Skoda Enyaq iV60 review compared to Hyundai Ioniq 5 & Tesla Model Y. The best electric family car?

Here we have an entry version of the Skoda Enyaq iV 60 electric family car. I keep spelling it Enyak so need to make sure I don’t do that and get it right. Anyway…

Hello everybody welcome i hope you’re well my name is richard simons and in this video i’m going to give you a bit of a review of the skoda enyak if you’re in a market for a sensibly priced spacious family vehicle and you prefer that to be electric because i think you should just go to antioch should really be on your shopping list it starts from about 40 000 pounds

So it’s a lot more affordable than many other electric vehicles out there but with a ton of space inside so in this video i’ll give you my review my opinion show you around the skoda enyak and this is a fairly base model so i’m not going to show you the big flashy more expensive ones and show you why it is really a very brilliant family electric car i just have to

Have with me as well a tesla model y and a hyundai onyx 5 just happened to be in our showroom at the moment so i can give you a couple of comparisons with those cars because if you’re looking at family electric cars these three cars could well be on your shopping list so yes this particular one here is a fairly base spec enyak so these start at about 40 000 pounds

I’m always a bit vague on pricing because obviously they change all the time but that gets you 62 kilo hour battery of about 58 point something of usable capacity and prices of these start from about 40 000 pounds just like this one this is a hyundai ionic five this particular one sat here is the top of the range project 45 which you can’t buy new anymore but

The hyundai x5 starts from also a bit over 40 000 pounds 41 42 000 pounds which gives you a 58 kilo hour battery pack with about 54 kilowatt hours usable a tesla model y is the most expensive car today in the uk we’ve only had the long range option but this standard range option can now be ordered and should be in the uk by the end of the year they start from 52

000 pounds at the time of writing now and that would get you a 60 kilowatt lfp battery usable of that probably about 55 kilowatt hours so they’ve all got fairly similar size batteries so the skoda’s the cheapest but has the biggest usable battery but how does that translate into real world range there’s a lot of variables when it comes to range but for each one

Of those examples it’s about 200 miles of real world range you can get more you could get a bit less but official manufacturer figures will vary and be on the optimistic side but with each one of those models i’d give you a realistic estimate of about 200 maybe a bit over 200 miles of range i think all these cars take quite a different approach when it comes to

Their style in and both internally and externally so let’s just take a quick look at the outside and i want to hear your comments below which one you prefer the tesla model y seems to divide opinion uh it’s very aerodynamic that’s the whole point for maximum efficiency but some people think it’s not very pretty let me know what your opinion of the model y is the

Skoda well i think it’s safe it’s conservative but it’s very neat it’s very smart i quite like it it’s not offensive but it’s not particularly bold although this is apparently more aerodynamic than the vw id4 that shares a platform with because i think it’s got this splitter at the front and some air scarf there which helps with the aero and then of course we come

To the hyundai now i don’t think it’s pretty but externally i think it probably is one of my favorites just because it’s the most interesting so i think even if you don’t like this i think you do have to congratulate hyundai for sticking their neck out and being pretty bold with a design it’s obviously got these distinctive lines distinctive lights back and front

I mean it really does stand out doesn’t it so is this a marmite car absolutely this so let me know in the comments below externally at least which one you prefer probably fairly familiar with the interior of the tesla now the model 3 and the model y are very similar inside and that is just this very neat minimal look personally i like this you do have to get used

To doing everything via the screen but the screen software is lovely it’s it’s intuitive it’s easy to use and it’s very simple i’ve got no problem with that at all you’ve got nice space here for two phones on wireless chargers loads of storage in here loads of storage in here cup holders and a space and visibility is excellent so i don’t think there’s any issue

With tessa quality at all we’ve run a couple of tesla model 3s i’ve had a model y myself no squeaks no rattles they are built well nice minimal uh look and nice materials i like it this is exactly what i do like but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and look at the hyundai this is a bit of a bit of a mixed bag for me it’s got some really nice interesting features

But then it’s also got some kind of like harder plastics as well which i’m not so keen on you know i do like the kind of draw glove box that’s practical things are dropping on your legs i love these uh seats are you very comfortable b you’ve got that recline function which as a passenger can be very good and actually there’s times when i wait for my daughter at

