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Stripping our van – Ford Transit | VANLIFE

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In this episode we’re going to run through how to remove all the plastic side trims, roof lining, and anything else left over to completely strip out the back of a Ford Transit MK8 Minibus!

Hey guys i’m tristan and i’m helen and we’re coconuts and camels and in today’s episode we’re going to show you everything you need to know about stripping out the rest of our ford transit minibus we’ve got an extra pair of hands helping us out today so if you see a strange guy that looks a little bit like me it’s my brother and i’m sure he’ll be around to say

Hello again so we’re going to remove these trims all you need is some trim removal tools so to remove the roof lining you need to start off by removing the plastic trims that are around the windows they’re just held in with these little metal clips and they’re held into the holes that are in the van as shown here then just go ahead and carefully pry away any

Of the fittings that are in the roof lining such as the little vents or any lights make sure to unplug those lights as well and just store the cable safely yes so when you’ve removed all the lights from the paneling at the top just be a case of lowering it down carefully we recommend getting an extra pair of hands pulling them out they do need a bit of force

To pull them be careful of those wires because they are stuck to the roof linings themselves so just unpeel them as you lower it down like we are here if you’ve got a roof window already fitted and there’s plastic molding around that roof window that’s actually bonded to the roof lining so just leave that in place and it’ll all come out in one piece these roof

Lining panels are very large and awkward to handle so make sure you’ve got enough space to store them we’ve taken out all the plastic moldings what’s next so i’ll get these aircon vents out and then we’ve got a look at whether we can reuse all this wiring or whether we can re-route it behind these panels make a bit more room and they just pop out like this so

We’re gonna remove these plastic moldings and this one and this one but we need to try and remove them really carefully so that we can then try and cut it once we’ve removed it replace these two sections and then redo our own kind of wall paneling and insulation on this section nice no tools are actually needed to remove these panels which is great but you do

Need a bit of brute force to pull them away from those plastic clips be methodical here and take your time because you don’t want to be pinging those clips everywhere or breaking any of your plastic moldings once those panels are out you can use the trim removal tools to pop out all of the fixings for those black panel boards but leave the fixings half in as

They’ll just come away when you pull the boards away from the van we recommend keeping hold of the panels that are sat around the wheel arches because these can be used as templates later on and be careful when filling the panel boards away as the black plastic clips will just ping out everywhere and you’ll never find them again can you not just go crazy this

Isn’t build a van in 24 hours yeah i know you’ve come in here like an absolute bulldozer the bulldozer now that everything’s out the van you can give it a good clean start with sweeping all of the debris out and then just giving it a decent clean with a bucket of warm water and some multi-surface cleaner get yourself a little brush as well um because that can

Help you reach all those little awkward spots and then just wipe the dirt away with a nice clean microfiber cloth how are you going on yeah getting on well scrubbing up nicely and imagine this paintwork hasn’t seen the light of day since it was built yeah the paint works pretty good there’s a little bit of surface rust over there which will uh hit with a bit

Of wire wall and some hammer right and then we’ll go around and we’ll do all these holes where the seats the seat rails were with uh a bit of hammer right maybe then um glue coins over them or maybe five glass not sure yet yeah it’s getting quite well it’s going nice cleaned up all the sides as well and uh we’ve just basically done from the top to the bottom all

The way through with just the final bit to go and then under that aircon unit so as you can see all the seats are now gone i’m on a cool box for seating uh we sold the seats on friday they got collected we sold them for 140 pounds turns out we could have sold a double for about 280 but we needed to get them gone we were lugging them in and out the van they were

Heavy they were awkward if you’ve got the space to keep the seats we recommend just holding on to them and trying to sell them for a little bit more to try and claw back a little bit money um but as as we say they uh they had to go so they went now that we’ve removed all of the plastic molding right behind us and it’s now on to some of the fun designing stuff

So we did find a little bit of surface rust when we took the flooring out so we’re gonna run through how to tackle that in next week’s episode and if you’re finding our content useful then give this video a like it really really goes a long way we are new to this and we really appreciate your support by liking this video if you want to support us further then

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Stripping our van – Ford Transit | VANLIFE By Coconuts and Camels