Street Driving the Big Turbo C1500 and putting it on the TRANSBRAKE Best Its EVER Sounded

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Foreign thank you that’s bad foreign we’re back here with jack if you saw the last video with him we were having issues with the trans brake put a new solenoid in it everything seems to be fine there um so now we just have to do a little bit more testing with the truck one get the tune figured out you’re trying to do that at least get it off the

Carpet first in case the wheel spin well they shouldn’t spin well i know that but you never know what you’re gonna do well i usually have a pretty good idea of what i’m gonna do yeah i know um so i’m going to run off i’m gonna fire it up put it on the two-step see what rpm it’s at because this converter is still the one from the big block and uh might take

It down the road temperatures finally starting to move taking down the road and back and then we’ll start testing two-step i want to get some heat in it first first one foreign the truck’s cruising great it’s temperature has taken a while to come up actually which is new the drive is really nice i think the blinker’s been on this whole time actually

I’ll have to remember to turn that off here yeah made it on this little shakedown run i know it wasn’t much but anytime you return back home it’s a plus i see a little bit of steam coming here go check that out hoping it’s just from the cat scan foreign foreign that’s not the worst fishing area yeah so on the two-step there it got up to 3 800 which is

Pretty decent yeah it’s not that hot this is just starting to build pressure yeah i was worried that the uh converter going from the big block to this would be too tight i think we could get it to 4000 if we needed but 3800 should be plenty as long as uh if we were smart we’d get a hold of circle d and have them spec it out again but i think it’ll work not have

To pull the transmission out it cruised better than ever like it was just how fast are we going oh i don’t know oh because i had it at about 28 2900 it felt like about 55. just taking it nice and easy putting down the road it felt great i’m finally starting to get used to that shifter i think just a little bit more tuning and get the overflow and a better hose

For that we could probably take it to the track get some bass lines with it at least but yeah everything else felt super happy it didn’t get above 100 degrees until almost pulling in the driveway yeah i think this truck’s gonna do really good i think we get a good boost control setup in it i got i still have to put that in the tune i haven’t wired up the mac

Valve to the output on the holley and then run the solenoid through like the nitrous controller in the holley to command just a duty cycle if we could get this thing to leave on like six pounds or so then ramp it to 10 to 15 i think the truck will go pretty darn quick god i can’t wait to see what this thing does you know the last motor when i took it down the

Road and actually got on it that didn’t last this one’s got to work better yeah i was watching the oil pressure once it got up to temperature it was like 38 to 40. what was it going down the road uh i want to say about 50. but yeah just sitting here idling it was like 38 39 which yeah i think that’s fine john’s blazer i think he said is about 35. why do you

Have to have that cross thing um because it’ll get air pockets at the top of the heads yeah like all that steam that was coming out normally that builds up through this hose and then when it builds up enough pressure it’ll pop the cap and like like bleed it out that way it gets all the air out of the cooling system then there’s been a lot of people asking what

Rear end we have in the truck you know knock on wood we still have the stock 8.5 in here it’s got four tens stock axles just uh i don’t remember if we put a mini spool or if we welded this rear end but yeah stock we ran stock leafs suspension is just like the competition engineering three-way adjustable drag shocks i think the rear is set at 50 50 the front

We currently have at 90 10 but i think we’ll probably tighten those to like the 70 30 maybe the 60 40. because the front end seems to want to come up super quick although before it was having a problem where it would come up really quick and then it would fall off it like 50 feet later so now we might be able to keep it carry but i’d still like to slow it down

Instead of a real quick thing you know i think if we slowed it down with the 70 30 then it might take like 100 feet or so to really pick it up but i could be wrong i might have to go to the 60 40. here’s the wing that scott made for his truck and threw away regal auto parts howell michigan go check those guys out those guys have helped a bunch and it is on a

28 10-5 non-w i think we’re finally again knock on wood starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel on this thing i think i finally figured the shifter out so that’s nice feel a little bit more comfortable with it um which is good because the precision that i ordered for this thing i ordered it back in june they said it was going to be uh let’s see

About four weeks ago they said three weeks it should ship out i’m about to email and be like yo what’s going on yeah and eventually we’ll probably put a second seat in this thing you know street truck stuff this is this in the fear were the last og’s on the channel oh wait foreign man this truck looks good

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Street Driving the Big Turbo C1500 and putting it on the TRANSBRAKE! Best Its EVER Sounded! By SniderTron3000