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Hi everyone welcome back to the channel and a new video we are cracking on with the discovery’s fault we’d like to get this one to a degree of being ready for the paint shop in the last video you would have seen chris repaired both of these doors that we absolutely got for a bargain this front door i think a one for like 30 pound add a tiny bit of damage on the

Edge there and this door chris actually found it was quite far away it was in colchester but was that 25 quid buy it now but come complete with the glass all of the mechanism and the other door on here was proper punched in so it was all ruined anyway and of course is repaired that bit of damage on the quarter i think that was about here chris wasn’t it just

Had like a corner then so today is going to be getting on with some moral events on it getting it like i said to a degree where it can go to the paint shop so you’ve got a bit on that door bit on that door a little bit on the tailgate tiny little dent oh and a little little tiny bit on the edge of the quarter there which is a shame because that’s the only panel

That probably didn’t need painting would have had to have been painted to match yeah so i’m going to leave you to increase his capable hands to do all the work now i’m going to leave you with chris and i’m actually running around doing what would you say is odds for another video that i’m halfway through so let’s crack on with it foreign chris has cracked on

Literally stripped where’s the bumpers on the paint in the paint both he’s marked everything up here to do have you done anything on this door yes or all right then it’s gone oh down the wing yeah is this every oh it is the original wing isn’t it yeah so you’ve repaired that got it straight and now the gap’s perfect that one now see that’s for going down the

Shut line so you got a new shot and then obviously pull pull back on the hammer whilst holding the handle and of course that puts a bit of force on there and pulls it out so you’re going into the paint booth and you’re going to strip the i’m gonna finish stripping this i’ve got i’ve got to take that mirror off because there’s a little dent under the mirror right

So i finished that and then strip the bumpers hello mate we’ll leave you to it foreign a lot of you do always ask why chris was doing this rob what was you actually doing and the answer to that is you would have already seen the video i got halfway through the range rover’s fault and then flipped over to a bit of bidding and also got that polo on the button so

That is what i’ve been doing in the background there among a bit of running around it just action stations chris said he wants to get this one completely ready for paint so that front bumper we got this from one of our subscribers is perfect he stripped that off got all of the grills off it so that is actually ready to flat off and i am going to ask because chris

Knows a bit more about it although neither of us are playing as chris does do a bit of painting because that’s white that that bumper will you be able to flat that off and go straight over that with silver a little tiny repairs to do on it where there’s stone chips so he’s going to want some primer you probably can’t see it here but where i was finished in the old

There’s a couple that have been touched up we touch our panel i’m just going to repeat that in case people can’t hear right guys up i do appreciate you probably didn’t there chris we’re quite far away we are going to start testing out these new microphones soon and just try and get a hang of them but basically what you said there if you didn’t hear was there is

A few stone chips on this bumper that have been previously touched in so and and a few little marks so it is going to need flatten off and a little bit of primer but it is now ready repair or a little little tiny spot repairs yeah yeah so now you’re going to move on and get the filler work done on the side of the car here foreign moving along not very very

Nicely that’s all the filler work done and you know what guys it’s actually the next morning and it’s all gone off now hasn’t it chris so chris is going to crack on and actually get that smoothed out this morning i’m gonna say it i’ll say it all the time it looks like a lot but you’ll see once all of that is rubbed down it is only covering the imperfections that

Are in the panels 80 of that will be gone by the time he rubs it down so let’s let him get on with that and we’ll see what it looks like after but it looks like you’re going to be ready to prime this later on at some point maybe you’re gonna have to take this in the booth or you’re going to remove those doors and um probably could put it with the doors be a

Bit easier wouldn’t it be tight but a lot less work rather than stripping all those doors down so let’s crack on get all that flattened off and hopefully get it in some primer foreign serious amount of progress on this car and although it has been sat around for quite a while it is a reasonably it’s been a reasonably quick turnaround really considering we got

