Speccing my Porsche 718 Spyder – and youre coming too

Speccing my Porsche 718 Spyder – and you’re coming too!

Welcome to the car guys we’re here at porsche portsmouth for a very special event a very special event what are we doing tell the ladies and gentlemen what we are here to do we are specking my new 7 1 8 spider what’s inspired me about this 7 1 8 spider is the 7 1 8 spiders and the rsk race cars from the 50s yeah for me i like to have the cars have a bit of a

Story or a reason for existin and i have always loved the purity of that 7 1 8 rsk you know i just think it’s such an awesome looking car and i think looking at the shape of the new one with the different interior that we can add to it the silver but what will make it isn’t what we’re actually going to do at porsche today in terms of specking know what’s going to

Make it are those meatballs on the car those white dots yeah yeah and in the and in additional stickers and other bits that’s the thing that’s gonna and reupholstering the interior yeah that’s what’s gonna turn it into something really very very special it’s got to be silver it can’t be any other color i love the numbers on it i think that’s great talking back

To the race car in that one there there it was running exactly that yeah that to me is perfectly where we need to be with this car isn’t mr. jerry seinfeld karl i think it is i think this is the one that went – yeah went to auction didn’t it when i look at these ones i like that sort of light tan color from jerry’s car but i also think that dark brown aged leather

That shoe leather e-type stuff from the ferrari monza prototype which is sitting in hr owen yeah that with silver work wouldn’t it could work really well what i need to do there is got a word with our old mate dave the trimmer so the trimmer and he would have to take the porsche seats reupholster them in that sort of material and then put them back in so it’s an

Aftermarket job but i think it could really make the car you see that thing on the on the wing what’s that have we got there’s is there it close up we can get so they said on a wing he’s actually the mobile winged pegasus obviously and wrecked oh that’s amazing yes look at that we need that made as a transfer or as i don’t know a piece of ppf or something what

About is the other veggies like it’s got a cache frog badge and a champion sparkplug beige not keen too much that’s actually my i don’t want to drive around a car with a cast or loader on it because essentially people would just shout bell end at you from the hey yes it is a silver porsche which is literally the epitome of lack of imagination totally but in this

Case with the additional historic decals and touches i think it’s going to be a majorly sexy car yeah i totally agree i mean the alternative is is that you just save your money on the new one and just buy the old rsk yeah i think it’s twenty four million dollars is it yeah and i thought you would think is a lot of money yeah right what we got to do now then go is

Get down to portsmouth and spec this car spec it so that’s the sort of look we’re gonna go for the idea is to take our brand-new seven one eight spider and give it as classic a look as possible the nineteen fifties seven one eight spider seven one eight rfk obviously there’s a limit to what we can configure on this in here as porsha sweet seen fit to not do as

Good a heritage pack as they did with the speedster its gt silver then body color is the main one it’s the same color as the carrera gt i had a 997 turbo s in it so it’s got it’s quite nice got it’s like bluey sort of tint to it that’s gt silver you think yeah properly one of the nicest colors that they do wheels that’s just the standard wheels it comes with i’d

Quite like to keep them silver options this is a new design which is specific to the spider spider and the gt four right and so while they are the only option you can’t get those bills in any other car so they are at least exclusive to that so you can just change the finish on them whether that’s silver satin black or satin platinum which is like a kind of grayish

I think people who’ve kind of done the whole black wheels yeah exactly nothing silver wheels are starting to come back in i had picked the black and gray or black and silver option yeah seats wise because i’m reupholstering i’m i was just gonna go with the standard sports seats because this is for comfort i’m sure i’m sort of thinking do i really want another numb

Bum so i think i’ve already got the touring it’s an art to get in you’ll find that a lot of gt force will have buckets ooh definitely and it’s appropriate 18 yeah you don’t to be falling out of it yeah i think this is designed as a road car we found on the previous version that the either the doctor sees all the sports bar seats were probably more popular anyway

Yeah and on the latest you’re going to get them up have a bit of play around with that sort of flying on across the back and then the setting spider is there cuz otherwise you’ve got porsche written in a big old chrome thing yeah how do you think yeah oh just we had a conversation about peeling that off and making it and inflating it gold no no it wasn’t that bad

No no that’s that’s the side ones okay so i assume it’s not yeah i assume it’s not an option with porsche cuz they all right then we’ve got a headlight cleaning covers painted so i say yes and then it’ll say you have to have some kind of big lights yeah but what’s the difference between them really so i mean power sort of thing but in terms of the visual which one

Is nicer for the four-pronged right so you got hurt those why discussing it he’s basically for mine i have to do why because it looks amazing that’s the only thing that you know what the dog yeah i didn’t do red boat it they were this speedster they were gonna be read from the 919 hybrid yeah racer right and the reason that they did that was so that when they’re

Racing they when a porsche driver was in their car and by in the river you could say immediately nice alter so he got away nice this is the only other car that have the full sports any days looks amazing yeah fourteen hundred quid a rollover bars painted yes well it’s annoying they don’t do the front as well it’s only the rear part of the yeah see look see so that

Will change the silver yeah but on that side they’re still black it’s a shame ceramic brakes but don’t but interestingly what do you think about ceramic brakes but painted black so yellow as standard but you do have the option yeah yeah we’ve got silver and black car normally we would not have the code change in the color of the calipers because they’re because

