SPRINTER SRS Airbag light fix

mercedes vito / sprinter srs warning seat belt light reset fix

Hi everyone um today i’m going to show you how to sort the airbag light on a sprinter the w906 uh my spindle 2010 as you see i have uh traditional that’s because i have removed double seed from here um and put two single seeds here so basically i have a one cable left from a double seat from airbag straightener right the thing is very simple you need to

Get the resistor 3.3 ohm resistor like this i got an ebay them five of them cost one euro 20 or something so i’ll show you what we’re gonna do now in here okay so i have a cable here i would um just need to put transistors in it simple as that i think i’ll do it some nice way oh my god am i going to do it this way um okay like that you can do it whatever

You think is better i think that’s going to be nice i like to to make things nice and nice and proper way so i’m going to put a small heat shrink in here keep it up all the way should probably do it this way like that oh hey i’m going back this way yeah you just push in like it doesn’t really matter which way which way she goes in she’s a little bit too

Short isn’t okay so i’m gonna do a longer one here like this just want to make sure nowhere everything is isolated nice and tidy now this looks nicer a little bit too long now okay so let’s try one more time let’s try one more time one more time one more time here we go that looks a little bit more nicer up a little bit now i like to have another one over

A big heat shrink you can use the tape or whatever like doesn’t really matter what you want to use i like to use the yellow heat string for some reason the resistor basically gives resistance and let the let the system think but there is the airbag fitted or in this case it’s been the case where this straightener whatever it calls sorry for my english um yeah

I’m gonna put a tape over top after that as well here we go now second second thing now to do we go in oh it’s a bit raining outside i have a cheap chinese version of a delphi car diagnostic system and i have here a cheap samsung laptop which is print enough as well for for what i want to do right so go mercedes sprinter 906 of course w906 uh my model is 2010

You can choose your own model and you go into here to airbags also important to have ignition yeah ignition is on um that’s all and we go into airbag connect confirm with ignition yes okay and it shows you the error you see error here now from center passenger pre-tensioner resistant too high um intermediate yeah that’s all but we should we fit the resistor

Already 3.3 ohm like i said and where is whatever okay please wait no fault codes check again no fault calls okay back back so now to definition disconnect the diagnostic i’m just i’m going to take the phone just make sure you’re going to see what time see uh i’ll probably see this way okay no airbag lights everything is perfect simple as that so if you have

A diagnostic computer it’s actually cost only one euro to sort out the problem and as you see you have a nice two seats okay my van is not finished yet like but i mean you’re gonna have nice two seats in the front and no airbag fold and the airbag working and everything so thanks for watching and again sorry for my english because it’s not my native language

So i’m gonna try probably to do that video in maybe a couple other languages thanks thanks again uh

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SPRINTER SRS Airbag light fix By ZEIMIS