School when the whole seat just lays back so that’s lovely center console here moves backwards and forwards so if you park in a dots height gap you could get out the other side you can bring that forward so there’s a bit more room in the back loads of storage in here as well one phone holder down here and it’s got an array of usb sockets one two three four five

Usb and a three pin charger as well and then we’ve got the skoda interior and wow wow wow wow i think it’s lovely a bit like the excite external side of the car it’s a more conventional more what we’re used to but it is just lovely bear in mind this is the base spec car it’s got some lovely materials got some soft padded cloth on the dash here we’ve got a very large

Screen here this is larger than you get with the id4 standard by the way it’s in all the models get the bigger screen it’s got a nice a few useful buttons but the rest of it is through this screen which is all nice and colorful look at the little metal details and steering wheel and the nice nulled knobs here lovely again the interior of the console here is a nice

Phone charger there a couple of cup holders a bit of storage in here so maybe not quite as much storage but wow it’s just so premium it’s so nice and when you see it in darker light you’ve got some lovely ambient lighting as well even the design of the little pools and the door handles it’s just nice it’s beautiful so it’s a little bit more conventional the others

But i think this feels the most premium let’s talk about the uh sort of built-in software of the cars the tesla wins this in my opinion it’s just the simplest most logical uh easy system to use so yes everything’s on one screen but it just works well navigation radio climate any of the background settings of the car it’s just very easy to find your way around the

Graphics are nice it looks nice and modern so the tesla in my opinion best software next i’ll say the skoda because the skoda is a good size screen is colorful it’s quite simple but it’s very easy to use as well for me last is a hyundai i don’t really like the graphics it feels a bit out of day it can be a little bit laggy but it’s just mainly not very intuitive

Some of the options for the car settings for example kind of dug right down in the menus that aren’t always the easiest to find i’ve been using the hyundai for a few days but even i find myself still searching for various settings and functions to adjust i’m six foot tall and with the front seat in my position just look at the space in the back of the skoda here

I mean leg room knee room it’s ridiculously large good visibility comfortable seats nice gap between the seat and the floor so your knees aren’t too high up it’s spacious and very comfortable i like the double pockets and the seats a bigger pocket there smaller pocket for a phone a small device again nicely trim some padded material on the doors ambient lighting

Nice door handles rear vents which you don’t get in for example with a cooper born or vw id3 it’s good to see that fairly essential what it doesn’t have in the back here is usb sockets what i found can’t see him yet so children with their devices ipads should at least have two usbs in the rear the back of the hyundai again with the seat in my position tons of the

Room tons of leg room loads of space this is a center console in the forward position some extra storage here two usb ports usb a uh i’ve got heated seats in the back of this one but it wouldn’t all have that and i’ve got a blind as well air vent on the side here so again easy to get that’s a bit more on the face which is nice i’ve also got the option in this

Particular example i don’t think they all have this so i can bring this seat forward and then i can also recline the seat back quite a long way so again the hyundai is a very comfortable car it has to be said and in the model y again seat in my position look at this little harder plastic here but air vents two usb loads of room underneath here in the middle and

Loads of room under ec you see i can get my feet right under there actually so that’s good there’s also the option for some recline here but you know what i didn’t think i’d hear myself saying this this is probably the least favorable of the three cars there’s a ton of space here don’t get me wrong but actually when you’ve come from the other cars into this you

Realize that the seat base of the model y is just a bit smaller and it’s just sort of not as comfortable for an adult children won’t matter at all there’s tons of space even for adults but out of the three the skoda’s probably got the most leg room but the hyundai seats are just so comfortable and with the most recline option if i was a rear passenger i think i’d

Go for the hyundai so this is the boot space of the hyundai there’s a little bit of space underneath here but not much uh fairly nice flat load area but actually it’s a fairly shallow boot there’s a really wide section across here but the boot itself isn’t that deep with a higher loading lip here you can extend the size of the boot a little bit by moving these seats

