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Steve & Johnnies 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Road Test

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The 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander gets a new front-end look and revised rear bumper and taillights, but is that enough to keep it competitive with others in this class? Just click the video link to take a drive with us and see for yourself.

I this to steve king and i’m johnny putman this time on our video road test we take a look at the 2020 mitsubishi outlander sport specifically the outlander sport 2.4 gt a few of the compact suvs that compete with the outlander sport are the hyundai kona the nissan rogue sport and the honda crv under the hood you find mitsubishi’s 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine it

Puts out 168 horsepower and it’s made it to a continuously variable transmission this outlander has a very heavy hood and it doesn’t have a hydraulic lift it only has the prop i don’t like this at all when you come out of the grocery store and your arms are full of packages or you really miss a power liftgate cargo space is not bad on the outlander you can in fact

Flip down the second row of seats a 60/40 flip down you don’t have a ginormous amount of cargo space though with those up and when you lift the floor you’ll find that the entire space is taken up by the spare tire honestly our first reaction to the mitsubishi’s interior is it just look kind of old leather is not an option on the outlander thank goodness amidst all

This black there’s a little red stitching to complement the exterior of the vehicle just a little behind-the-scenes video road test information from him and her we’re sitting in the back seat so we can give you a view of the front of the vehicle and honestly i hope this is the only time i have to try to fit into this back seat this is not meant for tall people

Trust me the view from the back seat gives you a good look at the – yes there’s a lot of black plastic oh it’s just crying out forever a few little pops of color or wood or something but you do notice from here looking up at the – everything is put together very well nice fits and finishes on this outlander in my view the mitsubishi she’s – is just okay you’ve got

Big gauges and big readouts but i’d like some more information options yeah the controls are easy enough to read but it just looks old i’m not sure how well our camera will show this the mitsubishi backup camera display well the size is fine but it could be a whole lot brighter taking a closer look at the outlanders center console we like the placement of the heat

And air vents because they don’t blow right in your face the screen has been up to by an inch to eight inches that’s good the buttons and knobs have been changed you have a couple of usb ports your heated seat controls and right there is your four wheel drive control a good-looking shifter two integrated cupholders and an armrest that even gives you a little bit

Of storage this outlander really suffers from iv insufficient visor a you can’t pull it back at all b there is no extender so if this were a sunny day and you’re a tall driver with a seat pushed back boy the sun is going to be coming right in on you and you’re not going to be a happy camper as is the case with a lot of sport utilities that we test these days you

Do have the black hole that is the d pillar and a kind of a large c pillar and b pillar but surprisingly we found that the outlanders visibility was really pretty decent for a small sport utility vehicle the outlander has good size outside mirrors and i love the fact as you’re walking away and you lock the vehicle they automatically fold in this mitsubishi may

Only have a four-cylinder engine but this four-cylinder engine has more than enough power to help you get on to any expressway with ease for a vehicle that seems very well-put-together nice and solid it’s surprising the amount of wind and road noise you pick up at highway speeds the overall driving experience i think is fine the handling the cornering my biggest

Complaint would be the brakes i think they’re overly sensitive the outlanders epa mileage rating is 23 in the city 28 on the highway and we got a combination of 25 miles per gallon there may be knits to pick with the needed changes on the interior of the outlander but when it comes to the redesign of the exterior with the new headlights daytime running lights tail

Lights bigger wheels good-looking grille nice body lines we think overall it is a cute suv so after spending a week with the mitsubishi what do we think well i guess my strongest opinion would be that it’s okay the handling and the styling and there’s some things that we like but when you look at the competition if i were looking to buy something in this category

Yeah i would absolutely look at the competition it’s too bad that mitsubishi went to the trouble of quote redesigning it because they just didn’t go far enough and again when you look at the competition it’s a very very competitive category the small utility vehicle so you probably should look at all of them as we’re driving it this 2020 mitsubishi outlander sport

2.4 gt stickers at twenty eight thousand nine hundred and twenty dollars for more information as always check out what our friends from consumer guide automotive have to say at cg daily drive calm

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