Subaru Forester 2019 (Pt.2) Genting Hillclimb – Symmetrical AWD and SGP and Its Effect on Handling

The 2019 Subaru Forester is built on Subaru’s Global Platform which is similar to what the BRZ is built on: add Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, a new Direct Injection engine featuring a 7-Speed CVT, and you get a SUV that drives with agility on our favourite mountain road.

We are following this e200 and well he needs to go somewhere in a hurry but it’s over just follow him because we’re very near the top of the hill and we are looking for the way out exit 803 that’s where we are going now when we climb the hill you’ll find that there won’t be so much power because 156 horses that’s all you’ve got and so but and and and the performance

Might not be as good as some of the other cars we’ve driven but let’s just see can you go up the hill or not i think you cannot drive slowly but then i know you guys you’d like to see it go a bit faster you know yeah we’ll go as fast as we can given the circumstances because of this i did not have much for breakfast okay yeah we haven’t had lunch and we have in front

Of us a very fast car maybe okay he’s not going very fast and we will overtake him kamio take it okay i’m gonna move to spotbot okay we are see immediately the thing cause now it becomes a yeah comes alive we are still on auto and okay what he loses on the streets he makes up for in a lot of us being cause of the symmetrical all-wheel drive wow all right yes you

Feel it grip and the reader yeah the white friend agrippa well ah boy sticks to it okay guys we got a new camera in action yeah this is a 360 camera i’m not sure whether the video will come out well but you just fitted it and let’s see how it goes okay we are okay this is in the middle of the day it’s actually a unscheduled right because we on the way back from one

Ton so my normal time is in the morning but well this is not very fast car so you’re just gay we’re gonna use the pedals okay sorry i shifted from although the battleship and it was locked in like four years so i shifted down three years and he still goes up by itself but well the panel ships help okay i’m gonna take this in second gear and in order to not let it

Back down we’re gonna go through a bit faster if we can and we have a whole bunch of cars in front sorry guys okay his letters true thank you very much this is second gear we’ll go around this movie it is a kind of corner so you take him on the inside and we a second-year and struggling struggling yeah i did warn you there’s not so much power but if you don’t

Climb gun thing everyday it’s fine on the road is fine yeah this one is a little bit guys suvs all-wheel drive yeah you ain’t climbing slowly laughs but you know slowly be at a reasonable pace but you will still feel the lack of boom yeah but actually in terms of tonga this guy is 196 newton meters and that is britain that’s probably one of the highest ratings

For non non-turbo engineer naturally-aspirated so because this is direct injection this is a new engineer and a new cvt with 7-speed so just for ikea 21 kilos lighter in terms of the engine well for those of you who want to know this car was launched in august last year in taiwan right we went for the launch and finally is back in it’s here in malaysia and we get

To test-drive it okay so the thing that’s beyond reproach is the all-wheel-drive system now the cars that are in this category would be the master cx-5 2 liter and crv 2 liter and i think maybe there’s a human die to sonia and so the advantage of this car what this car has is the symmetrical all-wheel drive system that’s unique to swaro and so this makes it a bit

Better in terms of edge in the corners like now okay we have to take into account there’s other cars this is really crowded i hope this there’s a landslide but further up further but that’s not stopping people from coming here yeah gave me a bit of mine here we got to take a tight line around this truck but the car dear okay right okay there’s still a lot of

Traffic but we’ll try to survive as best as we can maybe gotta wait for little wow this guy saw us and he went in and we have allah yeah i turn on the headlights maybe it helps a bit boy he wants to get most of us we just waiting patiently patience is the virtue thank you but there’s three other cars here hey that’s a car drove last week not the same one

But it’s the only one is it yeah i drove the older one with six bit not the hp it’s kenneth’s oscar yeah i turn on the rear wipers by mistake okay guys this is like end of the drive now for this sector because there’s so much traffic yeah that’s why i’m sorry guys we are in the middle of the day and well maybe contain traffic yeah and we were on the way back

From london so ah see you hear the beeping there are vehicle detection well is a suv hey handle quite well i must say just that in the power department is a pity lacking nah but don’t be disappointed guys on the flat and level a normal ground this is a very fun as you need to drive and guys if you drive at this speed do not hop the right-hand lane yeah

