Stage 4 Dyno Spectrum on my Audi s7 4.0tt upgraded HPFP High pressure fuel pump.

finally getting the Upgraded HPFP and getting those installed on Se7en . There are a few other things that I will be getting installed and will be doing a Dyno day!

What it is what it did welcome back to the vlog welcome back to the channel it’s your boy today i am on my way to the shop to put in some upgraded high pressure fuel pumps okay i’m gonna break in right there because uh that job went so quickly that you know it’s no point to even actually show the whole installs it was literally just taking out the old pumps putting

In the new pumps i wanted to say a big shout out to the episode r7 because he did have an extra set of hitachi pumps as well as the auto tech plungers that were that were made it together all at once and he he did sell me though so big shout out to yepis and rs7 he went air to air and he has port injection on his so there’s no need for the upgraded plungers when

You have four pumps essentially that’s supplying your fuel so the pumps are installed and we’re about a week down so yeah back you know been a little bit of a hiatus in regards to the spark plugs install that was a pain i know i said i was gonna make a video about it and i did uh but but it was it was so just let’s just say it was a pain in the it was a pain in

The arse uh let me show you what i’m talking about all right i don’t know if you can see the motor it’s kind of dark i got the lights on in here but anyway in order to get to the spark plugs on the passenger side i had to remove the inlet so if you have a long srm inlets uh you’re gonna have to remove those ends so that essentially that’s removing the throttle

Body uh those silicone couplers right there pulling it off getting the inlets off and then you got to get down here in here to undo all the cam positioner sensors and then undo the actual coil packs pop those out pull pull spark plugs out so this side is the easier one this side here was a pain in the butt because then you have to remove the coolant reservoir you

Have to dig around because there are screws down in there i guess i don’t know if you see my hands but screw down in there the screws in all kind of weird positions pulling all the stuff out that alone was just a pain button here’s some blurbs of of the whole ordeal all right so right here those bolts right there are t30s got one right here there’s one there and

One up there that basically holds this rail pull that rail off and underneath should be the coil packs the left side yeah that’s going to be a pain in the arse yeah i know see yeah just like you said well um this one yeah just to show you it was definitely time there we go so yeah that one’s a little rich there run a little wrist maybe these maybe those weren’t

Really meant to run e85 but the peru from france germany i don’t i don’t know where they’re from they’re from some far away land france france france okay the french they have really good macaroons these are nickel plated are copper core nickel plated so these are a step colder so that should help with igniting e85 because i do like to run a blend of ethanol

As well as 91 to get a 93 octane uh tune you know what that means bigger pain more horsepower okay so i got everything on the right hand side button back up put the spark plugs in put the coil packs in make sure that all the cam adjuster sensors are on put the reservoir back in his place i’m going to actually put my turbo inlets back in there keep cracking alone

Really come on killing me right now but everything got done once you upgrade your pumps you then you can go to a stage four so on the s7 stage four on an rs7 it’ll be stage three once you do the pumps you can actually go to a stage four high pressure fuel pump flat now when doing that don’t think you can just automatically run full ethanol because there’s still

Two important things you need to do before you decide to run full ethanol you’re gonna have to upgrade the lines from the low pressure fuel pump also eventually down the road you’re gonna have to upgrade the low pressure fuel pump as well because again you’re gonna be putting a lot of strain on that low pressure fuel pump if you’re running full ethanol because it

Can’t keep up with the demand once you actually start tuning the car for e85 but anyway you can run up to an e50 so that’s in our cars it’ll be like 10 gallons of ethanol to 9 gallons of 91 to get an e50 blend also you want to get an ethanol sensor that is something that’s coming up i am going to get the lines and as well as the the sensor so the ds1 will recognize

The ethanol content and adjust the tune accordingly here here’s a little bit of uh here’s a bit of uh interesting news if you will so your boy your boy may have landed a sponsorship and and and i i mean like a legitimate sponsorship i was reached out to by arm motorsports and they do a lot of n54 motor uh mods like intercooler charge pipe downpipes for them uh they

Also do a lot of stuff for the s4 audi the a4 4.0 or not the 4.0 with the 2.0 but they just jumped in the 4.0 game so your boy got a set of mid pipes and they’re here and i’m also i’m also going to be getting a set of down pipes for them too so we’re going to do a full review on that setup but let me show you the mid pipes just use the garage you know it’s a garage

It is what it is anyway these are the mid pipes i’ve done a bit of an unboxing they have the upgraded flex coupler on here accordion style versus the mesh i’ve seen those mesh couplers basically melt away after time they look good uh let me actually hold on let me let me uh open that all the way up hold on i’ll be right back i have to set you up all black mic

There anyway yeah like i said so these are the mid pipes so they go from the downpipe and it will attach all the way or attach to your your stock setup but with mine i don’t have a stock setup like i have the apr x-pipe that i’m gonna have to figure out how to integrate that with this as well or if i want to integrate it at all i may just not want to run the next

Pipe anymore this is good quality with me being a welder i’m looking at wells the welds are pretty good on here i definitely dig the well so that yeah they’re they’re quality wells on here the diameter of this is two and a quarter so and that’s two and a quarter outside so it’s probably gonna be two and three sixteenths on the inside so i’m excited about the down

Pipes that i’m get from now with the emissions restrictions that’s going on the downpipes that i did ask that they send to me will be cat but they are 200 cells so on my wrx i had a 200 cell cata j pipe on there and i still start really good power i know you can get more power when there is no cats on it but i want to try to stay as emission compliant as i possibly

Can anyway another thing that i like about that i never had a sponsor do this i’ve never had a sponsor be honest with you um but the sponsor they sent me this and they sent you boy blowpop you know understand you don’t understand what that means i grew up in the hood i’m not allowed north city st louis blow pops and nylators and chico sticks uh mike and ike’s red

Hots all that stuff there you know that’s just nostalgic for me and i appreciate that that that’s i like that i’m not saying this is specifically a hood candy but you know we just this is our yeah i mean so big shout out to arm motorsports i appreciate you allowing me to be a spokesman for you i’m excited to try out your product i am excited to get the down pipes

Those will come those are coming in august but things that i got coming up next on the car is my srm motor model uh i am b get out of here i am upgrading the actual lines on my car and i’m upgrading the heat exchanger so i’m going with an apr um heat exchanger so anyway as always i appreciate you guys sticking around with me i appreciate the guys that jumped on

Board to see what’s going on as always like share turn on that notification bell so you know every time i upload a video browse through my channel man look at my old videos i’m not like i said i’m not this is not new to me i started with my wrx now i’m in the s7 i’m going to keep building on this you know this is what i want to do and like i said i appreciate you

Guys sticking around and joining the army so until then what’s up you

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Stage 4 Dyno Spectrum on my Audi s7 4.0tt upgraded HPFP High pressure fuel pump. By Daily 5280