Steamboat Motors – 2022 Jeep 392 Wrangler – Corey @ 815.914.4630

Hey mark this is corey over steamboat motors creating the video walk around for you on our 392 2022 jeep rubicon wrangler obviously with the 392 you get the hood scoop 392 badging that you see there along with the rubicon see the gold accents just a really good color combo and contrast with the vehicle color the gobi see here along this side that’s the rock rail

That i was telling you about that is steel um you know protects the vehicle if you are out kind of in the rocks in the mud mountains does also have a steel bumper you know i gave it a good look over you know like there’s no scuffs you know it comes right off i don’t kind of see that it’s uh like i said i mean it really is in great shape here let me widen the lens

There you go so there’s a side view go ahead and open the back seat okay in here as you can see no rips tears stains or anything on any of the seats that i that i saw 2700 miles light miles for sure still has a new car smell plug-ins in the back windows usb ports coming in the rear here it is also a steel rear bumper with the hitch there’s another tow hook okay

Carpet floor mats i mean even in the back you know mark there’s no scratches there’s no rips i know i keep saying it but it really is like new um a little storage compartment underneath keep going around here here i’ll kind of get close up on the body the bug a little dirties we got some rain the other day which is always great but um you know just some really

Really nice shape our original asking price is 89 990. we’ve already cut that down just now you know led headlights mean looking jeep for sure it’s got bash plates underneath let’s go ahead and show you the power top so this is your button right here pull this back and see how when i lift my finger up it just stops so you can go ahead and pick now if i hit it

Hold it it’s going to automatically come back that’s as far back as it goes there it is from up top and then it really locks in you can see this whole mechanism right here there’s a good look at the interior shot this way you can kind of watch it lock down into place completely sealed and again with as much snow and rain as we have here um no complaints i’ve not

Seen anybody be upset with it so i’m going to show you the interior here’s the gold accents stitching hope you wanted to see under the hood so not sure if you’re familiar with this but there’s an exhaust a performance exhaust button it’s a lot deeper now show you under the hood so i’m going to put the phone down give me one second there she is very clean you

Can see this is where the the air goes ahead and comes in the hydro guide a lock i’ll close that up in a minute we’ll go ahead and show you the interior does have keyless entry adjustable seats if you you can go ahead and pump it to raise the seat or pump it down this would be the incline this is your lumbar there’s a bar underneath the slide it forward and back

Adjustable steering wheel foreign nav that you asked about heated seats heated steering wheel performance exhaust on and off the one key with the remote start which of course will order a second auxiliary switches for any aftermarket lights that you’d like to order off-road sway bar lock the front and rear of the rear only four wheel drive part-time full-time

Obviously bluetooth paddle shifters adaptive cruise control the nice stitching of the steering wheel um 27.94 miles does have a little compartment up here my phone completely fits i will check with our parts department see if there’s any factory aftermarket accessories to help with the phone um garage door openers i think that kind of moves you know for the most

Part covers it i hope this video was helpful mark once again we are locally owned and operated we can do the deal electronically so if you want to go ahead and give me a call after you watch this video um look forward to hearing back from you i’m going to drop my cell phone number here it’s the best way to reach me that number is the following 815-914-4630 again

It’s 815-914-4630 and it’s corey steamboat motors thanks mark

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Steamboat Motors – 2022 Jeep 392 Wrangler – Corey @ 815.914.4630 By Steamboat Motors