SLAMMED 400z Swerving THROUGH Traffic No Hesi SERVERS 400hp Nissan Z34

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Oh we’re just capped out in sixth gear oh what is going on everybody welcome back today guys to the channel back here on the cut up no hazy we’re here in the dynamic traffic jdm servers here for today and this is probably going to be our last episode on the jdm servers until the new car pack does come out it should be rolling out in the next few days or so if you

Guys have not already make sure you guys go ahead join up to the cut up no hesi on their discord which i do believe is approaching 140 000 members what is going on for today there was two cars that i had in mind one of which was a thousand horsepower supra which of course is taken hopefully that will be coming into the next car pack because that was taken though

I ended up grabbing the nissan 400z z35 we have a twin turbo v6 here for today pushing 400 horsepower on a six-speed manual transmission this should be quite fun huge thing for coming around for today’s episode let me know your thoughts down below and of course before we start dad joke of the day coming from new boy 101 and he goes i’ve been revving my car a lot

The exhaust is now exhausted right okay i like that one it’s an oldie it’s a goldieve you thanks for watching it of course don’t forget to sucked i like one okay we’re gonna roll off the sturdy grid right here we have one two three and ms official also two of us that damn 180 i’ve yet to drive that right unfortunately the vip section on the servers they don’t have

Multiples of the cars that i ever wanted feels like right so hopefully in the next big update they do have multiples on every car which would be quite you want to know how that exactly works or not but that’s all i’m saying oh that thing is sick is that the thousand horsepower or the 560 i guess we’ll find out as soon as he rips because i only have 400 horsepower

So i mean i’m not going to be doing very much today today’s just more about you know kind of cutting around oh my god that’s it that’s the big boy super i think we’re gonna go ahead and cut in front of them i’m so sorry okay now this third person camera that i’m in has a lot more sway than the one that i’m usually in which is this one so i’m gonna have to probably

Adjust it just oh who’s that driving by here that’s on their shoulder that’s cheap that guy’s so cheap out there man right i wish you could not do that i wish maybe it hit you with a little sandbag or something like that oh we’re just capped out in six gear oh holy coffee house okay i’m gonna quickly hit the chase cam here and let’s just pull and say that this

Is how easy it is i love the fact that we could do this here oh here we go couple of them waited heck yeah heck yeah thank you okay we’re gonna say we do unfortunately i have oh i have no lights on my on my dash i’m not saying what’s going on there i’m gonna go out here yeah oh bobby oh we got a little slippery out here look at this floor that we really have 400

Horse they’re gonna just fly by me oh my god that’s subaru i’m trying man oh but it’s so sick to see that thing go by right there i’m just following this line here yeah never mind geez that super wand spy i can tell i’m gonna dart a little bit here oh no jeez gee this thing actually does not sound that bad and i do believe this is actually the same engine

That’s in the q50 rouge or red version i think or whatever it is oh nice pass so sick we have a passenger seat as well too which i’m actually quite liking here car radar on actually i need to throw that on here hold on hold on that’s a must that’s a must okay okay oh yeah see he’s right there i don’t even know you know sir you dropped a fifth yeah we just

Don’t have enough power to even run with these guys here go for it that 2j just sounds incredible we’re reminding me i can’t believe tj hunt actually picked one of these up though i’ve yet to watch any of those episodes i’m so sorry will be watching those to see how this car does feel for it i mean i don’t know how much the 400z retails for if you guys can love

It on the comment section but for 400 horsepower geez price for 400 horse with the 6e manual transmission right out of the box that’s pretty damn cool of course running off the 370 platform a little bit different same same like i said new engine on here but i don’t know too much about it i just watched a little doug review quickly oh boy oh no no okay now we are

Gonna go ahead here let’s see what we have oh we can’t even do gears that’s so stupid okay uh let’s go ahead pump up these tires slam this thing yeah before we get too far ahead of ourselves let’s just make sure we’re not too low oh we did dunk it though oh my god it looks sick slam bullet still drive though that’s the question of the day here oh good i’m glad i

