugly uh thing no

The that was the big one no that one was good the met the it was the gladiator yeah the gladiator mojave was really sick through cliche corner but then we also had that blue one the diesel was awesome those were faster than i think a lot of pickup trucks yeah i think i actually liked that diesel powertrain more than i like this but i like the idea of

This and when you’re not using gas i really like the electricity of this so it’s i think my issue is with this two-liter four-cylinder i think if i had this as my car i would go full poser mode and like add more electrical stuff to it you know what i mean yeah cause i’m i’m having a really good time right now just cruising at 25 throttle not using any

Gas it would be so cool for a cruiser and like i don’t know maybe get like an airbrushed electrical something i don’t even know like i feel like uh jeep needed to put out like a full i’m electric package you know in south park where everyone had like the smug thing written on their priuses like they need something like that but that’s like more fun or

Like right like something to do with the jeep wave or something they can do they should have done better marketing for you this is actually wicked it’s a cool car and the electricity is obviously the best part of it but it’s just weird the way it’s all implemented it’s weird that there’s no more marketing behind it yeah i guess unless i missed it this

Video is the marketing for it i guess we’re not getting paid don’t worry we’re not marketing so put it into electric mode okay electric and uh are you in all electric right now oh yeah okay try to floor see how much you celebrate without going into gas okay so it’s about thirty percent oh i gotta back off that’s good you’re not kicking in yeah no no

I went to fifty percent you can go a little bit past that line yeah yeah the brown line oh 75 okay i’m gonna stop okay that’s that’s pretty good and now it’s charging because i have my regen on now let’s do a full electric launch i didn’t really go past 30 to see if you can push it like right to the edge and i will let everyone know that we have about

54 battery because it doesn’t let you fully regen to 100 while just going take it i can take it i just want to see it fifty percent or more keep going keep going i gotta be very careful there i’m like almost i’m i’m floored without hitting the kick down so i’m at like 70 this in full electric mode i think is as fast as the pole star one in full electric

Mode yeah probably which is like maybe even a little faster i think that’s awesome for just like cut putting around town so i’m at 50 so i was at 54 during that launch you can’t get this to 100 by letting the car regen itself you have to plug it in to get to 100 because the max that i could get was about 70 doing like downhills and using the e save

And just maximizing the battery charge so if you want to take this off-road and you do want to use full electricity when you’re off-road then you kind of have to plug it in somewhere locally and then click save yeah it gives you the charge times in here when you shut off the car this is all i ever wanted from an electric car i have a big rant about

Charging stations and electricity in general in an upcoming video by the way that was me in electric mode with traction fully off in four high part time and four high auto so i guess you need the gas motor yeah it didn’t seem like the front wheels were spinning too much which would make sense for electric car not really sure and a full electric through

Cliche okay don’t cross over into gas kind of nice oh no yeah it’s it’s kind of like i’m driving like an electric atv or something i like the idea of this with this much with this much power if it was only full electric it it would be bad but it wouldn’t be the worst i mean it would be pretty bad it would be very bad because it’s not it’s definitely

Not close to enough power for anything i’m they should just come up with an electric chair this kind of feels like a golf cart yes this is a golf cart right now because when you don’t fully floor it you know you know when like you you uh when you let off a golf cart like the engine stops yeah it’s like that this is a golfer when you get back on the

Gas like okay before the price we should talk about the interior really quickly it’s pretty much a normal jeep interior yeah the seats are the same still very comfortable not very bolstered doesn’t really need to be this obviously only comes in automatic yes it’s a zf 8-speed auto it shifts relatively smooth other than when you’re transitioning between

Electricity and gas and have traction on yes and talking about these gauges they are pretty cool because we have our power on the right and our charge in the right and then you can see your range and your gas range and your combined range so it makes sense the gauges are very well laid out any car manufacturer who gives you an electric or hybrid car

And doesn’t give you the precise range is out to lunch yeah they are failing at something or trying to hide something okay infotainment wise apple carplay android auto regular what’s this one called that sync eight it’s uh connect you connect eight yes i feel like there’s an eight in there all right well it’s uconnect it all works the same we do have

A very high res reverse camera we also have a front camera again high-res we can take the doors off we can take the roof off because it is still a jeep we can fold the windshield down and since it’s a rubicon we can take the little bumperettes off and speaking of since it’s a rubicon so we do have solid front and rear axles a full-time 4×4 two-speed

Transfer case so we can go to four low if we want but did you notice when i was turning the wheel it does like a lot of weird electrical noises that i wouldn’t really expect in a regular jeep yes yeah it definitely does that and lastly there’s one thing that you hated and that’s the rollback combined with the hybrid system yeah so rollback being when

You have it in reverse and drive when you switch from reverse to drive there’s quite a bit of rollback before it feels like the transmission engages and actually goes forward so i’m reversing right now stop drive put off the brake that’s a lot of roll i feel like if you’re up a steep incline you were in reverse and like you know had to shimmy your way

Up and then put in drive you’d kind of roll backward a bit it’s got an e-brake though manual e-brake yeah that might help yeah and we can still disconnect our sway bar which is pretty cool so maximum articulation so is that pretty much everything with the jeep yeah i’d say so visor test three two one yes solid and the cup holders fit a small cup of

Whatever you’re drinking perfectly fine and one last thing which is the coolest thing i saved the best for last you can actually see the charge rate on this with an led indicator on your dash so you can see it from far away and you have to walk up to the car and guess it’s brilliant it’s such a small thing you don’t have to pull out your phone check

Your stupid app that half the time doesn’t load you just look at your jeep from the outside so with everything out of the way on this cool electric jeep let’s get to the price this one starts at 59 995 canadian and this one’s optioned out to 74 585 okay this is new tech yup so i understand the premium price for it and the thing is even rich people

Even celebrities like jeeps it’s like the one rich people car and normal person car i could see this being a really big hit with like celebrities trying to be environmentally friendly and like and still have their g vibe yeah because like you don’t see celebrities driving brzs no and this is like you know a g wagon is like you know va like not very

Good on gas this is pretty good on gas and the fact that you don’t have to use gas is even cooler and there’s no electric bronco yet no or bronco sport yeah i don’t think there will be at least not for the broncos sport so jacob this electrified one the diesel automatic one we drove the manual mojave we drove or the original rubicon that we drove at

The gladiator press trip or the other rubicon that we drove i got an answer the v8 one that we haven’t driven yet yeah because there’s a v8 in a wrangler and like dude there’s a v8 in a wrangler yeah i guess and the whole world’s going electrified so in like 10 years this isn’t going to be special no every one is getting it’s going to be old school

And everyone’s going to still have brand new 2027 full electric jeeps and as cool as this is it is really cool i still want to be right now and this isn’t gonna stay cool no probably not they’re gonna be like you only have 25 miles of range yeah all right so let us know which jeep is your favorite jeep i guess we both picked the future v8 jeep that we

Haven’t driven so great job on that one jeep this is a cool car but let us know what you think in the comments

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