SOLD 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Preferred w/ 2.0 Turbo for Johanna ng Alberta

✅️SOLD 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Preferred w/ 2.0 Turbo for Johanna ng Alberta!

Moving on the man to our last delivery for the month of september this one the month is for a little bit closer to home so this unit here is for joanna so see joanna has been a long time follower videos and we were working on getting her approved for a vehicle that fits her budget and at the same time you know on main concerned casino she has uh you know one child

I believe and the new parents so she wants an suv now all-wheel drive not reliable for her first vehicle ever right so what we’re looking at right now guys is a 2019 hyundai santa fe preferred dream with the optional 2.0 liter turbo engine so you can see very nice it’s got 18 inch alloy wheels right there and if you look sara panama headlights looks very nice

Opinion i believe 2019 was when they redesigned the santa fe to look like this because generations so if you notice here on this vehicle it looks really good with the red no we had me and joanna had we put the five window limo tint on the vehicle right so something i always recommend yeah especially if you have kids helps with the light pollution fire engine so

We have the led tail lights as you can see no each track is your all-wheel drive system hyundai 2.0 turbo santa fe backup cameras right there is a power liftgate right but one of the main selling points is it comes with an extra set of tires so given the fact now we are pretty much going into october right if you own the vehicle you know schedule fire swap

Appointment because october november that’s when most people are doing their tire swap song all season tires swap she’s gonna be good to go now so there you go so on the interior in a man’s a passenger side telecordano so you can see there we got the nice cloth interior so it was a cloth um it looks nice now the previous owner had the all-weather match you know

Extra value right now national evening winter tires you have two usb charging ports so yeah very convenient especially if you have adults or older kids now and they’re charging their devices they’re charging their phones they can do that one underrated feature in the hyundai vehicles now as a parent myself i like is young hard plastic with the hyundai vehicles

Plastic unbito so the kids are kicking here nissan so one of those little things now you know i thought oh that’s pretty cool so this vehicle also has the blind spot monitor as you can see there now a blind spot monitor for both um side mirrors on the driver’s side naman same interior as the ones in the rear seats with the very nice cloth the interior as a low

Band so it also has the power adjustable seats for the driver now if there’s anything i always mention when it comes to the hyundai chakiana brand esu abundance features so with this vehicle here it’s got a digital speedometer you know you also have the touchscreen for the infotainment system you know it’s got android auto or apple carplay right it has the push

Button started it has dual zone climate controls it has the heated seats for both the driver and the front passenger and it has young heated steering wheel it also has several safety features so as you can see right there it’s got the downhill assist control no you got your parking sensors rear parking sensors your auto engine on and off and you have several drive

Modes suvs if i press this button here you’re gonna see you have the smart mode comfort mode and the sport mode so just like all the other suvs know these drive modes they control young rpms so shampoo the higher rpms drive modes like sport mode acceleration this vehicle is at 61 353 as of today so you can see there so handy vehicles they have a five year or a

Hundred thousand kilometers comprehensively limited warranty five years or a hundred thousand kilometers of powertrain five years or a hundred thousand kilometers a emission components and five years and unlimited kilometers your roadside assistance program so that one um i will have to double check with hyundai if that is transferable i think it’s a really good

Cooperation of five year hundred thousand kilometers which is longer um than some of the more popular japanese brands now on to other important things so just like all pre-owned vehicles it goes through the amvik mechanical fitness assessment the inspection and in this case here the vehicle passed issue when it comes inspection at the same time again extra extra

Peace of mind parakeet joanna is the fact that this vehicle only had one previous owner and no reported accidents malinis jung canyon carfax records so for the santa fe preferred it comes with two different options for the engine you can go with a 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine red and 85 horsepower or you can go with the optional 2.0 liter turbo which this unit

Has it has a turbo engine right there 2.0 liter turbo with a very nice 235 horsepower and if properly equipped 3 500 pounds now towing capacity and there you have it joanna here is your 2019 hyundai santa fe preferred with the 2.0 liter turbo engine congratulations on your very first suv um i’m thinking it probably won’t be your last you know someday when your

Family gets bigger like of course you’re gonna move on to bigger more fancier things but again for for your first suv this is actually a really good vehicle no there you go very happy for you and looking forward to delivering this for you

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✅️SOLD 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Preferred w/ 2.0 Turbo for Johanna ng Alberta! By Pinoy Car Talk