Hey guys this is oscar again here over at nico carson japan today we have a beautiful day out very very sunny and on top of that we have a beautiful car to show you this right here is a 2010 subaru wrx sti now wrx we know the history behind it we know what it stands for you know we know where where it comes from this comes from the history of rallies and the

Performance of this car in those competitions it has outperformed many running those rallies and on top of that as i said tuned by sti which we all know is just you know performance all around so we want to show you around this car today we want to drive it around with you so that you can get a feel for it please join us alright guys so first of let’s start here

At the front of the vehicle as you can see right here it’s got this scoop for airflow which is a must for our turbocharged hid headlamps you know again only your vehicles have them so that’s of course good uh you’ve got your fog lamps down there and a cool little aspen here you’ve got another little um scoop down there for airflow which helps to keep the engine

Cool so all in all this car when you look at it from the front it has this mean but lean look and you know it kind of scares other cars in the road alright so now we’re looking at the side of the vehicle this is actually the driver’s side of the vehicle so just some details to notice on this car first things first 18-inch alloy wheels built for sti as you can

See the sti logo right in the middle also the brakes high performance brakes brembo by brand but they are built for sdi therefore you see the sti logo in them then you’ve got the little sti badge right here um you know cool little little thing and then this uh this is just for looks it doesn’t actually serve a purpose but as you can see you know it does give

It a very aerodynamic look so you know again on the side it looks um really really good really really attractive you’ve got the little blinkers of course in the mirror so you know a really nice looking car okay so now we’re going to take a look at the back of the vehicle you know a couple things to notice back here um and this is actually a really cool little

Detail that was brought up to my attention because i didn’t know um if you take a look at here this this fender right here you’ll notice how it is a little bit wider here on the rear now the reason why this is it’s just so it gives it a better turning ratio so you know that that was a detail i didn’t know so it was pointed out to me and you know i think that’s

Pretty cool and i hope you guys like that little detail there um another another couple things to notice of course you got this huge spoiler again keeping with the whole mean look that’s right they’re very intimidating looking you got the dual mufflers of course down there you’ve got another uh you know set of those are just decorative actually they don’t serve

A purpose but you know they look cool so we got we got to point them out this one comes equipped with a back camera of course you know you got to have that it’s an all-wheel drive so you know it is a really really nice car really really well kept also so we’ll take a look at the inside in a minute so hopefully you guys like it we’ll take it around for a spin

Uh hope you guys like it all right guys so now we’re inside of the vehicle as you can see it’s got all the cool gadgets here so let’s take it out for a spin and see what you guys think so this vehicle is actually a you know 2000 cc engine uh manual transmission six speed so you know it it has very good performance as you can see we are driving again in uneven

Terrain so you know the fact that it is an all-wheel drive does of course help uh suspension is is good it feels okay for what you would expect of course from a vehicle of this kind um you know handling again we are driving around tight corners as we mentioned in one of our previous videos we are in one of our yards so we have to we’ll drive around thai corners

Um you know it does have a good feel to it yeah as i said it handles well it breaks well those high performance brakes do seem to work i’m gonna speed up a little bit here so this car has a boxster engine um it uh has 308 horsepower so you know it does have quite a bit of punch when you have a chance to open up and then you know step on it um it does have

Quite a bit of power so you know it it is a really really uh good vehicle it’s super clean inside and we’re gonna try to give it a little bit of power here since it’s a bit straight um let’s see um we’re gonna take it back to where it was but let’s give it a little bit of power see what you guys think those high performance brakes really work so you know

Now inside of the vehicle you’ve got a little thing you got the si drive here um you got different different driving modes you got sport mode etc so that that’s that’s right there um the differentials um the sti logo right there so again you’ve got your boost clock right there or gauge if you will um this this particular car has 152 000 kilometers on the

Clock so it hasn’t been run around very much and it has been well kept it does run very very very well it is a push start so you got that right there so overall it is a very clean looking car really really nice if you guys are interested if you guys want to know more about it you know leave us some questions down there we’ll be very happy to answer them all

Right guys well i hope you guys enjoyed looking around with us this is a very very nice vehicle so if you have any questions about this particular car or any of the cars that we have in our website uh please just drop us some comments or ask us any questions now if there’s any particular car you’d like to see or you know you’d like to see us drive around we’d be

More than happy to help uh we’ll leave a link down there to our website so that you guys can can go check it out and hey if you guys like this these kind of videos you know follow us subscribe to our channel give us a like we’ll be more than happy to to keep creating content for you

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SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI 2010 Review By Nikkyo cars Japan NK