start of a new truck 18 ram 3500 MEGA CAB 71 Chevy pickup

Im bringing out two new builds to the channel should be a new challenge for me and hopefully some really good content

Hello what’s going on youtube i haven’t posted a while lost my data cable so got a new one uh i did a thing not sure it was a good thing or a bad thing but uh nonetheless sold the old truck got a new one uh i flipped the cam around show you where we’re at kind of like this all right there she is 2018 commons mega cab it’s got the tier three package in it come

With the toolbox come with the tires it’s a little dirty because it hasn’t stopped raining in forever somewhat the inside don’t mind the mess seats down because i’m taking the dog for around he likes it usually so that’s the truck so as of right now the future plans here i guess i can show you these two any here those are going to go back down those are 22 by 35

Or 22 by 9 and the tires are 35 by 12 fives uh i’m going to go back down to an 18 inch ram because we use the truck and i will kill those rims quicker and snot so the tire size will probably keep pretty pretty close i probably gonna go a little skinnier though probably be a 34 by 11. i may paint match the badging and change those up a little bit i haven’t decided

Yet because it’s kind of a dark grey truck charcoal gray you can’t see it because there’s no sun out because you know you gotta love that’ll love the weather so we’re gonna do tailgate assist like the last one don’t have it we’ll put a ton of cover on this one it’s already got the bed liner already has a hitch so that’s gonna stay we’re going to swap out the

Leveling kit because it’s got that stupid thing we’re gonna run carly on it and then we’re gonna put a bank’s eye dash set up in it banks cold air intake a couple other small goodies for those that don’t know this is a six seven commons with the ace and transmission in it highest first acen i’ve had i’m not sure if i like it or not we will tint the taillights

Here this summer once it gets warm enough to match the truck um i haven’t decided if i like those pocket style flares i might pull those off and go with the stock flare we’ll see so yeah that’s the truck um mind the ding and it’s just because i don’t have keys dash so it’s got a metallic a tail metallic that runs through it when the sun hits it looks pretty

Nice so anywho we’re gonna get started on that one and then i also got some parts for the 71 i’ll show you that later and we’ll go through that project that’s probably going to get started here in another little bit i finally got a motor for it so anywho talk to you get have a good one okay well here’s the 71 chevy this is going to be the next project we got

A motor for it in the backyard we’re going to get torn apart and redo let me get this out of here and i’ll show you all the stuff it’s kind of a shelf right now but i’m going to clean all that out get everything put together it’s kind of the front end look there back end deer so pretty much putting a new motor in it it’s going to resale seal it paint it put

A new transmission seal in it transmission four wheel drive still working it reupholster the seat i haven’t decided if i’m gonna go buckets definitely needs carpet though um needs new gauge new cluster kind of it’s all rotted new steering wheel new heater fan all that new dash new knobs those are all broke nikki door cards i have the both i got the metal ones

Still with it just needs to be reupholstered needs new tires and rams fuel cell relocated but yeah a few things we got to tackle that’s about it nothing real serious just a couple holes we’ll do a whole rocker panel cab corner all new body mounts new exhaust so anyways that’s the next project here coming

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start of a new truck 18 ram 3500 MEGA CAB 71 Chevy pickup By adam.singleton.71