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I wanted a stronger and more confident feel to the door handle and SOS handles did the job.

Hello everyone today we’re going to be looking at science and speeds billet aluminum door handles and i’m really excited so when i’m in the nsx and i open the door now this is me my personal feeling it’s got a very plasticky feel and i’m not gonna lie i’m kind of worried that i’m going to break the door handle so i’m always consciously and subconsciously thinking about

It so this is a really neat project because i’ve been wanting to do it for a long time and also scientific speed gave us a discount which is cool because we’re going to be showing you how to install it and we’re going to give you some feedback and this should be a lot of fun all right let’s start our first step is we have to remove this story card so essentially

What we want to do is we want to pull this door handle and we’re going to want to kind of guide ourselves in the back with the tool and push out all right and now we’re going to be removing some gold and black screws so we’re going to use a phillips screwdriver and we’re going to remove these screws to release the door handle foreign foreign and now we’re

Going to go ahead and remove the door handle trying to be gentle as possible and then remove the plug that was right here and at this point in time we’re able to reach in here and we’re going to be taking some stuff off so i’m actually going to be using a little packing material that science speed gave us i’m going to put it underneath it underneath the door

Handle and the reason why is because we don’t want to scratch anything and then at this point in time my goal is to move this wire over here to take it off of this little lever action here okay let’s go ahead and try to remove this top part now essentially all i’m going to do is push over and out so this part is out and i’m taking a picture and now we’re going

To remove it all right so we took a picture where it went and now the handle is loose so let’s go ahead and take it to the workbench and at this point i’m going to go ahead and remove this spring i’m using my little tool again and just being careful because we don’t want to deform the spring and we’re going to put the spring here at this point in time our handle

Is kind of loose but what we’re going to do is we’re going to remove some screws that are behind these little black caps right here i’m going to use this x-acto knife and see if i can pry up on it i think the exactro knife is going to work best because i just you see that right there guys so i’m peeling back on it and i want to keep those so i’m going to put them

Over here i’m going to do the same thing with this one there we go and i got that one as well we’re going to go ahead and do the other side and the reason why this is important is because when you pull the mechanism out essentially it’s hiding the screw so it’s in this an aesthetic thing so i want to see if i could be very careful with this one because this

One’s definitely the top one so i got that top one out pretty nicely and then we’re going to do this one i’m going to pry up on one side and i’m gonna use the pick to get it so i found a phillips that i feel comfortable with to remove these screws so let’s go ahead and do that and they come out pretty nicely so i like that there was no major resistance take

Off the other one and i was just spinning in place there foreign do this side as you turn the screw the bottom portion is spinning when removing this screw you need to hold the bottom little bracket part that connects to the screw in order for you to take it out so we’re going to try to remove this c-clip but if you look over here this is the mechanism that goes

To the door handle and this is the actual door handle bracket and this part up here is plastic so when when you’re trying to remove the c-clip you want to make sure that you don’t flex this too much or break this because if you do then this whole door handle assembly is no good let me see if i get behind sometimes getting behind the c-clip is better than trying to

Push it out foreign and um here it is and i’m going to explain it on the next one how i did it so what i’m going to do is i’m going to hold one side of the c-clip with the pick so it doesn’t rotate when i’m pushing down on it and then with another with the flathead i’m going to push down on it to get it off boom and it’s off so it’s a lot easier doing it like

That so let me show you over here real quick if you guys could see so this is let’s say hypothetically this is the c-clip it’s in there so what you have to do is you have to hold it down with one side because if you’re if you push down on the c-clip it’s just going to rotate on the cylinder or on the rod so with a pick you’re going to hold down one side you’re

Going to push down on the other side and it should come right off okay so at this point we’re going to just remove these rods so we can get the assembly out right here remove their rod what i’m going to do is i’m just going to kind of note it this was the top rod and so i’m from my personal self that’s going to be top and we’re going to move the bottom one one

I’m kind of like moving it back and forth to wiggle it out we got that one out at this point in time we should be able to get some stuff out of here okay so we have this part out and then there we go we could finesse that out so right off the top some neat observations when i picked this up it’s very light has a decent feel to it the regular nsx door handle

Feel but when we pick this up definitely a heavier feel to it we’re going to do a quick test fit and look at that that’s science and speeds and that actually looks pretty good it matches the color doesn’t stand out and i’m really excited to see how it feels so let’s go ahead and start putting it together so it looks like this part should be probably the most

Straightforward is part of all of them we’re just going to put the cylinder inside here and then we’re going to navigate the c-clip inside there all right there it goes okay we have it in there and uh putting in the c-clip is a pain in the butt to be honest with you but we got it in there so you could tell we had a little bit of scratches the new door handle but

It’s inside so not too much of a big concern all right let’s move on to the second part all right so i almost missed the part here and uh so this little piece is the bottom side of where the screws go under because i was like why am i not how am i supposed to do this but this connects to this i should have done this whenever um this was out but i think we can make

It work still and then this slide in here and then this slides over that and now we can put the screws in there with a lock tight there we go not too much just enough for them to go in definitely want to do this one right because this loctite is going to bond all right so i got them both in there at this point in time i’m just going to lock them down not a lot

Just about like there all right dude i’m gonna get a paper towel i’m just gonna wipe off any anything to do with the uh loctite because i don’t want that on a new handle okay we’re going to go ahead and put these on the screw heads see if we can i’m going to line them and then get a a pencil and try to push down on him instead of using something metal okay

Now i’m going to use this eraser and see if i could just pop them down in there i think they’re good all right okay now we just have to put the spring in here so let’s see i’m gonna do spring went right here and that’s it we are done we have assembled it it looks good and the handle works good so let’s go ahead and put it back in the car okay we’re gonna go

Ahead and do the reverse install and we’re going to install our cable first so what we’re going to do is we’re going to use our phone the reason why we took a picture is just to make sure that we’ve put it back the way that we uh had it that would be one two all right let’s push down looks right and then we’re gonna put this bad boy on here and now we’re going

To connect our electrical connector so we’re going to go ahead and save the trouble of ui guys watching and we’ll just put the screws back in and show you the finished product all right guys and it is installed and i like it at first the door handle was getting caught on something and i found out that it was a door card wasn’t installed there correctly so so

Now we’re good let’s go ahead and give it a try all right guys that feels good so what i wanted the door handles for is exactly what i was hoping for and that’s a strong confident pull on it so it actually feels really good let’s give it a shot again foreign yep that feels really strong well you can’t beat that guys that looks great feels great and it is a great

Aftermarket option for a door handle in case something happens to yours or if you just want to kind of have a more confident feel all right guys and that concludes the installation well i’m happy with it but i do have to be honest and say that it is not a really easy task you definitely want to take your time take photos and remember where things go that’s my best

Advice for this project but overall with the instructions that science speed gives you with this video and if you need any questions make sure science and speed will help answer that i think it’s a great product well guys thanks for watching thank you science and speed we appreciate that the small discount and thank you guys for supporting the channel as well you

Guys have a great day and we’ll talk to you soon

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SOS Billet Aluminum Door Handles – Acura NSX – Science of Speed By Driver’s Therapy