Lucky with the parts didn’t we so the windscreen the bonnet the wing they all come from one place and the windscreen being secondhand as well got so lucky with liam being able to cut that out of that metal frame and sticking it in and again original land rover windscreen so very very nice in this i’m sure is going to turn out to be a really nice car i know that

Chris is probably really happy that the bodywork has come to he’s come into a a good end now on this car because it has been a lot of work hasn’t it with both sides and changing the panels as well he’s been doing it out here today and he’s just to add the door open blown right out with the airline to add the car out there blown all that off so i’m not sure if he’s

Going to be spot priming these doors or he’s going to be priming the whole i should imagine he’s just going to be priming the filled areas so he is i think he’s just going to get a bit washed up because he’s covered in dust and then he’s going to get this one bagged up and hopefully get it in some primer and then we are getting very very close to the next stage on

This one and like i just said i think this is going to be a really really nice car thank you check this out finally finally come into an end on this bodywork for chris because he’s been doing it all and you would have seen in that last little piece of time lapse he went round and actually spot primed all of the repairs first and maybe even went over them twice

I’d have to slow it down and look myself or ask him but he covered the actual filler work repairs first with a bit of primer and then went went ahead and said i actually said to him after the last cutting are you going to spot prime that door and he said rob there’s so many repairs on it little parts i’m probably going to do most of the panel and as you can see

There he has done most of the panel i know someone’s going to mention the handle because the handle will come out for paint but it didn’t need to come out today there was no need for it to come out and that back door as well so that is the 99 of the body work done let’s just go into the paint booth very very fortunate here we’re going to be doing the repair on this

Aren’t we with the same black uh plastic paint that was used on the c3 but is it all right pick that up yeah these are actually the back pump i believe it or not aren’t they the painting pot which is incredible i did genuinely didn’t realize but you can see where chris is flattening that off he’s actually highlighted some low spots there yeah i thought there was

Been pushed against the reinforcing panel it actually pushed that all out yeah heat gunned it i’ll just see you doing that actually and dressed it back in and um yeah it’s gonna just need a little tiny bit on those it’s actually still nice and warm so we caught here a bit early there and again you’ve got exactly the same the other side the front bumper i think i

Mentioned earlier was already very nice the chat did this to us but chris did point out hopefully we can pick it up with the camera let’s try it so you can see there when you are that close how many little imperfections there is in the paintwork that’s been touched up and from back here you just wouldn’t see it would you and even standing here you wouldn’t see it

So it’ll flatten them out put a bit of stopper in the ones that need stopper in get a bit of primer on them and it’s finally ready for the paint shop chris can’t yeah yeah but it’s getting really really close guide coat yeah i think there’s a bit you’ve done the guide coat on the back of you yeah so basically this is what chris lane’s got a bit of black paint on

There highlight a high spot sort of low spots and the whole other side so i can unbag this for you chris while you’re doing that can i yeah yeah right let’s get on so today’s cars we’ve got in our watch list guys we can’t actually go on there i’ll just show you why i don’t want to go on there as soon as you click on it you actually have to join the live auction

So that one’s on a buy it now and it’s been re-listed that’s one we’ve previously looked at but say this this one here i’ll bid on this morning in order to get in now you’ve actually got to join auction and it’s quite noisy and you can’t turn all of it off you still hear quite a lot the bidding in the background so that skoda’s in our watch list the ones that are

Five days on them they’re ones that we’ve previously looked at and they’ve been re-listed so they would have gone through on monday the little fiat 500 i was looking at that earlier but i think it’s a private entry just one for us to to buy it and then sell on and this little polo i actually had my mother-in-law um in mind for it because our car is getting quite

Old now so i am going to actually try to buy that car still even though we’ve been out bed i’m gonna wrap our bed a little bit and try and get that one because it is quite light damage let’s just quickly show you you can see it’s a bit on the wing uh sorry a bit on the bonnet the bump on the front panel and head lower so no mileage displayed and no keys with it so

