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STILL GREAT 2022 Subaru WRX Review

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2022 Subaru WRX review by The Straight Pipes. The 2022 Subaru WRX is putting down 271 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque from a 2.4L Turbo 4 cylinder boxer engine. At $39,295 CAD, would you take it over the Hyundai Elantra N, VW GTI, VW Jetta GLI, Honda Civic Si?

I’m your i’m jacob from drive oh 2022 subaru wrx sport tech without launch control manual all right violent launch there horsepower and torque 271 horsepower 258 pound-feet of torque from a 2.4 liter turbo four-cylinder boxer engine so the wrx is all new we have disgusting looks which yuri actually kind of likes i think this thing looks awesome because

It’s like a safari off-roady car now it definitely is a rally car subaru is telling us it’s a rally car all the literature says it’s a rally car we drove through some gravel so we are rally drivers we are 100 rally drivers this is a rally car we did off-road it and i mean to be honest it worked really well off-road it’s a solid take it picks bumps really well

I understand the cladding thing yeah i really don’t but at the same time while i’m rallying or at least in my head while i’m rallying it makes sense because then you can replace those panels like you don’t have to repaint anything and it still looks like all the new subarus or whatever there is no more sti coming up so that render i made of what the sti will

Look like is useless now there’s apparently one coming that’s going to be electric later and who knows if it’s going to be on the same shape i doubt it and they come in manual and cvt but the cvt is now switched to what’s it called spt subaru performance transmission and they had to call it that because the cvt name has been uh dragged through the mud for years

By journalists those damn journalists thanks a lot nissan but we did launch it and if you do a break boost on the automatic one it’ll just hold gear sing the song of its people and probably get a much faster zero to 60. yeah that’s cool i’m okay with that it was actually surprisingly good to drive we did drive them back to back and it shifts really quick for

A automatic cvt thing but you can’t like trip the tires or anything cool when you do anything off like even on gravel exactly you got to use this six-speed manual yuri how is this six-speed manual to shift solid good normal subaru stuff no complaints maybe like the heel toe isn’t like as nice as i want like not enough room for the air but you still get it all

Done and then you can turn off traction you can go into track mode and then you can downshift this thing and it sounds pretty good okay cliche corner everything off and it’s really fun but that red line he gets to you way quicker than you think it would at six thousand and there’s like no warning or anything to know yeah there you hit it yeah and then up the bump

That’s good very nice it’s a good mix of being able to off-road and on-road in a fun way yeah the suspension has been set up really well it’s on the stiffer side but it’s not too stiff and you can still kind of get a little bit of that softer damping off-road whatever they did is really really good because it’s sport-tuned as they say now i do want to talk about

Those revs as you just said the redline starts and ends at 6. so like there’s no before red line in this car yeah and then the way that they set it up it’s on a horizontal plane so 0 and 6 are on the same level so when you’re at three you’re halfway at the top whereas like in a 911 gt3 you’re at 6000 there shift lights would be nice i agree then back to looks

Because that is the controversial thing about this i think obviously the last gen looks better right for sure it does but whatever this is the new gen uh the tail lights look pretty awesome in this uh they do but they also kind of look like they’re broken glass which is like a luxury thing like the e-class had but they do it in a slightly better way but yes same

Idea oh mercedes does it in a better way better way it’s different yeah whatever it’s the same idea well i mean you can go to the dollar store or you can go to dollar general there’s a big difference they still look good then we got double dual exhaust yes we do and it sound like from the outside let’s take a listen and let’s talk about the front end but before

We do every subaru generation has a name like blob eye bug hawkeye this one probably has a forum name on nasiak or whatever turn our superb club let us know if it does share this video in a forum as well but i think i’m gonna name this one plastic face plastic face plastic face not an eye name just plastic face i’m all right with that okay so then this material

Is supposed to be like dimpled or something like a golf ball for more aerodynamics so that’s kind of what i got yeah that’s what marketing says apparently marketing cool cool cool side view the body lines are pretty good like nice and light kind of strong looking yeah and then we got that plastic lighting which kind of gives it that okay so i think this should

Have been painted and then they should have made this as it looks as a wilderness trim hey there’s there’s still time subaru they’re probably actually saving a wilderness trim with even more plastic cladding yeah yeah i’m down with that and raised ride height yeah yeah that’d be cool man that would be it’s it’s a crosstalk at that point porsche just released

Some like crazy safari thing that’s still a rumor but it’s basically gonna happen 100 the hood scoop is much bigger and that’s one of the biggest things that i noticed from the front end as well and then to finish off looks wise darker color or brighter color i think in the reds the oranges it looks really nice in like the darker colors kind of like i don’t