Forwards and backwards remember but with the seats in the rear most position foreign you’ve got about that much space the seats in the high end i do of course fold but you do have to come to the side to release the lever and then you can pull your load further through but it’s not quite a flat load area and there’s no ski hatch the boot of the tesla is pretty

Good you’ve got a very big storage space underneath there and in the section in front it’s quite wide although the opening is a bit narrower than the hyundai and then you’ve got plenty of links to it as well so the seats in the back position you can see it’s just got a little bit more there and it’s certainly the deeper boot space also with the tesla i can fold

The seats from here and it also has three-way fold in rear seats so not a ski hatch as such but the middle seat does fall independently and that’s great the tester seats fold very nearly flat now the buddhist skoda may not have the smooth load lip like the model y but it’s vast look at it this goes in easily as well with some space to spare it’s easy the deepest

Boot it’s absolutely huge there’s a little bit of extra storage space underneath enough for a cable not massive and there’s a few nice touches like little bag hooks so if you’ve got a bit of shopping or take away you can hang them on there and you’ve even got little plastic bits that stick to the floor to make dividers to stop things rolling around so this wins

The boot space challenge i would say but the seats also fault of course ski hatch is handy but with the skoda because that lower deeper floor it’s not flat so when you fold the seats they don’t go flat and you do have to lift things up to get them further through the rolls-royce enyak even has an umbrella holder in the door which you might need in a minute very

Smart even the basic model look at that i presume that comes with the car does it say skoda on it it does say skoda on it yeah why they’ve been so cheap but not getting everything so i get the umbrella yeah but my wife with long blonde hair doesn’t but she can have the envelope hyundai front space not much a couple of cables maybe as in iphone charger cables uh

To be fair that this is the four wheel drive version the rear-wheel drive versions i think i’ve got a bit more space under here so enough for yeah your charge cable and yeah nothing foreign very good loads of space here and you know what using a tesla model boy a nice big plastic tub for like muddy whirly sandy shoes and stuff like that so this is very good and

Very useful again at the back the skoda is kind of the most ordinary i’d say not my favorite angle of the car but it is the squarest at the rear here that does have a wiper blade the test has got much more of a sloped roof line as you can see but it’s nice and smart on offensive and then the ionic five well again it’s got these quirky matrix lights again a slopey

Roof line and again like the tests are no rear wiper blade which one do you prefer so what are they going to cost to charge you up so normally with electric car you just plug in at home don’t have to plug in every night once a week maybe once every two weeks if you don’t do many miles in terms of cost well prices for electricity are going up and down all over the

Place ideally you have solar energy on your roof and battery storage but let’s say you don’t have that and let’s take a rate of 30 pence per kilowatt hour it’s currently capped to 28 pence but it is going up so let’s take 30 pence per kill hours and standard rates at home each one of these cars is going to cost you about 15 16 pounds to top it up for about that

200 mile range so what’s the escoda like to drive well i’ll talk to you a little bit more about that in a minute but one of the first things i noticed when i got in the car was just how brilliant the turning circle is so let me just pull in and stop here and we’d rotate this camera around and hopefully you can see here i’m going to do a u-turn into this other

Road it’s just coming off to the side here so we’ll get around that post it’s pretty tight i’m going to do that in one go i reckon so here we go and there we have it in one go now you can’t do that in many cars so tony circle like a london taxi brilliant from new around car parks of course uh what’s it like on the open road well it does everything really rather

Well so when you pull out of a junction you put your foot down and you’ve got that torque from the motor it’s not the fastest electric car we’re used to electric cars being super quick and certainly some of the cars we cover in our videos are very fast indeed as you well know but it is instantly torquey it’s very good and very smooth if you’re used to a two liter

Diesel with an automatic gearbox it’s way smoother way quieter and it feels quicker than those unless you’ve got some great big three liter twin turbo thing it’s just instantly smooth talky and relaxing and it’s just lovely it’s really good actually i mean this is a video about this car and we’ve got the hyundai and the tesla model yfs and comparisons and it’s

