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STUNNING RED LAMBORGHINI HURACAN LANDS AT THE UNIT #exclusiveautos #huracan #lamborghini #lambo

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A fresh, gorgeous red Lamborghini Huracan has landed at the unit! Unique, head-turner & sounds brutal – take a look at our review & it’s beautiful loaded spec!

No introductions here lamborghini huracan lp 610 now check out this mad space foreign are you mad never boys just look at that that just looks mean now i’m not usually a fan of red apart from ferraris the black accents the black base and then you’ve got the uh gold kind of gold bronzy wheels on there it just looks mental it just goes so well in the sun it just

Sparkles now it just looks good they’re 20 inch wheels on the front split rim 21s on the rear lowered on the front and that carbon on the sides on the side skirts black on the top obviously with the with the spoiler at the back and carbon just looks so well just looks so well lamborghini is always kind of have that have those lines going from the front to the back

And the sides and they just you know the lines and the curves so you could always tell the lamborghini that supercar look those lights on the front those led lights wow just looks immense just looks immense just looks naughty this one’s got the sports exhaust the lifting gear obviously it’s dropped on the front at the moment it’s got the lifting gear so if you go

Over the bumps press of a button it goes up the red brake calipers again contrast the color of the car on the rear there you’ve got that great big carbon diffuser big carbon spoiler obviously the drawers the door handles pop out like that and you just pull it back and then you’re inside you’ve got the hurricane there to complement it’s got the black leather with

The red stitching again to complement the exterior color and digital display you’ve got the flick up push start button on there which is always a treat to have on something like this now everybody loves a supercar everybody loves a lamborghini well i do anyway um how can you not love that car it just looks looks appealing and you know what sounds even better than it

Looks sounds meant to actually it’s got a sports exhaust that just i don’t even want to say no more you need to hear it for yourselves let’s start it because inside the lamborghini huracan lp 610 four-wheel drive and yep proper race car feel proper sports car feel lamborghini that’s the strider foreign exhaust sounds awesome yeah so it’s quite spacious inside

To see a sports car steering wheel was really soft actually um it’s got a reverse camera on this because the visibility at the back’s not that great mix side mirrors so you can kind of see outside quite easily oh yeah lifting gear underneath because the noses are quite low engine obviously is behind me behind the rear window and yeah so but it feels like

A go-kart i mean leather chairs so a couple of modes in this car so a bit like conflicts more plus if you like you can flick that on the steering wheel and it changes the moves the reps just stop growing up higher that’s we’re in sport now down here i mean the pushed off button this is really just flick of the red even and press the button a bit like a fighter

Gym a lot of hexagon shapes in this car everywhere at the events reverse lever buttons double handles everything’s kind of hexagon change there the function steering wheel yeah i need to go faster kids and they shout lamborghini it’s always good to have you definitely get noticed one of these the shape of the card the lines outside you can definitely get

Past yeah you still have loads of gadgets in this one it’s definitely obviously the red stitching behind me on the level seats problem with these cars is they’re a lot better when you’ve got a nice and open road behind me it sounds good i’m actually so impressed and the uh to detailing gold lamborghini electric ity thank you wait for the turbo so

Guys let us know what you thought the uh lamborghini huracan let’s say your thoughts if you’re selling one get in touch we’re always interested in some regards foreign

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STUNNING RED LAMBORGHINI HURACAN LANDS AT THE UNIT! #exclusiveautos #huracan #lamborghini #lambo By Exclusive Autos