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*SPIED* All-New 2024 Acura Integra Type S Confirmed

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#Acura not only revived the #Integra – but they revived the #TypeS with the #TLX and #MDX – now it’s the Integra’s turn to be an upscale Civic #TypeR

The acura mdx is the best acura on the market that doesn’t mean that the rdx and tlx and integra aren’t pretty damn good vehicles they are but the mdx is a cut above the type s is on another level though and the type s not only revived itself on the tlx but the mdx and now we have an upcoming integra type s hasn’t been officially revealed though but when i talked

To my honda reps you know they always have a smile on their face when i bring it up so the integra will be getting a type s and now we have spy shots to just confirm that we’re starting off over at integra talk here we go now these were taken in arizona of course you can see the integra tail lights and just the the overall lit like fastbacks lift back design of

The five-door integra and then we have what looks like the triple exhaust underneath these look like the 19-inch wheels may be taken from the new type r as well so if you have that triple exhaust on the back that all but confirms the k20c the 2-liter turbocharged engine that has been recently upgraded uh to 315 316 horsepower here it is again turning i mean there’s

Not a whole lot to discuss here guys well i guess we’ll go over each individual image and then we’ll talk about you know the the launch of this vehicle we’ll talk about engine powertrains things that i would like to see on this versus the civic type r we can clearly see this type s breaking the speed limit here you know that’s impossible to tell this still but it

Looks like it and here it is you you know doing laps around this prius and yeah just another rear end image but this isn’t the only place where it’s been spied it’s been spied in other parts of the country we’re going to go to all car news he’s getting these images from all four bwb uh he has a private account so unless i follow him can’t really look up the source

Images but these are from his account and then just kind of reposted by all car news here see the triple exhaust and keep in mind i believe this isn’t a different part of the country as well they’re saying you can see the brembo brakes here the pilot sport for rubber we also have a hood vent like the civic type r will it differ in design i i would think it would

But maybe not maybe it’s the same general shape of the type r’s hood vent um of course we have what looks to be a lower front end as well or at least a little bit more aggressive front end compared to the normal integra next image i mean there’s not a whole lot of camouflage you can do to cover up the diamond pentagon drill there side profile we’ve already seen and

Then just comparing the new type r to the upcoming type s going over to the good old spreadsheet now we have prices for the gr corolla it starts at 37k goes all the way up to like 51k for the marizo edition topped out and then we have the good old civic type r and then the integra so here’s the thing i think the civic type r will sorry i just hit the mic will be

Way more difficult to get i think the integra is going to come in five grand more should i say the integra type s so if the the type r starts at 3738k the integra should start low 40s let’s say 43k that will give us a heavier car to 300 pounds more it won’t be quite as quick just like the a-spec advance integra is not quite as quick as the civic si but it’s a nicer

Driving experience overall but we should have a sunroof in this integra type s we should have heated and ventilated seats well well of course nicer sound system with the els audio of course should be pumped into this bad boy now some people are saying it should have an automatic option as a more premium vehicle you think that would be a good idea what do you think

Do you think there should be the six-speed manual as well as the 10-speed auto i just don’t think the civic and though this platform this tiny package can stomach that 10-speed auto i think it might be too big what do you guys think i just don’t see the 10-speed auto happening as much as it would be cool to offer that to the customer i just think six-speed manual

Is the only thing we’re going to see on this integra type s and obviously civic type r as well for that matter so adding the integra to the right here the integra type s let’s say it’s at 43k what are the which of these options would you be picking and that’s the cool thing it’s man i think the the integra is going to be way easier to get your hands on but i could

Be wrong is it going to be made in japan just like the type r that’s also a question you know i think if it is it’s really going to hurt the availability of this product i mean they make this engine the truly the case k20c here stateside and they ship it over to japan to be put in the type r you know the type s is for the mdx and tlx are made here stateside so i

Just don’t think it’s necessary for the integra type s to have that global sort of footprint it’s a north american product so it might be made here and be easier to get your hands on because they don’t have to ship it to japan or ship the internals to japan for it to be tested in japan then shipped globally from there so what do you guys think if the integra type

S only costs for let’s say five grand more but is three four times easier to get your hands on versus a type r where’s your money going i mean i’m excited it’s good to have options out there and who knows when this integra type s comes out i think end of 2023 makes sense give give a year of the type r out there on the market or close to it and i think yeah late

2023 is my betting guess but i’ll see what you guys have to say about the integra type s down below thank you for those people sharing those spy shots with us so we can have a fun discussion about the integra type s catch you in the next one oh hey by the way i’m going to do accurate performance manufacturing setter center a couple weeks from now to see the last

Nsx type s be built by hand and it’s going to be incredible and then later i’ll be driving the honda crv hybrid as well on the toyota end lots of hybrids i’m driving in october as well i’ll catch in the next one if you enjoyed it hit the like button subscribe for more of course i’ll catch you the next one peace out foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign

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*SPIED* All-New 2024 Acura Integra Type S Confirmed! By Kirk Kreifels