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SOLD 2011 Toyota Avalon VVT-I Meticulous Motors Inc Florida For Sale

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$9995. Visit for more details, follow us on FaceBook and Twitter thank you.

Good afternoon youtube here’s nick from meticulous motors again in here for sale today we have this beautiful luxurious 2011 toyota avalon limited beautiful beautiful sedan here if you’re looking for ultimate reliability and luxury and you don’t want the lexus price tag just buy the avalon and also too buy it with a little bit higher mileage that way you can avoid

Those expensive those expensive vehicles when you can just get the same thing for a little bit less yes it has more miles but these are rated to run over half a million miles anyway so you know might as well save money where you can because with the cost of used cars these days it uh it just makes sense so this one uh comes equipped with the all ever reliable 3.5

V6 see the same engine that they put in the the van a van and a few other toyota models some of the camrys but it comes with headlights fog lights cleaning clear beautiful newer tires alloy wheels newer brakes all the way around four wheel disc brakes and then all the power functions like windows locks mirrors dual seats and sunroof comes with satellite radio

Am fm stereo auxiliary this one’s also equipped with bluetooth it comes with the original owner’s manual beautiful nice clean dashboard no problems there cd player dual climate controls and then plenty of storage throughout automatic transmission optional sport shift and then compartment storage there and then additional in the center console comes with the

Usb and auxiliary ports down there keyless entry and then up top we have dual vanity mirrors and these are dimming and brightening lights on these also comes with home link and auto dimming rear view mirror and also a compass then it has your dome lighting map lighting throughout nice clean headliner no problems in the windshields original toyota windshield

No cracks or chips has all automatic windows and then in the door pockets here they have those little compartments that come out it has a nice faux wood grain trim also floor mats as well too reclining rear seats rear ac and plenty of space i mean it’s very presidential back here in the avalon and as you can see the door is almost open almost 90 degrees for easy

Access into the rear bench seat it’s a very long sedan but um unbelievable reliability excellent looks comes with dual exhaust trunk mat tools jack spare all up underneath as you can see there that is a full-size spare too with original rim so that’s a nice feature that you don’t get in many cars but being a limited you get all those very luxurious features

See the avalon on the rear fascia and then it has avalon on the there’s little door sills there on the kick plates and then same on the driver’s side with the little compartment storage all automatic windows and the power locks the mirrors are up there on the dash also has lumbar support for the driver’s side and then on the steering wheel we have our bluetooth

Volume and stereo and then you can even control ac cruise control down here and then voice command display automatic headlights fog lights and then interval front wipers all in a nice leather wrapped steering wheel dual divided gauges there as you can see no warning lights on the dash revs up nicely and idle smoothly 178 000 original miles ac’s ice cold volume

Knob works but is a little touchy best to stick with steering wheel if you want just absolute accuracy on that uh on that volume knob but ac like i said ice cold and then as you can see your compass there and then rear back up camera is in the mirror as well too so there you have it folks total turnkey toyota avalon 2011 limited don’t be afraid of the miles all it

Does is help you the consumer keep the price down because this vehicle will go half a million miles if not more with proper care so come on down and see us and you can see this beautiful 2011 avalon limited exclusively on our website please rate subscribe to our youtube channel like or come comment on any of our videos because your feedback

Is much appreciated i want to thank you for taking the time to watch this video today and we will see you next time

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SOLD 2011 Toyota Avalon VVT-I Meticulous Motors Inc Florida For Sale By MeticulousMotors