Didn’t take it down too much though it was just enough it actually has changed colors change nice we’ll go with a straight pure white on this thing here 400z out here it’s cool that it’s 400z 400 horsepower i like that excuse me it’s cool to see it out i just i wish we had a button to go double the horsepower right how come i can’t hit that switch you need

Nitrous bottles something that would be cool though if the no heavy service had nitrous man all right i mean maybe the next update i don’t know but we should be getting that update real soon they did drop 130k uh kind of montage thank you video if you guys did miss that i will drop a little clip of that because that was super cool and uh oh no no no no no no no

No no okay oh geez so it’s a three liter i was just checking it here but yeah it’s a three liter quite impressive numbers for a three liter van damn oh what’s up oh no let’s see what we got for f6 views and oh my no it’s one of these cars with no views ow oh my goodness unfortunately oh sorry just blew it up uh unfortunately this car is not i guess finished if

That makes sense right oh boy i hear somebody foreign doing 243. cruising oh come on let me pass him let me no oh i did it i’m sorry i was not letting off i’m sorry i was playing eye racing the other night and i got a little bit aggressive but it was one of the super speed seven laps in this guy right i know i got a little aggressive on there let me know

If you guys think so but on the clip that you’re about to see i go for this shoot right you know i have a big draft set up and i’m like you know what i’m gonna go for it obviously it’s early the guy hits me with a huge cut off and basically makes me brake check i get back in the pack and right you’ll see what ends up happening but i’d like to go down below is it

My fault or his fault as to why we ended up crashing right did he turn into me or did i turn into him i’d like to know i’m gonna show you guys a clip in three two one we’re in the middle three wide world building time pretty wide got three wives foreign here i think there’s a leaderboard yeah race challenge leaderboard let’s see who’s in first

Here we have oof what huh i i can’t say that we have mater too what what’s with these names babe frizzy moves nissan max z what the heck is this here we got bluetooth i don’t think these are gonna work though do they no unfortunately there is quite a few people on this grid right now and there’s only going to be more because obviously we just had a few others

Okay see that coming i wasn’t all the way up there well he’s not now is he okay he screwed up so we’re now in first place let’s go please make that corner this car is actually not that bad at all once you start getting going with it oh can’t stop that though i had a test i think this is definitely a car that is going to be gone for next update because it’s

Too slow it’s not fully detailed we don’t have dash lights it’s just right it’s a thumbs down for me today right i don’t usually say that about a lot of cars however today’s a little bit different we’re gonna go ahead and give it a little bit of gas which uh by uh full throttle i’m gonna let a few guys pass me here see if you can do it i’m not gonna let him pass

Me i’m not gonna let him do it oh he’s a he got it holy that was nice that was way too hand clean that’s tough yeah oh boy oh i had to make a quick split second decision on that one in and out in and out and what i think i’m gonna do here as soon as we get a quick second oh it’s just like go ahead now let’s go ahead and poke my head out of the car yeah here we

Go make my own ruth cam here for today need a little tune or something on this thing get that rx7 from me just starting i’ll pull you can’t go through that way can you oh i guess you can nice moves nice boobs this car though you’re just basically stomping on it and you’re holding gas pedal down and making your moves why this guy he break checked me and then

Left oh my goodness i’m gonna get a quick burn out here to finish this off let’s see if we can go ahead oh yeah i’m coming back for the camera here we go i’m coming back man if you thanks for watching for today oh my god we’ll see you guys back here tomorrow on the channel like i said the no heavy servers maybe it will be possible oh dude come on now it’s very

Possible that we’ll see something in the next few days here thanks for watching i’ll see you guys back here tomorrow let’s go ahead just drive away like nothing’s happened there’s gonna be somebody following me here excuse me cut up no housing servers right oh my god that’s a super right about that was definitely the thousand horsepower super that i need to drive

Next time that we’re here oh geez oh ladies thank you so much for watching i’ll see you guys back here tomorrow peace

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SLAMMED 400z Swerving THROUGH Traffic No Hesi SERVERS!! 400hp Nissan Z34!! By SLAPTrain