Steamboat Motors ~ 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend ~ Stock #F9541 ~ Habl Espaol

Hey guys it’s robert at steamboat motors check out this vehicle right behind me i want to share with you a 2022 ford bronco sport this is the big bend edition and guys the broncos sport is one of the best values in the car industry today check this out it’s one of the few vehicles that still has a little lift glass feature i’m going to talk more about that all-weather

Um surfacing in the back but then also of course the whole hatch comes up and the broncos broncos sport i should say is really geared for the outdoors as you can readily see you’ve got this all-weather surfacing in the back those seats do of course fold down this one’s equipped equipped with the trailer hitch and a tow package and then inside you’ve got a really

Roomy interior with a host of features and amenities this one is equipped with usb ports rear ventilation you’ve got molly hooks map pockets and the list it goes on um real handsome set of bronco sport wheels here big bend this is a really handsome color it’s called red hot chili pepper and it is a peach you’ve got integrated fog lamps a really iconic i don’t

Want to roll two pass past this iconic bronco front end so that’s a big deal and again it’s just a real handsome appearance you can see it’s kind of range rover-esque looking as far as the body style and appearance so there’s tons of space and headroom in this little vehicle all right you’ve got a keypad keyless entry right there six-way power seats and then the

Bronco comes with a multitude of different uh go goat modes i just want to show you that little welcome message because i think it’s pretty cool how that goes all right um it’s a brand new vehicle guys and it is poised for immediate delivery there’s a lot of cool things to talk about there but i just want to go over real quick with you the goat modes you’ve got

Normal eco let me get a little bit closer so you can see that normal ecosport slippery and then even kind of a sand or trail mode as well so you can use that at your discretion everything else real simple and common sense here it does have heated seats on this one as well as a wireless charging port for your cell phone i don’t want to get too far off in the weeds

There’s a lot of cool things to talk about there and i can get rid of that message for you as well um cruise control voice recognition and a multitude of other convenience features the list goes on and on guys give me a call on this one it is not going to last long these are actually kind of tough to come by right now so it’s a 22 ford bronco sport right here at

Steamboat motors uh my number is 970-879-8880 it’s robert and security assistance thanks again guys for watching give me a call today at 970-879-8880

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Steamboat Motors ~ 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend ~ Stock #F9541 ~ Habló Español By Steamboat Motors