People know only managed to that particular yeah and the porsche have now realized that you know maybe we like one of those personals out but i think with the look that you’re gonna go for eventually black would look a lot 90s and you don’t wanna be painting them off the market because you need yeah i prefer the black hope is actually yeah i really like that a

Lot of oils in silver car as you can see the car is taking shape it’s going to look amazing folding mirrors yes don’t care about dimming this is a question i had so parking assist this ads obviously horrible little blimp the bumper right which is why my touring hasn’t got it the camera do we know how it puts the camera in the rear is it obtrusive is it obvious is

It really so all’s yeah you can see it see it’s just appeared there so it’s not the worst thing in the world would you get no parking sensors well would you i’m old so i’m quite capable of parking a car with our sensors you know part lorries without sensors so yeah you can’t have parking sensor beeps without the built blooms in in the thing to be able to just have

The reversing camera yeah no the other sensors but now they’ve changed it because so many people complained so what’s your view then presumably your your like you’ve got a habit i think about the resale what big again so because that thing nickels on the front no one else is buying this no one’s gonna find a car with a red horse i agree that it looks a lot neater

Without the sensors in the bumper however it is quite difficult to see on the back of a car because the double cover and you see how much part seven art on trucks in parking spaces so without any sensors at all you don’t need sensors they’re a modern thing and it takes the little blips out the romper we didn’t used to have sensors to me cuz that we don’t want em

Going on a nine one seven of you you say we have it i don’t think we need them oh we never had parking sensors when we let’s drive we have no parking sensors for decades so i don’t know why it does look nice or laughs destroys that you know so they said nice a cleaner look that rear bumper without the parking sensors i think but hey the beeps could be driving it

I personally would just remove them but it can’t be done retrospectively that just fyi that it has to be done at the factory look how much neater that looks now you’re taking the bleep so yeah i leave it off for now let’s say all the rest of it is nonsense yeah okay cruise control me honestly it sports steering wheel in levesque because you don’t want alcantara

Steering wheel for all the reasons that we know smoking package c18 oh no that’s gonna make you when am i driving this in the snow passenger footwell storage net god of that fire extinguisher yes definitely although does that you put it in the cabin it doesn’t really get in the way of the passenger yeah can we specify it gets in the way of the passenger we found

To come into the the painted bit so i want the interior this all in gt silver and and the climate control bit that’s what we want definitely what the interior painted in the gt silver so that it evokes the classic races of old and just looks a little bit more sporty standard its standard so body color painted trim inside is standard folks s we don’t have to pay

For something no so to keep them black because i’ve got red ones and my gt3 you know what i want to stab myself every day of the day so i so when i bring in for service imminently can i just say change the miles that way the greatest thing ever i hate them so much seat belt thingies in leather what you think yes nah bish is that you how far along the bell end scale

I’ll be there far below know where that stitch runs yeah they’re perfect itself ansari inside of that and then that is all leather a lot of that the dashboard is all leather good at this stitch that runs all the way around there yeah the got box lead just fund ernie to steer a column there the inside of the doors cards there that’s all alcantara the top of the

Door cards is leather perfected monsura is worth it and then i believe the wood the screen scram will be in alcantara illuminated door sill guards in carbon it’s not in keeping with the collar is it what does it do a standard them it would just be in a medium and it would just say 7/8 these bother ya okay well they found them i can’t wait to have a folder for 486

Quid i mean that must be a hell of a folder i mean oh what does it do does it give you a blow job i mean it’s it 486 quid sound system it comes with one or you have to choose one sound system as standard yeah i mean you’ve got great bose and then bonus that however is an open top car yeah yeah it’s not a naturally aspirated engine in it yeah exactly that’s all i’m

Going that what you want isn’t it so the deletion of the audio and communication system i don’t know what a statement that would be look how horrendous it looks without in there look in keeping yeah ticket come on i want it so is there anything else then that we’ve missed story and be configured i do get it but i do appreciate that you know you’re not necessarily

Looking at the next owner who’s backing it for you yes absolutely the right thing to do so that’s the only thing that normally we would say as a must-have i think it’s a sort of thing that people when i’m looking at valuing a car under four heated seats because it’s the one question that we get asked what a bunch of snowflakes the public are i know is that got

Different suspension is that lowered because that picture makes those wheels look nice and tucked in those arches and that yeah one out there is nowhere near tucked in anything definitely i don’t know the exact measurements but it is lower than a standard 718 baron one that all the suspension is the same as the gt for now i mean the previous spider had a different

Suspension setup to the gt for yeah basically take it it borrows a lot of stuff from the gt3 now the spider and the gt for mechanically identical right so they have it as the same suspension setup same right high and everything else and the only difference is the lack of a roof so it’s it’s it’s a lot that was going around that a standard 718 that’s it then go

7 1 8 spider spec locked in locks in you’re happy i’m happy brilliant bear in mind we’ve obviously got some changes to make after after the fact but i think this is going to be one stunning car is a second grown-up car third grown-up carla we’ve done today to leave it so on a level of excitement this would be my normal level excite yeah yeah and i think i’m about

There yeah thanks watching this episode and the specking of my new 7 1 8 spider really hope you enjoyed it it’s been a great experience down here at porsche portsmouth don’t forget to subscribe leave comments cuz we always read them being that notification bell when we have another video uploaded and check us out on instagram maybe another car guys episode along real soon cheers

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