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Subaru Forester – 4 Essential Car Accessories

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Arm Rest Console Cover Link –

So the four accessories i got for my subaru is this coin tray here or accessory tray and this particular console i will have the links in the description area of the video at the bottom here near the description so this is number two the console number three here is the easy pass and number four and the fourth one is this backseat uh trash holder or actually it’s

A canoodle bag that i’ll go over in detail but it’s really a puke bag an accessory and trash holder which is what i’m using it for so now let me go over each one of those in a little bit more detail so what i’m going to show you here is my subaru console cover so i have it on right here and you could see it’s kind of like a neutral black it actually matches pretty

Well with um you know the coloring in the interior here now this is made of polystyrene and so you can see how you know it’s kind of smooth and soft but the reason why i got this is one because it gets dirty really quickly but also because of scratches so if i lift it up here you can see i actually have some damage and a scratch here from just um items that i load

In and out of the car so this actually protects against that so if you’re actually loading anything from the back or even from the front lots of times over many years you’re gonna damage this so this is just nice and handy plus you could take this out and wash it you know throw it in the dryer in the washer and just wash it now i do want to show you you know how

It goes on so you could see there’s just elastic here in the front and back and if i remove it just to give you a look i actually slide it in like that but i just want to show you you know some of the material here so you can see it’s actually kind of um stitched right there and also you know right along the sides here so it’s it’s actually pretty good as far

As the curvature you know it fits snuggly in the back here when i lift it so you could see you know it’s all white and everything and right here fits like a glove once again i want to show you the damage on these edges that i’m actually trying to cover and of course i would not have had this damage had i installed this in the first place so this is definitely a

Good get i will have this link in the description area of the video and so check it out at the bottom there and thank you so much for watching and have a great day so another accessory you should get is really this coin tray accessory tray here that gives you some additional storage so you could see this kind kind of matches the interior color pretty well and it

Has uh some adequate storage you know for coins or even for miscellaneous things that you might just want to store in your car and it replaces this which is just a panel that accesses the fuse box and has nothing else so what you do is you simply pull this out and um let me set it aside here and you can see how much storage it actually replaces and it’s an easy

Replace because it’s just these simple clips at the bottom and you’re just pushing it in and there you go you know right there once again you’re pushing it in snapping it in place and you know it stays in place pretty well like that and it also has a picture here for the fuses so this does come with some stickers which allows you to have the same indicators

So you just match it up with this sj here so you’re going to put this same sticker here so you know where the fuses go in the position here so this is nice and handy and neat and so this is just a great accessory i will have the link in the description area of this video at the bottom once again putting it in like that so the next accessory here is this easy

Pass holder so you could see with the easy pass holder it’s simply put on by a sticky cup so what’s nice about this is that it avoids using these adhesives so this is the easy pass and fast pass and this kind of clasp that it has is used also for both this shape and also for the square shape so the reason why i like this is that anytime you replace the windshield

Or you’re washing the windshield you’re not using these stickies which are impossible to remove to hold the easy pass so right there you know it just holds in place like that and it’s easy to remove easy to clean and it actually has not fallen in the two years that i’ve had it so it works great and i will also have the link in the description area here but um

This is just essential for me so next up is this large accessory holder so a lot of these are just storage extra storage that you’ll need random stores so this is made by canoodle this is the large one that i ordered and you could see it’s usually made for both mainly as a trash bag notice i just have a water bottle in here um the the other thing i use this for

Is you know to hold random stuff so i have the bug spray here i also have extra mask in case uh you know certain places require mask then i’ll have that handy uh you know something for a zipper but also lots of times i do have the emergency puke bags on here so it’s easy to get to but mainly also just for trash sometimes you just do need a place to put trash so

You can see here i have you know just the various things in here that i hold which isn’t trash but um you know it’s just kind of handy it does have you know this thing that holds on to the head rest um but i find all of these to be very essential now uh in the back here you could see i do have you know the console console cover here so just want to give you

That angle from the back the console cover but for the most part that’s really it so that’s all i have and i hope this helps and please subscribe and thank you so much for watching

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Subaru Forester – 4 Essential Car Accessories By Poolarity – Life Hacks