SOLD- 2019 Ram 1500 Classic Big Horn – Stock # ZPT1M567 | #RelyOnATA | @RelyOnATA

2019 Ram 1500 Classic Big Horn – Stock # ZPT1M567 | #RelyOnATA | @RelyOnATA

What’s going on everybody it’s cam here at all things automotive and today we have a 2019 ram 1500 classic and this one is a big horn i believe so we’ll do a little walk around here so it says 19 um everybody knows the new body style started in 19 that’s reason why these are called classics which you can actually see on the badging here on the side that’s classic

Right there so but still same as what like an 18 was um just may have a few of the newer amenities that the other ones might not have so just a little walk around though powered by the 5.7 liter hemi five spoke bighorn wheels the chrome wheels always looking dope um tires are fairly new and this one actually not completely new but plenty of life left on nice

They call this a weird color but it’s it’s a very good name like inferno something red i don’t know that’s weird but same thing on this one 20 inch chrome wheels brand new brakes remember it looks like on the rear it does have the backup sensors built into the bumper i always loved how ram did the uh little crinkle around the dual exhaust in the rear always looks

Cool does have your hitch on the back four and seven way plugs there as well no bed liner in this one said it is a big horn gas on the left side there’s a crew cab so plenty of extra room in this one now they do call this the diesel gray color for the interior pretty much the standard color on rams nice floor mounting azure transmission tunnel so let’s go ahead

And hop inside and show you all the features on the inside let’s start here with the left side um the door has all your controls for your windows locks and mirrors driver’s seat is electronic so we’ll go ahead and just put that the whole way back so i have plenty of room to show you everything on the inside it does have a 40 20 40 split from bench seat so you

Can flip down the center console if you prefer go ahead and lay up the dash here for you there you can go it says bighorn as soon as you start it start here the left side of the dash has your headlight controls home does have an automatic setting oh somebody had fan blown there we go so like i was saying the left side of the controls has somebody had the right

Hand playing now geez um headlight controls here you can have it on automatically prefer and then it does have um a cargo light right there and then has your dimmer scroll here for your lights it’s good the whole way to the right actually lights it up so there we go it says it has a check engine light on that’s just because i didn’t start truck so just ignore

That there you can see 16 000 miles 444 time in this video on the dash the thing i do like about the bighorns though is that they have the big center screen there in the middle makes it a lot easier for displays um the way to use that and take through things is the arrows here and you can actually go through whatever you prefer um left side here has your wiper

Controls as well as your turn signals as well as up here on the left side of the steering wheel as your controls for your hands for your talking right side has your cruise control settings as well as it does your gear down and gear up button which is actually going to do if you they’re good for if you’re pulling a trailer or something if you prefer to downshift

So you don’t have to use your actual brakes um shifter knob everybody complains about this as right here in the middle right above your four-wheel drive selector it does have a 12-volt power plug right there as well um no trailer brakes on this one it does have a tow haul switch though as well as the traction control button um pretty easy to get a brake controller

In these though from what i know um i do think yeah i think you have to pull this part up here there’s a couple screws here and this pops out and then you have to plug everything in there but that is at the customer’s preference so all kinds of crazy stuff on the dash does have a climbing button we’ll turn it on just so you can see everything back the fan off a

Little bit so you can see the number actually moves with the fan control it’s all touch screen as well um for whatever you want to put it on is up to you um it also can all be controlled down here as um well the screen completely off if you want just touch it to turn it back on does have the backup cam in this one um let’s go to media all your radio sourcing am

Fm xm and you can use your source selector if you want to connect your phone via bluetooth auxiliary or one of the usb ports um in the vehicle as well so another 12 volt plug in here 12 volt down there they said they’re everywhere in this thing now this drawer here is just a little pop out nice place to put a phone if you want to keep away from it while you’re

Driving plenty of extra storage down there center console has your two usbs here as well as your auxiliary report and a couple coin trees and then a couple couples up front as well as i said this does flip up here as well so rams have two glove boxes one up top one down below has all your factory books in there as well as our safety checklist sheet that we do

Here power rear slider on this one see right there opens up and closes eliminate advisors on the driver’s side so those limited vines are on the passenger side think that’s about it for the inside guys we’re going to do a final walk around here show you if there’s any gains or anything on the outside we’re trying to be as transparent as transparent as possible

Upfront about everything um to let you know about all the great things about a vehicle as well as any minor flaws it may have so we’ll just do a little little pixie here take a peek across the front bumper everything looks good up front see any marks really across the hood a couple little stone chips across oh no it’s not even stone chips everything looks good

That way good down the side take a look here no markings or something what’s that a little the handle yeah i’m not sure where they got it so look down the side no marks take a look across the roof that looks good no door dings or anything so we got a minor little mark there in the door handle down the bedside a few little marks here in the back nothing

Too bad he’s got fuzzies on everything so if you guys have any questions about this ram please feel free to get feel free to give us a call at 717-485-4224 sales extension is 1502. if you don’t have time to give us a call you can always look us up on the web at and request information about this truck as well as any other vehicle we have

Directly through our website so thanks for watching guys hope you have a wonderful day

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SOLD- 2019 Ram 1500 Classic Big Horn – Stock # ZPT1M567 | #RelyOnATA | @RelyOnATA By All Things Automotive