Stage 2 Tuned Audi S3 vs Camaro 1LE Races

Finally decided to race my EQT stage 2 Audi s3 against a bone stock Camaro 1LE. This was super fun and if you guys want to see more races let us know by giving a thumbs up! The results were actually surprising!

Quite honestly i think i got him one two three what’s going on everybody ratchet wrench is back for another video and today we’re actually gonna be racing the audi s3 versus camaro ss1le and i’ll let kyle talk about it a little more once he gets back and then i’ll talk more if you guys are new to the channel i’ll talk more about what’s going on with mine but if

You’ve been following you already know what’s been done to it it’s gonna be some races some highway pulls and we’re just gonna get right into it all right for those of you guys who are just stopping by for the first time this is a 2016 audi s3 it’s pretty much full bolt on we actually just went ahead and put the ecs tuning intercooler it’s got an intake it’s got

A high flow downpipe stage two tuned by eqt it’s a dsg tune and the ecu tune they say i’m probably pushing around like 400 to the crank i’m not too sure with all the extra little modifications that i’ve done to it but yes that’s pretty much what’s been done to this car um regarding the race i think i’ll have them especially having from a dig but we’re not going

To do a dig we’re probably gonna do some roll races probably like what 40s 50s somewhere around there and uh quite honestly i think i got it see that’s pretty much going to conclude what’s been done to my car we’ll let kyle talk about his his pretty much full of stock but we’ll give him a we’ll give you guys a little intro see what’s going on with it hey guys

I’m kyle from kbs car care and uh austin and his s3 called out my uh dinosaur camaro so basically it’s a ls3 it makes like 420 ish to the crank from the factory uh the only thing i have is an intake other than that it’s stock uh 2013 camaro ss all right guys so we’re on our way to the highway right now to do our polls um but really this is probably the first time

We’ve really raced anyone with the mods i’ve had i mean if you guys have been following the channel we raced the mustang before it was turboed and before this was modded at all so this is going to be a test to see you know what this thing could do against you know another car we haven’t really gotten any races on camera yet fooled around a little bit here and there

But i’m excited to see what this thing could do if you guys think the s3 is going to win comment down below before watching it or if you think the camaro is going to win let us know below before uh you obviously see the results i’m curious to see what you guys think we got a gopro set up in his car we got the camera set up in here we’ll probably rotate west in each

Car to try and make it even for you know weight purposes um granted his is a heavier car than mine but just to even out a little bit here and there we’ll do that but yeah we’re going there now so we’ll see you guys when we’re there foreign damn it kyle dude that was pretty dead even though i know i delayed i was delayed again and then this car pulled in front

Of me and i got a little scared so yeah no i don’t know what that is for something medic scare again i don’t know if you saw me 100 though so oh that might have been uneven one two three buddies there we got him got him that was okay that was that was a good one two three nuts holy we had a i’m not gonna say how fast we’re here those nuts oh

At first race i had such a bad turbo lag when i like went to punch it it like just did not accelerate at all that was like that was like right at 50. the one like a little above anything under 50. right here you know foreign so that’s going to wrap up today’s video guys we hope you enjoyed we had some close races there but i think ultimately the s3

Kind of pulled out ahead unfortunately the traffic and everything in the new jersey roads it was just a it was tough to get some open road but we did try to manage to get the best content possible we hope you guys enjoy and appreciate that this was super fun now that it’s summertime we got this car we got the mustang we’re gonna do a lot more races we’ll do this

Versus the turbo mustang and uh have some fun with that but if you guys are new please give it a thumbs up make sure to subscribe stay tuned for more videos on this the turbo new edge and whatever else we got in store so

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Stage 2 Tuned Audi S3 vs Camaro 1LE Races! By Ratchet Wrenches