Quite good to compare them on the drive actually because it sits really nicely in between those two the hyundai is the softest loftiest car it’s got soft damping very very smooth ride very soft comfortable seats and it wafts over everything it’s very quiet it’s a very nice serene place to be it doesn’t have a kind of sporting edge to it you can’t really pretend

That with the hyundai it’s very pleasant but it’s just a comfortable soft cruiser the tesla by contrast is the other end of the scale so that’s got sharp steering very responsive quite nippy it’s the most dynamic car but when you’re just driving just doing the school runners these cars will often just do it is quite firm as well i mean i find a tesla model why

Quite comfortable in a motorway but around town and country roads like this and on a commute it does crash around a little bit and the latest 2022 test the model wise i think have been softened a little bit but they are firm no doubt about it and the skoda sits really nicely in between these two for a nice balance it’s also very smooth very quiet we’ve got double

Laminated glass here like the other two on test actually so a bit of noise insulation but mainly for thermal benefit actually but in terms of how it drives it just sits nicely the ride is comfortable it’s not as soft as a window but it’s definitely not as firm as a tesla the steering is not as sharp as a tesla but it’s not as sort of vague as the hyundai it just

Does everything really rather well it’s comfortable to be in here it’s got this lovely interior i was going to say the armrest is a bit low but then it lifts up into this position so that suits me perfectly it just does everything really well it’s just a brilliant all-rounder i don’t think anyone can really criticize it i mean it’s not at the extreme scales of

Anything but it does it all really well and you can’t really complain about that can you so let’s just show the acceleration here i’m just waiting to turn right in this junction here so we go that castle’s past so this is 60 miles an hour road i’m just there we go 14 miles now i’ve put my foot down and it’s talking it pulls away 30 40. there’s 50 and there’s 60.

That’s all right isn’t it but it’s the way it does it instantly yeah nipping onto the roundabout pulling over junction no delay from gearboxes it’s just electric cars are just good cars to drive i’m a car enthusiast but they’re just brilliant i don’t know why more people don’t have them i’ll try and convince you some of these videos are about but fantastic so

The honda would have wafted over that bump a little bit better the tesla would have gone you have an exaggeration but you know what i mean sort of skoda you just get out close the door push a button on the door handle to lock it we’ve got curious entry and it turns itself off and logs what just happened here is a typical example with the hyundai you can just get

Out the car and actually against just left the car on you’ve then got to get back in the car to turn the power off you’ve got a member to push a button to turn the power off now first of all problems and all that but you just get used to the other cars turning themselves off so tesla saying do that and the power button is in here in the middle so you have to lean

In to turn the power off and that just seems a bit silly in today’s world the tesla i think’s got the best solution you don’t even need a key with you your phone is the key so you pair your phone to the car and then you walk up to the car it unlocks and then when you’re finished you just get out and walk away and it shuts itself down and it locks you don’t even

Need to have the key on you and that’s easily the best answer here i don’t know why all cars don’t have that these days so there we have it at the skoda enyak spacious good value nicer drive very smart inside well finished well-made car so i think it’s brilliant value for money and in fact you know if you’re looking at a family size cars uh similar to this whether

It’s a kodiak vw tiguan audi q3 q5 type of thing uh i think it stands really well i bet against the petrol diesel version so it’d be much cheaper to run much cheaper to service than maintain and certainly if you’re a company car driver you’ll save tons by running an electric vehicle as your company car the benefit and contacts is almost nothing certainly compared

To any petrol diesel or hybrid version of similar sized vehicles so it’s a massive thumbs up for me on a skoda enyak this even as the base model still feels premium so i think it’s brilliant value for money all these cars are going to appeal to different people in different ways maybe the hyundai is probably the most comfortable softer riding maybe the test is a

Bit sharp and you’ve got the easier to test the supercharging network and some brilliant software and a car that constantly evolves with latest software updates as well but as a value proposition the skoda enyak really is hard to beat so if you’re looking for one of these cars make sure you go and check out one of these that’s it for me for now i hope it’s been a

Useful video it’s been really interesting for me to get behind the wheel and have a good poke around one of these and i think they’re lovely so that’s it thank you for watching i hope it’s been useful stay subscribed hit the bell icon for more videos coming soon

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