Hoping to nick this one for a little bargain i’ll bid 600 on it earlier estimated retail 5000 so i’m going to cut it short there because i want to get on there and bid for it foreign guys but chris has got this one well in the next 30 minutes i suppose or an hour this is actually going to be ready it’s going to be ready to go to the paint shop isn’t it otherwise

When it’s wet honey how good your repair is because that’s when you see it i don’t know if you want to show that for me yeah it might it looks perfect the funny thing is you say show it from an angle but me personally i wouldn’t even look and i wouldn’t think to ever look because i wouldn’t question it but you’re right we are videoing it so i should show it but

Yeah in the next 30 minutes there or an hour this will be completely ready for the paint shop i did just i’ve been running around in that if we need to go and get anything in any parts or i’ve been doing a little bit of running around in that mini but i did say to chris quite a lot of people in the video said oh you’re not putting the union jack back on the bonnet

And that was actually delivery from the learner school guys so that was not part of that car originally this that is how that car should be but like i said i’ve been using that and it’s got quite a horrible noise like a tire noise coming from the back so we’re not sure if it’s a wheel bearing or a tire so we’ll have to investigate that one before we put that up

For sale but 2020 it can’t be a lot chris can it no right we’ll leave you to crack on with that mate well this would be the first one in quite a long time and a lot of you are going to complain about it or know at the end of this video now me and chris know from the analytics we do look and we know that bodywork side of cars is not a big deal i know quite a few

Of you are going to say i really enjoy watching that particular part when he’s putting a filler in shape we know that everyone loves the shaping of the metal but when it comes to wet flame chris hates it so i know that all of you guys are not watching it we know that you’re not watching it on the analytics it clearly shows us where the video dips off and where it

Picks up mate right that’s right and there is only so much you can show on that car we’ve got it to that point now where it is ready to deliver to the paint shop and in the next video i’ll be delivering it to the paint shop i ain’t quite worked out yet how are we gonna get that there isn’t it well it’s too heavy for my truck yeah we’re probably i don’t even know

I’m gonna have to arrange a recovery to get it there or get them to pick it up or could we chuck the tray plates in it and tow it over theirs well it is manual looks like it’s terrible but i’ve got all the back lights out in there yeah we have haven’t we so even that’s going to be a little bit awkward in itself so today is the first ever short video in a long long

Time it really is a short video but there genuinely is no more we can show on it and there wasn’t quite that enough where it could go off for paint it’s probably going to be a paint for well over a week so we’re just going to be sitting there with this part of the video on the phone waiting to upload it and it’s just not worth it there’s a ton of work to do when it

Does come back from a paint shop and like i said you’ve seen chris flat off those bumpers we’re not going to show him prime in them etc etc it’s really not worth it so that is the end of today’s video another little bit that i do want to put in i’ll put out an instagram post now all the time i do stuff messing around and i’ve got the camera out and now even chris

Every time i’m speaking to him he’s like that seeing if i’ve got the camera on because because we we’re you know we’re too plugged in a workshop all day we do have a bit of a laugh um we’re not going to make a massive habit of it but i’ll put out an instagram post when you’ll be watching this video and it was actually i did it for a laugh chris said have a look

At this blah blah blah i did it for a laugh and it was the david attenborough sort of attempt when we was cutting down some bushes and looking at a couple of old cars but that particular car that we did put a video out on i’m going to be completely honest and transparent here we recorded 17 minutes of a video of that mark ii granada and that old console and then

If you remember a couple of weeks back i actually put out and i said that i deleted i’ll turn this thing on my phone it deleted all videos over 30 days old i actually lost every single bit of footage on that mark ii granada and console so that has gone but nevertheless that little instagram post i’ve read the comments and everyone seemed to find it quite funny so

That is the end of today’s video don’t forget like subscribe share drop your thoughts in your comments in the comment section down below and we’ll see you very very soon in the next one

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