*SOLD* 2014 Nissan Altima 2.5S Walkaround, Start up, Tour and Overview

Base but still well equipped altima. Even the S model still has some of the most comfortable seats in this segment.

Hey guys it’s me jake from jake man two one six four two today i’ve got a video for you of this 2014 nissan altima this one is a 2.5 s model as you can see outside this one is finished off made black exterior which looks very nice you have your chrome trim around the windows chrome door handles as well as body coloured mirrors fuel cap is on the driver’s side around

The rear you can see your altima s and your dual exhausts down below your drive badge as well and coming up to the passenger side this one is riding on michelin defender tires which are in great shape and they are – 1560 r 16 so 16 inch steel wheels with your standard wheel covers on this one and everything follows through around this side up front you do have

Projector headlights and a chrome grill start it up it does include your typical nissan key fob with walk a mock trunk release in panic press and hold and it will pop the trunk coming up to the door it does have intelligent entry just press the unlock press twice and it will unlock all of the doors and press again to lock inside this one does have the charcoal black

Cloth interior which is in great shape down below you have a power driver’s seat in your altima carpeted floor mats to start put on the brake and press right here just have the key fob in the vehicle and you’re good to go inside this altima does have the standard steering wheel nice and tight steering to have your audio system controls as well as cruise controls

And bluetooth phone controls on the wheel up top on the door it’s soft padded material padded cloth around here and all of your power windows driver’s side is automatic power locks and power mirrors storage down below as well gauge shimmer over here as well as your trip reset for the gauges trunk release traction control on and off your cap and hood release down

Below as well as your parking brake dashboard is all soft touch material high-quality padded looks and feels great you have your gauges in the center tachometer speedometer gauge right in the middle which will show different vehicle status things like that and you can see down below this one has 61 thousand miles on it in the middle hazard controls as well as both

Of your air vents right here’s your radio which this one does just have the standard audio system but it sounds great am/fm/cd auxilary and bluetooth all of that it’s nice and simple t’s as well you have your single zone manual climate control once again all very easy to use your different zones fan speed and temperature this very nice wood grain look trim

In the middle it’s got a nice textured look to it you have storage up here power outlet two cupholders and then the shifter for your cvt drive sport as well as overdrive on-and-off storage back here and a padded armrest in the middle storage inside of there 12-volt outlet seats in this vehicle are very comfortable high-quality plush fabric i mean even in the base

Model s these are insanely comfortable seats and they’re a high quality cloth that holds you in very well up top interior lighting it is led you have storage risers in this one with your vanity mirrors built-in they are illuminated as well and overall this interior really just is a great place to be i can unlock everything driver side automatic window down and pop

The hood backseat everything follows through padded up top paddock off on the door and stepping in it’s a very comfortable nice place to be i mean very very comfortable seating just like up front you have an armrest in the middle two cupholders and backseat pockets on each side this is a great vehicle for people hauling or as a commuter things like that uber lift

This car would be perfect for it trunk in typical ultima said sedan fashion you have a great amount of space different hooks up top excuse me these are actually back seat releases just pull them to have different bars things like that to hang hangs off of and storage down below with your spare tire everything else underneath of there as i said you can release the

Back seat from the trunk and pull it down manual passenger seat in the s model does include all of your owners richer and everything like that which hasn’t even been taken out of the original factory plastic does include your wallet and everything else it actually all goes up this little shelf that lights on they are automatic and as i said projector headlights

Under the hood this one does have nissan’s 2.5 liter four-cylinder everything under here is running great and encourage game bring the automatic driver side window backup of the vehicle off move the key and it will try a mine you to put that lights back into automatic mode as always this altima is for sale above richmond in richmond virginia if you aren’t in this

Altima please up off of richmond now you saw this video thanks for watching

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*SOLD* 2014 Nissan Altima 2.5S Walkaround, Start up, Tour and Overview By Jakeman21642