The forester is still pretty much is a sport utility vehicle yes suv famous again – effective otto k is not a performance car no he’s not a sports car and he was never meant to be so if he’s a little bit slow don’t complain yes but you know it is whatever car can do and whatever before by for pickup truck oh yeah man we took it we took it off road and with the

X-mode in action is really good and this well we didn’t know but somebody told us the 220 mm ground clearance is the same as what a triton truck pickup truck has so it’s quite impressive and you would have expected that the car would have a lot of body roll and any wooden handle well around the corners but surprisingly it does handle very well okay right like the

Captain yeah and they told us that they have actually revamped the rear anti-roll bar to minimize the roll and so i can see the effect on this car it could improve me over the produced okay we’re going at 60 km/h be quite silent right quite sided while this bus is taking a lot of road okay like if you’re driving within the speed limit yeah no issues with having

The highest did they get that is the v loud around here gets louder and yesterday we had one session in the rain where you could hear the rain very very loud the one that impressed me was the mazda cx-5 right remember we drove the car in the rain didn’t you could hear the rain except for the glass little bit from the windscreen yeah and we were told that that was

Deliberate to let you know that is raining yeah when the sound installation was really great but there are not many vehicles like that yeah there was a very unique one that’s again a proximity alarm that tells you there’s a car next to you near you in front what i do like on this xd is lights really ever like benares oh yeah anyway on the kci here in the shop

Has been meaning so the car can be fun perhaps even more fun with minotaurs yeah lava this suv tires and grip is not on priority mid last and so the rubber kind of protest because it’s not soft enough compound okay now we are indy and letting the automatic gear shift do all the changing just lame no we’re here not bad not the fastest but you can see the driving

So easy it’s so easy to control thank you and after the side bolsters on the scene here is holds me quite well so this symmetrical all-wheel drive system really works contact boxer engine yeah a lower center of gravity much the word and i think it helps a bit laughs yeah it does this big picture is very well balanced and very predictable we threw into the corner

The tires were protesting it means there’s a little bit of slip in the wheels there but it’s very easy to handle it wasn’t like going out of control he was coming out into our line what’s he doing okay so the ventilated this front and back helps okay i actually expected that this would have a single floating caliper yes it does i thought you’d be a single pot

Floating caliper but this one has got twin in the front and single floating one in the back and ventilated these are quite big and so far they’ve been doing all right it’s not a bit hot there but still okay because they’re ventilated front and back okay just in case he comes out we’ll go it slow yeah traffic just came on i expected that to let you break smooth

Down yep you lose the ping on it okay so somebody asked me how do i prepare my brakes on heating up well don’t press your brake for a very long time and when you have to brake brake hard and as short a time as possible that way you will give like right now i’m not pressing the brakes it gives the brakes time to cool down so i’m braking and releasing and going

Around the corner and giving the brakes a chance to get ventilated is it it looks a bit more squarey yeah yeah so the our real lights look better i think and i think the body looks a bit yeah our body is a bit wider yeah like i suppose the difference like um eli you’re wider and see that was build on the older platform yeah this is yeah i think the front nose looks

A bit better than the old one but that’s very subject difference okay so guys we’re at the bottom of the hill i can smell bricks on somebody whoa not me not me bricks are not fat somebody’s brakes are killing what somebody in front not ours so anyway this is the forester and could it climb the hill yes it could was it very fast no it wasn’t the handle well yes

It did lane traffic yeah we know la we cannot blame the traffic like we shall be very quite okay we could have gone a bit faster in some places but well the important thing is we could climb the hill handle very well and if you liked our video please subscribe and please share with your friends and guys we actually need the solutions lab because our sponsors to

Get us and say hey how many people subscribe so the higher number we have the better it is for us so that we can keep on giving you more exciting content right zachary so zachary have you subscribe yes i have thanks thanks okay guys so – we meet again cheers and bye bye say bye say bye bye alright guys right

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Subaru Forester 2019 (Pt.2) Genting Hillclimb – Symmetrical AWD and SGP and Its Effect on Handling! By YS Khong Driving