Really care i think it looks better in the darker colors because it hides the disgusting plastic cladding all right that’s that’s everything about the looks of the wrx we’re kind of all right with it except the wheels now i do like these wheels but i think they should have because they’re going with the whole rally thing i think they should have gone with like

15s or 16s and like give it like the full rally kind of treatment and what would be the continental recommended tire for the new plastic face wrx the extreme contact sport or if you’re going off-road terrain contact at yeah are you ready to rally this do you want to launch it on gravel or on the tarmac or in the wet i’m gonna surprise everyone with the next shot

All right audience do you think we’re on gravel or pavement and then i pinged it off the limiter and didn’t notice uh yeah so rallying launching is super fun i’m definitely turning the wheel more than i need to turn it but i’m having fun out here that seemed like a nicer launch than on a dry surface oh yeah tons of fun out here in this uh gravel but i don’t

Want to get a rock stuck in the uh rotors so i’m gonna take it easy and maybe head back onto the road that’s nice whoa that there we go here we go i’m gonna jump whoa super soft out here this is great a maybach oh yeah my box might as well it’s got road preview it’s uh sensing the the bumps on the road rally preview downshift send and onto the road and that’s

The thing you buy subaru wrx to do that and then the gti guy’s like man that looks like a lot of fun i can’t do that i’m in a front-wheel drive gti jacob what did you think of the steering feel uh what feel there was none like there’s there’s nothing in this it’s like it’s like light and floaty like this is actually insane look at this hopefully the camera will

Pick this up but this is the lightest steering this is like my box steering in a bad way but we never got to talk to any engineers about this car i’m sure they had some reason for it maybe i don’t know uh i don’t like the steering i don’t know what the tires are doing i have no idea you can get by but it feels like they gave it like crosstrek steering but i like

I like the whole feel and everything going through cliche corner like i really enjoyed it and then what if you didn’t want to drive with like at all you just wanted the cruise control can you do it in this uh well you can cruise control uh you can’t adaptive cruise control you can’t uh lane keep with eyesight but in the cvt which costs more because of all that

Stuff you can yes so if you want all the safety stuff you actually have to get the automatic which is kind of crazy if subaru would do that because honda’s figured out how to do that with manuals same with bmw a lot of companies have figured that out now so i don’t know anyways uh let’s talk about this car changes we’ve got a bigger boxer engine with slightly

More horsepower i mean it does feel a little bit torqueier but okay here’s the problem it’s good it’s good it’s good and then right at 6000 you have no idea what’s going on because the car is much more refined now it’s quiet it’s quiet you don’t hear the exhaust you don’t know when you’re getting the red line so that’s my issue with it it’s a little too refined

Now but you know what isn’t quiet and refined what’s that a jet truck yeah jet truck your friday the hell fire chamber bring your families into the toronto motor sports bar for more see toronto motorsports the hellfire race my prowler racer jacob’s mustang yes fox body the loudest car on the planet maybe other than the jet truck and the shifter does feel

Pretty good we’ve got that six speed that you mentioned it’s fairly notchy-ish but like still feels mechanical in a good way it’s good i i like it yeah no real issues the drive train in here is great it’s obviously symmetrical all-wheel drive but it’s not like a dccd sti type thing so it’s like open diffs and stuff but it does do brake torque vectoring i’ll tell

You one thing i don’t like what’s that right after these train tracks oh yeah okay so we got to hit these train tracks because come on you’re in a super wrx we’re gonna take this at the speed limit which by the way is 70 kilometers per hour here i’m not slowing down like that guy and here we go that was great one of the better cars we’ve driven at speed through

There yeah it’s nice okay this infotainment screen is the tall one i don’t like it the last gen of subaru infotainment screens the normal small one was perfect with like hard buttons and stuff this one’s a little confusing you have to look down through your climate but we do have sears xm satellite radio you can get three free months go ahead go into our link

In the description below and it does rewind yeah so i also agree with you on everything and i don’t really like it but we it exists and we have a backup camera in it back camera’s nice the sound system is okay yes it’ll get the job done yes it’s it’s definitely bassy but it’s not too clear and then our gauge cluster we have analog on the sides digital in the

Middle and the cool thing is for a subaru you can make a call and still see your speed that’s impressive for a subaru because the uh forster wilderness couldn’t do that and a lot of the comments were like this is the thing i hate the most about my subaru right oh and then since you mentioned well since i mentioned the backup camera i noticed one funny thing on

