Snickers Full Burnout Competition Video | Holley Ford Fest 2022

Hey guys, This is one of the harder videos to edit. We went out to @Holley Ford Fest & brought out Snicker’s our 1978 Ford F150 4×4 with a @Mast Motorsports 7.3L Godzilla & sent it a little too hard.

Minutes is the burnout competition so pray  for snickers quarter panels and uh we’re   dude so this thing is awesome and it has a sticker  on the front that says lager oh yes it does this   power tour me and my buddy craig slimed this thing   together with a couple other people’s help did all  the power tour with it and uh we

Just slammed in   with mass motorsports a 7.3 liter godzilla about  700 horsepower and everything else original the   truck’s 54 000 miles an old logger out of oregon  had it custom painted it to match his kenworth and   uh somehow i ended up with it that is awesome so  who are you and where are you from by the way my  

Name is solomon lunger i’m from miami florida i  am florida era or we are ford era and uh i have   a youtube channel social media stuff for ford  trucks i’m also the editor for f-100 builders   guide magazine and just love ford stuff so why  we’re here so are you gonna bury these things   are you gonna blow the tires off of this

Thing or  no i guess we will find out won’t we very do it   yes do it all right head out there talk to mikey  how you doing man what up i might got the  event director so go and do your burnout   and everything watch for our flags listen for the  horn when your time’s up when you’re done i want   you to exit right yep stop at

The fire truck do a  quick safety check on your truck most importantly   brother have fun hell yeah i’m gonna turn around  oh my god honestly i was going to repaint   all right rich let me get a  boot right there bud really all right guys so you just saw what happened and  everybody’s probably like what the heck snickers  

Oh my gosh i really don’t care i’m healthy i’m  safe the truck can get fixed and uh i’m sure the   comment section is going to be full of you’re  an idiot don’t do that to an original truck   blah blah blah i really don’t care i built this  truck to have fun with my friends have a good   ever today’s pretty much been one of the

Best   days we freaking rode in the back of bigfoot and  then sent it off and won the burnout competition   with snickers i obviously didn’t want this to  happen but you know what’s going to be epic   is the rebuild so you guys wait and see what’s  about to happen to snickers because snickers 2.0   is going to be nuts

So make sure to subscribe  like the channel and uh i am curious what your   section below good bad i don’t care i want   to read them all it’s going to be really funny  and whoever has the best comment i’m going to   send you out something special that came off the  truck so uh we’ll see you guys in the next video

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