The subaru’s with parking sensors is that the sensors are above the plastic cladding so i don’t know if that’s better for parking sensing or worse but it’s just something i noticed because of the cladding and then we also noticed this has apple carplay android auto by the way that the little area in front of the shifter on the manual one can fit a phone a lot

Better than the automatic one yeah and then the automatic one is like totally different for um like they have a pen holder and stuff and then what about these cup holders in the manual it’ll do and this one is taller so that’s cool and then the visors oh dude these are like plastic clasps oh nothing they even plastic cladded the visors and failed them and the

Seats up here are very well bolstered they look pretty cool i like the wrx logo it was alcantara yeah i believe so or at least it looks like it it’s comfy we got like red stitching everywhere the back seats are comfy too but a little less headroom than i guess before yeah i don’t know my head hits the roof which is kind of surprising hey got a good amount of trunk

Room seats fold down can’t complain about that it does have less trunk space than an elantra n or a jetta g lie though does it have a bar that blocks your stuff from going through like it does not oh nice nice yeah does it have more ground clearance and stuff than elantra and uh i don’t know i don’t know let’s just assume it does assume we could take some some

Gravel better let’s just say we didn’t take it on gravel roads for a reason yeah also shout out savage geese for doing that awesome comparison with this the elantra civic and the golf also if you’re looking to buy any of those cars hit up because a lot of people buy wrx’s yeah highly recommend actually buying this car like this is like savage gee

Said like these are like the last of this generation so we’re not gonna get i mean i hate saying that over and over but like electric cars are coming they’re just they the fact that the sti doesn’t exist and it’s only going to exist electric like there’s your proof and when we say savage geese we also mean jack shout out jack yeah savage geese the channel name

And then goose is goose even though he has a real name they’re both geese yes and as for the rest of this interior we’ve got some red trim we’ve got some leather-ish stuff it looks pretty cool uh touch points are decent got carbon fiber that’s like just plastic yes plastic fiber look this matte material or satin whatever like that’s nice instead of piano black

I like it there’s actually a lot of piano black in the automatic okay the rms doesn’t get really in the way at all no they it looks like they lowered it and then you don’t have a head up display here but the cvt one does yes which is that we said the sports subaru super transmission don’t let marketing get to you it’s a cvt but it actually feels really good um

They do have like six led lights that just kind of like warn you yeah it’s a very simple system automatic only yes another thing i really like about the wrx is the visibility with these little like windows here you’ve got your blind spot monitoring on the mirrors like it’s just a very good like lots of visibility it is yeah you don’t feel like cocooned or cramped

In here yeah the cvt would be a great family car that you could have some fun with it is the world’s fastest shifting cvt i don’t know if there’s like any other cars that i would take over that that are automatic really like sedans oh like in that price point yeah yeah performance and stuff like take a jetta over it no i wouldn’t either a launcher and i’d only

Go with the manual yep for sure even though the dcc is faster it doesn’t matter yeah yeah and the last thing to find out if this vehicle is a good buy or not is cliche corner heel toe downshift oh that was not very ugh pedal space is not the best and kind of understood a little bit but gets through real quick that all-wheel drive system does feel like it’s doing

Something it’s fun it’s not not fun no it’s definitely not not fun yeah like it’s it’s a good system with everything out of the way i think it’s time we get to the price starts at thirty thousand nine nine five frenetian and this one nearly top trim is thirty nine thousand two hundred and ninety five dollars i’m not like super excited about this car but there’s

Really like nothing wrong with it unless you hate the looks in which case like whatever just get it wrapped or painted or something the only more exciting car that’s coming and it’s coming soon is the gr corolla and there’s no price released so who knows it’s not gonna be uh cvt no it’s not it’s gonna be manual only which is even more exciting but yeah i know

I get it for those left leg bandits so overall i really do like the wrx yeah there’s nothing wrong with it really unless you hate the looks i’m like pretty in the middle about the whole thing yeah if you like the driving dynamics and stuff other than the steering i think it’s a great car and if you can get over the looks which i’m not really sure if i can but i

Kind of can at the same time because i kind of don’t really care i don’t really know what to think of the looks honestly i’m about i like it like no subaru has been like gorgeous yes the previous generations were better other than the bug eye i think driving this through cottage country on gravel roads would be fun super fun and in case you’re wondering why the

Pillars are gray on this vehicle uh we’ve been driving the manual which is gray but we’ve been showing you all the red car which is automatic that’s that’s what we got to do to make sure that thumbnail pops and if you’d like come out to our meetup on friday at cayuga there’s more details on our instagrams at the straight pipes i would like that if you guys came

Out i want to race slow cars in my prowlers i want to race slow cars with my fox body you gotta hit the 12. i have to hit 12. that’s my goal

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